Dadaism is Dead


Dadaism makes Flarf feel funny
it pretends to be tragic and wacky.
You call that a poem?
Let me bust a pair of bones and strait-jacket Madonna’s.
Me don’t speak mainstream obese pancakes.
Whatever happen to that psyche octopus?
Anti-art 2014 makes me urinate a bag of skittles
did you taste the apple flavor?
Normally I use Degree for men it brings peace to the Middle East.
Protesting your right in the U.S.A is crass
Poetry itself dresses like a nurse without gay couple’s.
Human dignity reminds me of a prostitute computer nerd.
Dada has got the looks but no grass to smoke with Jim Morrison
I once adopted a hungry hungry hippo
it went berserk after watching Clark gables mustache.
Tonight My Bush Hologram might solve the mystery
behind Napoleon dynamite and his jerry curl astronaut.


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