Food dishes became the new racial fashion

Kazakhstan, Sorry Borat but I’m not fond
of your food dishes like Beşbarmaq,
they are completely racist against
Switzerland’s Fondue.
Democratic Republic of the Congo –
nothing beats Moambe sauce
than racially discriminating against Pakistan’s Biryani;
it looks like diarrhea soup,
oh! Wait? That’s my face.
Venezuela builds wars out of Lego toys
should Nicaragua cook Gallo pinto with pubic hair bombs?
I see a new Hollywood movie in the making.

Iraq, my apologies madam for staring
at your exquisite rack…I must’ve ate too much Masgouf.
Belgium prepares the best Moules-frites,
shit! I feel like watching Austin Powers now.
Singapore, okay I’m not a marine biologist
but you’re country is having way too much sex
and eating lots of Chilli Crabs,
make sure you go get a check up from the doctors;

hopefully it’s not an STD.
Puerto Ricans love dancing to Ricky Martins
Livin’ la Vida Loca – and no I’m not crazy just eccentric.
New Zealand & Iran – what can I say about these two;
first – I don’t eat Bacon and egg pie,
second – I never ran from anything in my entire life
expect me being chased by baby pimps.
Jamaica Rest in Peace Bob Marley,
Thailand well, I can’t wear a tie to an interview genius
I think I’ll just hang out with a thousand Island dressing.
Vietnamese cook the best bun Bo;
Does anyone want to watch Full Metal Jacket?
Mexico and their tacos…they taste magically delicious.
What about Turkey? Well, It’s ironic I’m a vegan for Christ sake.


© Charlie Zero and Food dishes became the new racial fashion, 2014. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Charlie Zero and Food dishes became the new racial fashion with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.


21 thoughts on “Food dishes became the new racial fashion

  1. ha. we eat a country every year at thanksgiving…well that was a world tour of the food…i may need to stop in singapore, just saying….the moambe sauce intrigued me…looked it up, as well as the carp dish from mesopotamia….hopefully our food can rise above our failings though…its the first thing i do when visiting a new place…try the food….get the taste…not the stuff the tourists eat but those out of way places locals go…and never tell anyone….

  2. There are so many wonderful food dishes in different countries. Belgium fries are something else. If you have time, visit my blog again…. share a food for the buffet table from your ‘neck of the woods.’

  3. This is pretty funny. Hope you’re not a foodaholic, but even so, am glad you know so many dishes to write about. It was all so clever, but the last line was super funny.

  4. The problem I’ve always had with traveling & sampling food in the non-tourist dives, is usually the hygiene matches the pile of roaches in the corner, or the rat turds on the corner of the plates. I get sick for 3 days, waste my vacation moaning like a bitch punk, & swear I won’t do that again; LOL.

  5. I’m a vegan too so can politely skip a couple of these offerings–Chile Crabs and the soup doesn’t sound like it would suit the vegan plan. Enjoyed reading your funny menu.

  6. AHH.. SO CREATIVE! A TRIP AROUND THE WORLD IN FOOD! WHAT WILL YOU THINK OF NEXT..i’ll be waiting for SURPRISE!HAVE A great rest of the DVERSE ball night Charlie and even better morrow2!

  7. i’m glad there is no food war and we can just enjoy all the different dishes from around the world – i wish we would be that open when it comes to any culture and beside of food

  8. Well we’re drinking sparkling Prosecco, Viv has brought some great dishes, and there’s a wonderful chickpea soup with home-made bread and butter to go with. So when the dancing stops, we’ll be filling up on food and espresso to get ready for open mike – get your voice tuned up, and your verses ready! Glad you’re at the party!! Happy Anniversary.

  9. You good sir have a way with words they become magical spoonfuls of wholesome goodness, taste great less filling.

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