The rise to our final collapse

We can crawl out through our own skin
we take a little piece of flesh…
And find evidence of a god that dismisses his own questions.
Death finds perspectives in all directions.
I have been convinced that this world has finally reached its pinnacle.
Doubts will slip and benevolence dies.
He marks his own judgment in a reflected tainted mirror,
but now so many answers have been proclaimed:

Crucify Justice
crucify Courage
crucify Wisdom
crucify truth in an empty space…
And crucify birth to a far great collapse.

Consciousness has now taken our Music, Poetry, Laughter, Humor, and Grammar…

I still can’t hear the blasphemous poet speak…
listen to the ghost-spirits echoing away at their extraordinary voices.
I matter to mankind – look closely & you’ll see the great smile of death.


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