The rise to our final collapse

We can crawl out through our own skin
we take a little piece of flesh…
And find evidence of a god that dismisses his own questions.
Death finds perspectives in all directions.
I have been convinced that this world has finally reached its pinnacle.
Doubts will slip and benevolence dies.
He marks his own judgment in a reflected tainted mirror,
but now so many answers have been proclaimed:

Crucify Justice
crucify Courage
crucify Wisdom
crucify truth in an empty space…
And crucify birth to a far great collapse.

Consciousness has now taken our Music, Poetry, Laughter, Humor, and Grammar…

I still can’t hear the blasphemous poet speak…
listen to the ghost-spirits echoing away at their extraordinary voices.
I matter to mankind – look closely & you’ll see the great smile of death.


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43 thoughts on “The rise to our final collapse

      1. I think too, you shared emotion and feeling in a way that I could reach. You trusted the group with strong emotion and feeling. It’s then when poetry goes where prose is left dry and empty.

        1. True. I don’t know if you know this…but all of my poems that I have posted, I don’t let my emotions be shown to the world. For whatever reason that may be I have no clue. Maybe I choose to be private about my life. But this was a refreshing start and a test to see if I made contact with humanity.

          1. I thought that might be the case, and I’m glad you took the step. It’s very frightening to be authentic in life anywhere, because rejection is so painful – but Rilke would say that part of your voice is worth being heard.

            1. I have been rejected throughout my whole life. Even when it comes to publishing my poetry. But in the end…I don’t care. I will continue to write and express myself. Just as every human being in this planet is doing as well.

              All voices must always be heard and accepted. 🙂

  1. Of course you matter to mankind, & hopefully they still matter to you. God is dog spelled backwards, god with a small “g” is demi, or insular, or hidden within, speaking in strange tongues, appearing as disguised faces. I might be, probably am the /blasphemous poet/ & you sure as hell can hear me if you want–this poem is an existential rant, a email to the universe, a note in a bottle thrust into a black hole, something tattooed in henna on your inner thigh, can only be read if you moon the Masters & I, of course, dig the hell out of it. Thanks again for your lovely comment on my site; glad you get my message too.

  2. Definitely you (and I) do matter to humanity. And death will always smile. I hope you’re wrong, that we haven’t reached our pinnacle, that we can still go higher, but I can see why you think we have. If so, let’s live our collapse with the dignity remaining.

  3. This part gave me pause & reflection:

    And find evidence of a god that dismisses his own questions.
    Death finds perspectives in all directions.

    I would like to believe we matter in our own little way ~

    1. I wrote this poem back in 2008. I was surrounding myself with the thought of death and hatred against god himself. I’m not a full atheist, but sometimes I could be agnostic, spiritual, neutral, and occasionally atheist in a weird sense of humor.

  4. we all matter…though we do tend to crucify wisdom, free though…we get crab pot mentallity and dont like it when norms are stretched…or shattered…we find comfort in sameness which often tends to bland out….thus turning most things ineefective…like sterile soil…

  5. i can relate well to your poetry here particularly in 2008 too in a dark night of my soul..where almost nothing made if it were never meant to make sense at all…

    Life is flux..and i’ve failed and had success at some of what i think IT is…

    Most of what i is not culture..books or even language..

    In fact..i’m not sure it can even be called knowing at all..

    The nuances of life..are far beyond words..and the special features of nature..

    that only one can truly find..i think..who escapes culture..books and even language too…

    It all makes sense to me know..

    As i no longer think or know about it..

    I only live it..


    I don’t need to know..

    i only need to live..

    and no..i too..never fear i already die in life..and that is worse death than any
    conventional one i know..:) is good..i don’t give a fuck what anyone says or thinks..

    i’m gonna live now..


    1. No one wants to die. Even people who want to go to heaven don’t want to die to get there. And yet death is the destination we all share. No one has ever escaped it. And that is as it should be, because Death is very likely the single best invention of Life. It is Life’s change agent. It clears out the old to make way for the new.

      ~Steve Jobs

      I’m so happy and glad you share the same feeling as I did back in 2008.

      Thank you sir for you’re wonderful poetic comment and such a delightful friend that you are. 🙂

  6. We all matter and we are all matter…in constant flux towards death…and then possibly life again. That does give me comfort somehow, that we are just changing…evolving to our own “music”. Maybe there is no ending or beginning. Your poem made me think about some things…thanks for that!

    1. Like I said to the other fellow poets. This is my first time that I am actually expressing my emotions to the world. I was just being honest about what I felt when I had wrote this poem back in 2008.

      Thank you for reading and commenting.

  7. it is sad when we crucify justice and wisdom and the things that really count… we do it way too often and in that i think lose also parts of ourselves

  8. It’s funny you know – I’ve read quite a few of your poems so far and I always felt that there is a lot of emotion in it. Now you tell us that this one is the first time you express feelings. I can’t believe it … but anyways … I admire you writing very much and I especially like this poem.

  9. I consider this a growth poem. A way of finding images that partially answer questions. I consider this a wayside station on the imagination’s journey of “why”. It’s a journey that crosses stars of light, and eons of thought. With force of experience and consideration the answers are finally found or arrived at in the end.

  10. This poem has very powerful and thought provoking sentiments Charlie. You think we have reached a pinnacle? That’s an interesting thought, I think we have a reached a point where some great change may occur. Maybe not in my lifetime but its coming I think.

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