Bambi and the rise of world war 2 (A cut up poem)

Snow-white is an Islamic Jew –
Princess Diana was shot by the paparazzi.
Heinrich Himmler commands all conflicts.
Territories being gunned down by cartels,
importing commercial suspicion,
LAX is watching you.
Theoreticians contemplate on their own irrationality.
Chaplin orgasms to the 5th march cinema,
The London bombings brought me down in tears.
Buddhism shouts compassion…
Proteus reclaims the throbbing mortals.
The reindeer choir snorts coke on Maleficent’s green tits.
Dumbo was murdered by Banksy.

The Saudi are baking Marshmallow cup cake anthrax,
Sphinx cosmopolitans adore histories obliteration.
Androgynous soldiers find miscarriages
in the mouth of genius.
Villainy werewolves killed Bambi’s mother.
Obscene Vietnam
fills me up with nausea.
Vatican opera vegan cannibals –
charlatan frogs go daisy doubtsy.
Hail! Atlantis! He shall conqueror of what is the last of Terra.

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