My Galaxy Ass Pickle Goes Ring!!! Ring!!! (A Bizarro Fiction Story)

Welcome to the year 3000 century asshole sponge.
Home of the raving Dickclaw phlegm Island Venus tramp –
A limbo civilization known as “Nazi Mermaid Bananas”,
have invaded human scalp dandruff
for no apparent reason.
Actually, the last part isn’t true.
The nazi mermaid bananas
want to destroy a billion colonies
of astronomy penis-pumps.
The Nazi mermaids need allies to join their quest;
Introducing ‘Microsoft diarrhea granny
and hemorrhoid fuck-face jolly.
Two of the most important shitty colonels
of all time…
If the colony penis-pumps want mass orgy war
then we shall use our secret weapon.
I give you the hologram nipple beater blaster.
This weapon of choice will completely
wipe out those androturnius cunt flappers.
Making you feel glamour’s, sporty
and a hint to spicing your lifestyle –
Here in the galactic hood,
an old belly fucktard plays
his classic hit song called:
‘Deadly bacterial jams
and legging panty-hoes.’
Surfing through the galaxy
of shit-stain orbital crust,
the colony penis-pumps
have been wiped out of their allergy existence.
This history scrotum wisdom
has taught Nazi mermaid
and his two dumb-faced masturbators
all about the war on planet asshole sponge.

Say, Mr. Nazi mermaid can you turn around
and bent over?
Why for? Said; Mr. Nazi Mermaid.
So that I can shake your anal-intestine hands,
said; the hemorrhoid fuck-face jolly.
Why sure, but I must warn you of something.
My sweet stench may cause serious ejaculation
in the toes, elbows, & armpits.
So hemorrhoid fuck-face jolly shook his anal intestine hands
and nothing happen.
Mind if I shake your anal hands? Said; Microsoft diarrhea granny.
Sure! As Microsoft diarrhea granny
shook Mr. Nazi mermaid anal hands
a huge wave of mysterious things
possibly thongs or g-strings flicked an idea
into Microsoft diarrhea granny.
What is it? Said; Mr. Nazi Mermaid
My ovaries grew epiphanies
they are teaching me how puberty
can go against libidos and snack-shops.
I’ll say this though;
War got me to make the holidays go chee chee
in this modern day nostril universe vagina.

© Charlie Zero and My Galaxy Ass Pickle Goes Ring!!! Ring!!!, 2014. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Charlie Zero and My Galaxy Ass Pickle Goes Ring!!! Ring!!! with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.

18 thoughts on “My Galaxy Ass Pickle Goes Ring!!! Ring!!! (A Bizarro Fiction Story)

  1. the holidays can leave a lot to be desired for sure…ironically i know a joke about an asspickle…big man big man you just ate the stopper…sorry that was the punchline…if a mermaid bent over, nazi or otherwise, would it be the same? i guess fish have assholes too…

    1. hahahaha!!! Yes indeed.

      How like your observation. Nazi mermaids have evolved into army of trannies. I think they need fish too. 🙂

      Say, I tried leaving you a comment on your poem. And I type in my name and type in the code and so forth…and it says this: You do not own that identity.

      I wonder if the problem error is with blogspot or wordpress. This has never happen before. First time that I’m having trouble posting a comment.

  2. Fuck me with a swastika, Charlie, even a blind man can smell those Nazi Mermaid bitches from a hundred yards, as long as there are no Polish Fish Markets nearby to foul the olfactory detective work, right? You seem able to inflate scatology to new heights; I guess the vagina squads are republicans & penis pump guys are masturbating democrats. Nice to visit here again; always a joy to see the ground covered by your imagination & free form mad-poetics.

  3. Not too far from truth per some of the new top 40 of microcosm of society truth…

    Something is lost and the ID comes to take IT back.. from the prisons that isolate life

    from the machine of death that take it away..:)

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