Mr. Bean Confesses win win to a sports bra blimp (A Flarf Poem)

Dwarves made big disaster on a woman’s 2014 spinach
what a bunch of winners.
Dwarves could Inbred other winners
as long as their future is exit.
Are we still losers (race-mixing
in Conan O’Brien’s Moral consensual Pee-wee Herman 1989)?

My sweater is the color
of yellow, does that make me a loser or a winner?
Oh! I don’t know it’s just life.

I’m a product of generation difficult election elves day.
You see most elves would agree
that I am a Fascist confessing loser on Sports.
With winners & all, the deadbeat natural elves
sometimes are crowned as Dickhead Misanthropic.

Birdman is a total fucken loser
just like Beavis & Butt-Head who are proclaimed winners.
Mr. Bean Rules Gotham city
just by him alone making noises like “oh oh spaghetti o”.
Mr. Bean is an Asshole
but a huge Prohibitionist Extremely Political complexity.

Women who are against
big Marijuana Oprah winfrey have now discovered science.
A super win! Win! For you!
Mr. Election thinks congress is boring
so I thought I piss on all the valid polls in cursive writing
Saying; happy birthday you sorry ass winners!


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