A Shadow Nibbled at the Dance Decay of a Giraffe Priest



Epididymis shadow
decaying otalgia.


paste pudding.


~ The Spearmint Drool Tickling Sensation


The poem you are all reading – was based on a dream I had about the ‘Shadow man’.
The Shadow man was dancing in front of me, it was dancing with rhythm & style.
He spoke to me and told me a true story about the moon, sun, earth & Humanity.

This was probably one of the most beautiful & sad messages I had ever received from the shadow man. I hope you all can envision what I had seen in my own dream.


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67 thoughts on “A Shadow Nibbled at the Dance Decay of a Giraffe Priest

      1. Yes it is. I had a Philip K. Dick kind of dream the other night I can’t get out of my head. Eerie and terrifying. I may need to write it out because it just isn’t going anywhere.

  1. This is great poetry, CZ1…We are destroying the Earth and all that will be left to tell our stories are the shadows that will eventually meet their ends…

    1. Thank you sir.

      Yes, when this dream came about the shadow man,
      I was laughing but at the same time, the shadow man danced with rhythm and style,
      and that’s when he told me things about the moon, sun, & earth.

      I’ve never had a dream like that before, and I’m glad I wrote it down exactly how it is here.

    1. Thank you Tosha,

      Well, its funny – I keep questioning why I had this dream in the first place.
      But the ending of the poem made sense…earth is in pain right now.

      We are human beings, and we can’t even get along as a human race.

      I think the shadow man was trying to send me a message from the otherworldly realm.

      Here’s a quote by someone who told me this:

      History doesn’t repeat itself, Man repeats History.

    1. Thank you Ben,

      This poem means so much to me. The shadow man brought this message for me to tell the world of what we’re doing to earth herself.

      I’ve never had a dream like this before, but it must of been for a good reason that I wrote it.

      I hope you envision exactly what I had in my dream.

    1. Thank you Jennifer.

      My girlfriend also would agree with you. She too, loves this poem and has supported me to post it.

      “The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown”
      ― H.P. Lovecraft, Supernatural Horror in Literature

      I got lots of dreams that happen everyday. The more I’m scared of them, the better and safe I feel with these terrifying nightmare of dreams. 🙂

      1. Your girlfriend sounds like a smart girl! It’s so lovely that she supports and encourages your writings! I use to have very vivid dreams, nightmares as a child, they have slowed down, since having my daughter; now I’m just so tired I don’t even dream haha

    1. Thank you sir.

      I hope the shadow man comes back to me again with another message. Humanity is a plague, but the question is how long are they willing to continue to destroy earth herself?

      It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity.
      ~Albert Einstein

  2. the shadow man exposes the moon’s heart and swims in the sun..i wish i was that shadow man. beautiful imagery. Another thought that came up is HATHA yoga..”yoga” in Sanskrit means union and hatha is a marriage of two words ”ha” meaning the sun and ”tha” meaning the moon..without sun there is no moon and vice versa..duality within duality. nice post
    hope you re good charleZero1!

    1. The moon and the sun connect us in many ways.
      Humanity just hasn’t reached the understandings of the moon or the sun itself.

      You’ve understood this poem in a great important personal level. Thank you for my friend for reading this piece. 🙂

    1. Thank you (sWe).

      Chaos & Magic huh? Wow! I’ve never thought about it like that. But I really like your perspective.

      You know what? come to think of it – it does feel like Chaos & Magick. Balance what the shadow man was trying to warn me about.


  3. Fricken love it!! The moon has a dark side, a shadow. As do each of us. Until we look into our own shadow and take care of the toxic dump inside we aren’t going to do anything but make a bigger mess out there, even if we seem to be making progress at first. We can’t wipe the world with dirty hands.. Really awesome poetry, Charlie .

    1. Thank you so much.

      I really like your perspective on this poem.

      Yes, our shadow, the human shadow has been toxic, the body, needs to replace its nourishment’s, ideologies, stigmas, & ego.

      3 elements of course humans have been holding onto for some time now. They must all let go of it.

      Let go of the ego
      Let go of religion
      Let go of guilt

      If humans can throw about those higher principles, then they will become cleansed of all emotions and worries.

      1. This might interest you. Watch if you feel led. This man is part of my soul tribe. If you like it, watch “zero tolerance for the lie” I may post some of his videos on my blog now and then.
        Yes, the ego and emotions definitely have a function and are extremely important, yet they have been distorted and overused not to mention misused because we don’t understand our selves and our psyches

  4. What a powerful and meaningful dream and poem! The Shadow Man speaks the truth. My dreams are usually in bits and pieces that I can’t make sense out of haha. This is my favourite piece by you.

    1. Thank you Gwenice.

      Sometimes when you have a dream, regardless if it doesn’t make any sense. Always make those dreams come to life on paper and let those words that don’t make sense breath a new life on planet earth. Yes, humans will never understand our words or what we all dream of. At least we give it our all and passion for what we believe in and love.

      Thank you so much for liking this poem. 🙂

    1. Thank you. 🙂

      The shadow man needed to expose the moons heart, and for the world to see that the moon herself is sad and in pain.

      We all need to expose some emotion from time to time. The pain in earth is there, the pain in the sun, the pain in all humanity. 🙂

  5. And leaves me wondering if indeed, the moon, in her rapture, is heartless…. much to muse on, while picking starlight from my brain. I agree w sukura, definitely one of your very best Asimov ♡ so proud of you.

  6. Did i tell you once when I read your poetry it reminds me of Shakespeare???? Well I’m telling you again Mr. Shakespeare.

    I like this poem a lot. As you know from my works this is a much talked about subject in my poetry. Beautiful sad truth.

  7. We are our own worst enemy. Perhaps I ought to start sharing some of my dreams. They may have to be altered somewhat first.

    Humanising the moon…..perfect. I have this vision of the moon in a Harrington Jacket, with attitude.

  8. There is much pain in this world, and the dream metaphorically gives a vivid picture of what happens within our own species.

  9. The shadow unzips the moon’s jacket
    and in it – a pounding heart is beating.
    Charlie, I’m spellbound by the imagery you create. You are stellar!

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