59 thoughts on “An inter-galactic convo set in outer space (A Parody Collaboration)

      1. Charlie? You leave it up to me? Oh boy! I’ve been talking you, haven’t I, that Earth and Jupiter need to meet again? πŸ™‚

      1. Really? I think that would be really fun especially because we have two completely different styles! I’m super busy up to my eyeballs right now and mostly taking a break from writing and WordPress due to lack of time comma but let’s check in next month and seriously talked about doing that ! We can email about it…cheers! I will stop by and read a little bit whenever I can until then! Hope you’re well, my friend

      1. Oh you don’t? Well i went private on my other account. Won’t be writing on thefeatheredsleep anymore

      2. Good luck w the collaborative work it’s really good. (Boo boo you never asked me! No seriously it works)

          1. I wasn’t asked first! *stomps foot* hahaha! ACTUALLY Asimov I think we should make a film together.

                1. Great reason. I’ve collaborated w Tony Single and Crystal but nothing lately. It’s a good way ti experience and exoand, you did a terrific jobβ™‘

  1. Charlie and Dita. You guys rocked the atmosphere, corralled comets and shot them all at once leaving a trail of star dust burning a river of space-fire surging through the galaxies.

    Bowing here in awe xxx

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