The Bitter Feminist Inflates the Ego in Her Pride

My opinions don’t matter said the angry feminist

she’s extremely sensitive, I worry for the therapist.
Your bloated ego doesn’t match your personality
Hanging out with you is an awkward snap hostility.
I’m a human being who believes in friendship equality
your irrational temper stings like a dictator authority.
Look in the mirror, is this what you want to become?
If you want peace in your life, fight for it overcome.
Our conversations cut short; you easily get offended
I try making small talks, the look in your face irritated.
I’ll stop talking now; you’re always shutting me out
your attitude needs adjustments, this I highly doubt.



Note: The poem you just read was based on true life personal experiences.
Have you ever felt – that your opinions don’t matter to anyone? You try your best to communicate across that individual, but you’re immediately cut off from even taking a breath. The tone in their voice is guarded
with anger, frustration, ‘We are always right and you are always wrong’. Do you get a sense of George Orwell’s, 1984?
Big Brother telling me to shut up! Your opinions are irrelevant.
Big Brother (metaphorically speaking) is the bully who wants
to restrict you of your human knowledge.

To my WordPress friends, I hate being silent by the outside world,
for this I must watch what I say, truth feels like a waste, it’s unfair don’t you think?


Copyright © 2016 Charlie Zero the Poet

All rights Reserved.

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79 thoughts on “The Bitter Feminist Inflates the Ego in Her Pride

  1. Had to scream at one of those today: “Not listening.” The behaviour has nothing to do with feminism. You know those people who will agree with all the slogans but their actions don’t match up? Some people choose any label as a convenient platform to be antagonistic. They give feminists and feminism a bad name. No wonder so many women distance themselves from it. No one wants to be labelled permanently angry.

    1. This is something that I experience…I’ve never encountered anything like this before in my life time. So it was a big surprise for me. 😦

      You are absolutely right. No one wants to be labelled. Unfortunately, this generation labels everything. Sorry, I thought I share what I was feeling with all my readers.

          1. To be very honest Charlie, only just begining to follow you, I am not really in tune with your writing as yet as I have not had time to really browse your blog.. But give me time..:-)

            1. Cool. Cool. Take your time. Trust me, I don’t normally write stuff like this. It’s only once in a rare blue moon that I express of what I’m feeling and what is happening in this world.

              Once you have read my other writings, you’ll know how different they are. I like hiding behind crypt words and surrealism. You’ll see when you read my other poems.

  2. Oh my Charlie.. this made me want to reach through the screen and give you a BIG BIG hug!! You are loved, know this!! ❤

    1. Thank you Dajena.

      I’ve never written anything like this before. This type of writing is all new to me. Which is different from my other styles of writing. I’m only human feeling what my heart feels that I should let out what’s bothering me inside.

      Thank you so much. 🙂

            1. Thank you my friend. 🙂

              This Wednesday, I’m going to post a poem about family. A theme I don’t think I’ve touched. You’ll be thinking about it…its also a personal experience on my end and doing tons of research if I’m the only one feeling this way. You’ll see this Wednesday.

  3. Charlie, this one i had no trouble understanding. Lol. Jokes aside, I totally agree with you. And guess what, I noticed the rhymes 🙂 I’m always biased to rhymes. Fantastic piece of writing!. The idea goes deeper than just being shut off. Dearth of respect for one. And that is truly a killer, irrespective of the nature of the relationship.

      1. Oh it was just so beautiful. No offence whatsoever in spilling your guts out. On the contrary, it will help people relate to you better and on a different level altogether. I think you did one hell of a great job. Please do this more often. 🙂

        1. I agree. I’ll only write my feelings if I sense trouble in my surroundings or relating to what’s wrong in this world.

          It’s rare of me if I feel hurt about something. I’ll try my best and do more of other personal subject relate-able matter in poetry.

            1. This Wednesday. I’ll be posting something personal and it touches on the theme of family. I think you might or might not relate to it…maybe you know friends who are experiencing this…but I guarantee you, you’ll love the poem.

    1. Thank you Tosha.

      It’s quite alright. I was a little worry at first when writing this poem. But I told myself, I shouldn’t let it stop me from feeling what anyone else in this world is feeling.

      I’m glad I got to let out my truth.

  4. Charlie. I didn’t need a dictionary ! 😀 Finished reading ‘1984’ a couple of months back and yes life can seem like this Utopia for the few elite and a dystopia for the rest of the world. Well. they don’t know it because they are brain washed. The beauty of this crap experience is what you have created. This poem 🙂

    1. Thank you Daisy.

      The majority of people that I have experience through personal observations or just the general public – seem very sensitive to any comments or just discussion of questions.

      I now understand George Orwell and what he is seeing of our future and beyond.

      1. Yes… But I guess that the woman you’re talking about here, is a feminazi rather than a feminist … Feminists believe in equality between males and females.

  5. You’ll get a lot of traffic from poets and readers from all over the world. That’s why I say tag all your work. You can tag your work up to 14 or 15. Spread your poems in different categories. You’ll have people reading you in no time.

  6. You’re welcome.

    I also recommend you Tag it also with poems, poet, blogging, 2016, & All, oh! and update your poem every once in a while. You’ll get a lot more traffic fast and running.

    Your about me page also, bring readers up to speed on who you are as a blogger and what you want readers to expect with your writing.

  7. We’ve all been here before, sometimes on side not being heard and sometimes on the deaf side. I try to keep that in mind when talking to folks. Such a reminder doesn’t always prop the mind’s door wide open but it makes it harder to shut that door tight.

    1. Thank you my friend.

      Yes, very different from my other poems. I wanted to try and express something new and personal to my readers and hope they expressed something of what I went through or maybe different.

      This Wednesday my next poem will shift differently as well. I will share to my readers a family theme poetry. It will deal with my personal observation experience, and I did tons of research on this project of mine. A hope that I am not alone with this issue. You’ll see this Wednesday. 🙂

  8. Dear Charlie,
    Poetry is art. You can say whatever you want, how you want!!!!
    I believe that there is no prerequisite for fairness in this life. Fair/unfair is a man-made concept.
    Be yourself, and just write my friend. Do you think Williams Burroughs cared what the ef anyone ever thought?
    Anyway, the different style you employ here works in getting your message across.
    As a matter of fact, I just left a comment for you quoting Robert Service. This style is akin to his, so I think.

    1. Our society is run by insane people for insane objectives. I think we’re being run by maniacs for maniacal ends and I think I’m liable to be put away as insane for expressing that. That’s what’s insane about it. ~ John Lennon

      1. Gotta love John Lennon!
        I believe his murder was a conspiracy. The American government loathed him from the moment he said about the Beatles “We’re more popular than Jesus now; ” Imagine…. Peace on Earth! He spoke out about what he thought. Was he a martyr? My answer… no, he was just honest. I love him.

        1. I have no doubt that his murder was a conspiracy. John Lennon was a man of love, peace, and bringing everyone together in his political positive view of things. I believe the government was afraid of that and afraid of what he might bring upon change in our world.

          His honesty got him killed. Just like Martin Luther king, Gandhi, & Malcolm X.

  9. Sure. Ironically given the subject matter of the poem, past instances where guys would dismiss my opinions, accomplishments, etc. are part of what led me to become…a feminist LOL.

    Opinions…they matter and they don’t at the same time. They are formed out of and limited by whatever our experience and information is. But they can dictate how we act and treat others, which does make them matter. This person’s idea that only their opinion matters is in itself just an opinion, and one that mirrors the type of soplistic patriarchy other types of feminist though are opposed to.

  10. As a natural contrarian, I learned that my opinions would fall on deaf ears. But for me (in your poem) I focused on the person who is so committed to a cause that they live in anger … just not pleasant people.

  11. LOVE it Charlie! You must NOT let people like that silence you, you already know what I think of those hardcore, bitter feminists…but it goes for everyone else who think they’re right and bully and dictate…I really have a problem with those people, WE have to speak up and show them we are not going to be intimidated 😉

    1. Silence is one of the hardest arguments to refute. ~ Josh Billings

      If the freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter. ~ George Washington

      We have freedom of speech, but you got to watch what you say. ~ Tracy Morgan

      I mean there’s enormous pressures to harmonize freedom of speech legislation and transparency legislation around the world – within the E.U., between China and the United States. Which way is it going to go? It’s hard to see.

      ~Julian Assange

      1. I could NOT agree more with you. Really couldn’t. I have written so much about this because I passionately believe in freedom of speech. I got in trouble on Twitter recently because I was exercising my rights to give my opinion, I swear it’s ridiculous:
        Just 2 examples 🙂

        1. Yeah, I remember me reading this post. The guy matt seems like an a-hole! I am with you 100% on exercising your right for valid opinions. I can’t believe even on Twitter people are sensitive. I’m so glad I deleted my account and no longer need that social place.

          So, are you still on twitter? Are people still bothering you or trying to silence your amendment rights?

          1. Haaa, you read it of course! Silly me, I forgot. Yes, I am still on twitter, I actually really like it, it’s the only social media place I do like…yes people occasionally try to silence you and act like morons but they can f**k right off, someone has to stand up to them, you know? 🙂

  12. I am a die hard bra burning radical greenham common marching, suckling observing, acolyte feminist dyed in the woolly beards of feminists befiore me. Seriously though I’m Chicasta all the way, I’d love a world of all women. Yet the irony is, as men tear themselves so would women. We need each other even if the subjugation of women first by men and then by thenselves in delusion of freedom will be an ongoing battle. The worst is his many do not realize it’s a battle, they put other things than the 51 percent first. And for pacifists well, war is necessary in this case, as long as rape is sanctioned. Seriously though, we’ve all had people “get on our tits” and I like to say, the best person in the world is probably a woman, but so is the worst. But Godd (ess) I’d never be a man!

    1. Amen Sister. 🙂

      You make excellent points.

      I think we need the perfect balance of both male and female in opinions and should be equally balanced.

      First time this ever happens to me. I needed to let out what I was feeling with the person. She’s never happy. I always need to be around positive and good energy friends.

      1. You’re one of the least likely people to hold any prejudice btw I think you’re totally without guile or judgement, a shame as she obviously doesn’t know you♡

  13. Man, I’m embarrassed to say this sounds just like me!

    I love this:
    “Your bloated ego doesn’t match your personality
    Hanging out with you is an awkward snap hostility.”

  14. Whenever I encounter someone like this, all I can think of is their Ego is hiding their deep sense of self-consciousness, of low self-esteem, of a facade that must be kept up by charades at all times. This is a good reminder to me that it’s not about me or the world at all…rather it is so deeply rooted in their own fragile sense of self. I then try my best to extend compassion their way…not always easy, but necessary. And sometimes, to protect yourself…you must exit the interaction. You are not alone, my friend. 🙂

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