My Book Review by: Resa. Check it out.

My Book Review by: Resa. Check it out.

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Charlie Zero embracesBeat Poetry, & bytes 21st century’s tech.


Resa @ GLaM 0 reviews Charlie Zero’s new book @ Robot Dreams Inside A Plastic Soul!

CZ #1 Photo manipulation of Resa © Norman Orenstein

CZ has a message, & does not stray. Nor, does he shy away from vocabulary. This means you might want to have a dictionary handy, but don’t utilize it until you finish reading the poem at hand. IMHO, just read the poem & let your mind turn words into images. Good chance you will come to the same message/conclusion/advice or question that Charlie did.

CZ #12b

After the fact, I found it fun to search the words I didn’t know, only to find that in context of his work, I did know.

Obviously & ultimately, it’s not just the words Charlie uses, but the way he employs them.

Yet, Charlie can take the simplest of words and forms to…

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This Robot Dreams inside a Plastic Soul

Everything anxiety

vessels out the foaming scab.
Share the tiniest gag toys –
Macintosh licks magenta’s blush.

World ingrown teeth
Bob Dobbs gets drunk on the stock market crash.
Unglue the wish miracles you mistake.
Fossils display ashtray taxidermist.

Bionic cheetahs descry uncanny projections
of the sins that caress you.
Hot soup turns to syphilis;
a shock ruin tenses your body.

Christmas fades
rainbows wrinkle during reverse season.
Kiss the dark lavender zephyr.

Marijuana is my anti-Inflammatory Zen.
If we dream like a robot
we lose our boners.

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