The Alphabets Signed Where the Stuffed Bunnies Preach

Stuff my insides

with scripted spoor.
Canaanite vats –
Apocryphal Phoenician.

Athenians among four futures –
ontology separates moral writhe.

The ancestor’s Cyrillic day plush –
alphabetize the “B” syllable hit owl.
You skinned a skeletal signed bunny epidemic.

Comb your cognitive wordsmith.

1000000 god lagomorphs –
Murdered the electric universe.

Hybrid ministers Google:
Time-slice coincidence.
Cartoons pledge consonants
and inhabit children century assumed.

Celestial hitchhikers
trail marked 15th Remnants 999999.
Depict the kill keeping
as a sprouted contrast synonymous.

Space intestines –
get sexually introduced by preach signs.
Apparently the cursives hare –
breeds folklore from a wildly symptom wholly.

A showcase moon pick plugged version
of protein jackalope rice moribund.
Superfetation birth like heads
decimate into opacus floe.

Did cuneiform sermons
Churched the melancholia
of birthday veil?

Terrycloth the Legendary
recently endangered away the known thirty.
John Apottaic decayed the night leading.

They eat plastic years –
something Etc., coats geology
and replaces it with different synthetic.

Decipherment through cats dark SS –
Rearrange them & invoke the guillotined Kilobyte.



Copyright © 2016 Charlie Zero the Poet

All rights Reserved.

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