Sleazo the Ambassador Kult Mojo

Stevie the known –

met with council sleazo today
to talk about wolf-porno
& tattered doomsday cliché.

Infomercial brainwashing –
princess tit & Nicholas united,
masterminded the ghetto town
of pills & overlooked.


if you didn’t know it,
gets my penis function.
I like to style it
in societal plums
& religious mental burn outs.

Ambassador Kult Mojo –
agrees to adopt suffering,
courtesy of the need immortal liquor.

Former secretary rarelee
passed the meow circumstance.
Requiring all Carpaccio’s
to re-fill their immunity Plenipotentiary state.
Charm them to a war rag oxytocin.

Dopamine…Debt…doppelganger –
the Clayton Duffy’s
use synthpop to drill out
the ultra-Zionist smiles.

Keegan the opinionator protested otherwise.
His words spilled like cowpunk
& testosterone pat.

Rape inspiration…
fashion never eats…

They never speech…
They conform to bulimia…

America you charity abusers!

You hear that deviant Jeremy?
That’s the sound of me
sucking on America’s derogatory.
Billy maintenance
approves this message.

(Paid for by the following “Migraine Constitution”)
buy our product, take it.
side effects include:
hippie vomiting, dizziness, demonic bobs,
white racist pricks, shaving the mirror,
Mary had a little lamp collection,
Unusual changes in behavior,
thoughts of Donald Trump, and I’m done.



Copyright © 2016 Charlie Zero the Poet

All rights Reserved.

No part of Sleazo the Ambassador Kult Mojo – may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means: electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without prior permission. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Charlie Zero the Poet and his poetry works with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.


37 thoughts on “Sleazo the Ambassador Kult Mojo

      1. And I am so pleased living here in the UK we are only subjected to our own particular circus ring. 🙂 Which is far less entertaining, but which would be amusing if it didn’t affect so many lives as their political game of scoring points forgets the real issues among the grass roots of their nations..

    1. Thank you Maja.

      You are correct! Yes, finally someone understands what is happening in our modern state of this country. I use a lot of characters that feel the same annoys of this whole election that’s a pure joke. I pushed language to a further way of expressing myself and I think it did the job.

  1. Maja is right, this is a homage to modern societal decadency, that’s the perfect way of putting it. I reckon you do such a good job because you’re plugged in and unafraid of saying it – which most are or they don’t really see it. I suppose 1984 would be one such parallel from the past, Watership Down might be another, and then The Doors of Perception Heaven & Hell a third. I’m sure there are quite a few from that time but LESS NOW THAN EVER BEFORE why is that? Because as Marx said, the opium of the people and all that … they don’t know they don’t think. You DO and I smile because when we ‘talk’ you talk about lighter things but I know when you think inside your head this is your Universe and it’s almost impossible for anyone to truly understand how you work and that’s a good thing because you keep them guessing and we don’t try to understand enough so being forced to is a way to learn more of what we are blind to. Oh and I did laugh too at the one about what gets you hard, I totally thought that was excellent!

    1. Thank you sister.

      I did my best to paint a picture of what will be in our hands in many futures to come.
      I do talk differently as oppose to expressing myself in writing to a whole different person.
      My thoughts and feelings are expressed in cryptic but I do get my message across, unless someone who is reading and sees through my words. They’ll know that I am talking about the actual absurdities of our society and its people.

      To plug in, is to make the reader see. To unplug out, is to make all readers keep guessing. 🙂

  2. WoW!! Best commentary on the US election & politics I’ve heard, yet! I don’t blame you for hammering away on the nail’s head. It is bleak & sleazy! Well done, dear Charlie! xo

      1. Lol!!! re: all SNL skits.
        Charlie, it won’t be long now until America’s fate is sealed for 4 years. I have high hopes for the best!
        It is a dire situation.
        Whatever happens, I’ll always love your poetry. Resa xo

  3. I can’t recall
    are you the active or the passive ?
    poetry about milk teeth and aggression
    after lovemaking you stand poised
    alert like a terrified deer
    your manhood having performed
    some inconceivably vile function
    made love or went potty
    bipolarity is here to stay
    relatives with parlor tricks
    pills that stop the pain
    but not the nostalgia for train whistles

        1. Well, my friend. I’m going to speak now properly.
          I don’t know if I should take this as a joke or a sense of humor sparked with creativity.
          I’m no hobo…I’m just me and that’s all I am.

          Please, do me a favor talk to me like a normal person.

          I’ve seen you talk to other people here on WordPress normally. I know we are all cryptic and all. But communication sometimes can be nice and welcoming.

    1. Can’t trick poetry
      and stand potty.
      Aggression by love
      functions with a parlor vile after.
      made pills are the relatives
      of man Lovemaking.
      I’m not just active
      or terrified –
      I’m alert as a deer would be.
      Poised whistles stay.
      I don’t recall my manhood being nostalgic.
      Milk??? I think your definition of milk differs from me.
      You are inconceivably a passive poet
      whose teeth lose the bipolarity pain of such performance.

    1. Thank you Sweta.

      My work always gets to readers to think and re-read more than 3 to 5 times.
      In this case, you can clearly understand the irony of our election croc of a joke.

      I’m glad it made you think with all these characters and weirdness. 🙂

  4. Woot! I got this one right away as the cast of characters in our political arena and a commentary on current events that are scarily close to dystopian classics. Your brilliant mind fascinates, evokes and never ceases to impress! Right on, Charlie. Keep on keepin’ on! 💜

    1. Thank you my friend.

      I’m so glad and excited that you’ve understood this poem.
      It does fit this election nightmare of how phony our politicians
      and supporters are reacting.

      Let us hope that our doom doesn’t change us on November 8th.

      Tomorrow morning my next poem will be more of a thought provoke trip. 🙂

          1. Indeed it is great and powerful medicine! Very cathartic. I write other kinds of stuff at Silver Moon Cove. The Cove is kind of my secluded hideaway.

            You’re a groovy guy, Charlie. Really happy to meet you on this journey. 😊✌️️🖖

  5. You’ve captured our democratic existence, superbly.
    Rape inspiration…
    fashion never eats…

    They never speech…
    They conform to bulimia…

    Love the end (love all of it)
    (Paid for by the following “Migraine Constitution”)
    buy our product, take it.
    side effects include:
    hippie vomiting, dizziness, demonic bobs,
    white racist pricks, shaving the mirror,
    Mary had a little lamp collection,
    Unusual changes in behavior,
    thoughts of Donald Trump, and I’m done.

    What a world we live in!

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