New UPDATE: To All My WordPress Friends

Hello! Everyone to all my friends!

I know I’m late on this and I’ve been busy.
So here we go.

This past Sunday’s event at ‘Studio Theatre’ was incredibly amazing.
17 people attended the evening. I’m glad there weren’t a whole lot of people, because otherwise – I would’ve felt more pressure and really nervous. First and foremost, I want to report to you all that I did a great job and not once did I mess up. Confidence is a key builder.

Bad news though, unfortunately no one recorded this event live.
I know some of you requested to be. I had no camera with me or phone.
However, I can express in short brief what the experience was like.

Being on stage in front of 17 people is like a rush of pure excitement.
You feel like a rock star, you have the whole world at the palm of your hands. That’s what this felt. I kept in good communication as I was reading my poems. Looking at the crowd and making the listeners laugh.
I read 10 poems which is a first for me, because before when I was featured 3 times, the minimum of poetry to read was 7.

Oh! Did I mention there was an A&Q?
Yes, in the beginning before I read the host of the event surprised me with an A&Q. I won’t get into what he asked me.
Let’s just say there we’re talks of William Burroughs, Alejandro Jodorowsky, & Captain Beefheart.

I didn’t sell any of my books, its’ alright though. I’ve already sold enough, but I will make more. The point to all of this is I had a great time and I’m glad I got to express my poetry to those few.

Also, to end this short experience of mine…
The host of the show wrote me a check for $50 bucks. Yay!!!
He told me every feature gets a check for participating, and for their good generosity.

Hope you all enjoyed this little true story of mine. Have a great weekend and I’ll be back for more new poetry on November 28 Monday.
I would love to post next week, but it’s the week of Thanksgiving. I know everyone is going to be really busy and occupied with family and all.

I’ll be back I promise…Happy early Thanksgiving and be well and love you all.


~Charlie Zero the Poet

Guillemet 6, Stir 6, Taste 6


Guillemet six bended the steam.
 Weed taste six altissimo.

Nirvana stir six omphalos!

Keloid astral-projection!

Seven × Seven = jacaranda.

Holocene cauldron puffing psilocybin.
Calescent calypso


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