My Milk inside Your Moist Oven

I had sex with political corruption

got it pregnant
and gave birth to twins – business & war.

I got a blow-job from the I.R.S
they stroked my banana so hard
I exploded a no income tax return.

I finger banged Wall Street
rubbed its financial stock,
alas, pure climax erupted like a water fall currency.

I want to lick Mother Nature’s nipples.
Squeeze her gentle breast –
Boom! California flooding the whore…

I want to pump my milk inside your moist oven.
Let us both burst together;
you and I, we can end the protest once and for all.



Copyright © 2016 Charlie Zero the Poet

All rights Reserved.

No part of My Milk inside Your Moist Oven – may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means: electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without prior permission. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Charlie Zero the Poet and his poetry works with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.


38 thoughts on “My Milk inside Your Moist Oven

          1. It was a campaign that won him the presidency. I think he will do good, not to worry Charlie, you chill , my friend. Let us read something from you. That makes me happy anyways , poetry.

      1. I love a bit of beat poetry – especially when it comes soaked in ‘grotty’ lyrics and sordid tempo.
        Stay filthy and insightful and brace yourself for some eventual sunshine on the other side, sometime, of this current shit!!

  1. Which ever way that final climax is reached Charlie… One thing remains constant. When you play with fire, you often get burned.. Wishing my brothers and sisters in the USA all the best for their new offspring..

      1. changes are happening both sides of the pond Charlie.. Look at Brexit..
        We are being shaken off our comfort blankets.. Politics in general is being shaken up globally.
        Sometimes because we are within the Changes we do not step back to see the bigger picture..
        Look at Mass Migration.. Look at why people feel threatened.. Look at why so many have so little while the few have it all.
        People are waking up and rebelling in the only way they are given a choice to voice their discontent within this governed World. – with their rights to vote..
        Which is what the UK did in Brexit.
        We are now within those changes.. What we have to try to do is steer our nations not through our fear but by our hopes and dreams of a fairer system for ALL not just the few..
        And throughout History we know these are painful experiences ..
        The world is going through its own ‘birthing’ pains, that is what is happens when we play with fire.. 😉
        We create.. with our lust for the cream!
        We are ALL of us in for some Interesting times.. I just pray we don’t fall prey to the chaos and fear being manipulated and use this opportunity to move forward in unity and learn to embrace our differences instead of always dividing and labeling.. I know its a tough order..
        But you know Me Charlie.. Ever the optimist that ALL is for a Reason.. I need to Trust that this process within our governments is all part of that being set into motion for those right changes to take place ..
        It is always Darkest before the Dawn Light my friend.. have faith, by thinking positive outcomes and not adding to the vortex of the negatives.. We have too much darkness already within the world ..
        Love and Hugs.. 🙂 ❤

        1. You are so right Sue, We are “being shaken shaken off our comfort blankets.” I’m not content to sit around and hope that in four years America will be a country I can still love and call home. I’m standing up to make it better.

          Great poem Charlie as always. This one reflects with your usual accuracy the state of affairs here right now.

          1. Hi Melinda.. thank you, and yes you too are right.. it is no good us expecting others to put right our world, it all begins within ourselves as we take on the responsibly to change our ways of being.

            It is a time where many I feel will now stand up and be counted and demand that systems change to be fairer for ALL not just the few..
            Love and Blessings
            Sue ❤

            1. It is my fondest wish and deepest prayer that people do get out there and demand fairness for all. I also hope leaders will step forth and help mold our discontent into a positive, proactive force. I believe we can do it if we only try.

                1. Ooo I love that quote! It’s not one I have come across before. Thank you! Love, blessing AND light to you and yours too because we all need a little light to brighten our darkening corners these days.

  2. Your poem is apros pro for today’s U.S. election result. I’ve been a bit down all day.
    I’d rather play with my ceramic ducks.
    The U.S. and Canada are very, very far apart from each other, although neighbors.
    I suppose Canadians should start saving up money for the wall Trump will want to build between us, that we will have to pay for.
    Love the last verse!

      1. Cheer up Charlie, according to recent news reports, 49% of all Americans stayed home and iddn’t bother to vote. Out of the 51% who showed up, most of them didn’t vote for trump and his misguided ideals. But we got screwed by the electoral college anyway because of where those who voted for Trump live and how many of them turned out in key states. So cheer up, there are more people against trump than with him. if we stand together and nonviolently show our support for those who are most vulnerable, like all bullies, he’ll be forced to sit the FUCK down and leave them alone.

    1. Thank you Tony. 🙂

      I wanted to create a different feel of our current political state of mind. And in doing so, I thought I’d be clever about my choice of words ‘sexually’ and satirically’. Trump is going to fuck things up for this country. I know he hasn’t started in office yet, but I’m in a big worry.

    1. Thank you Jamie.

      When I set out to write this poem. I wanted to approach it in a very political/sexual,satirical. I paid close attention to what’s happening in our current election. And Trump now going to put this country in a giant toilet. Plus, I thought I be clever in using this theme with imagery.

      Did you understood this poem right?

  3. Boy, is this poem timelier than ever… 😛

    I interpreted this poem as the “common man” finally turning the tables and “fucking” the system, as opposed to the system “fucking” the common person. This truly is brilliant political satire, as well as a breath of fresh air in the light of this farcical election cycle we’ve all experienced.

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