5 New Nine Inch Nails songs

Not The Actual Events EP out today online from their NIN website.

My Favorite Hero is back! yay!!!!

Let me know what you all think of these 2 new songs.







13 thoughts on “5 New Nine Inch Nails songs

  1. Charlie,
    I am a fan of Trent Reznor
    “pretty hate machine” is one of my favorite albums
    “burning bright” and “dear world”
    are insults to his greatness
    just terrible noise
    with all the beautiful music available
    why would anyone listen to that garbage ?
    the sort of thing one would listen to before
    killing their neighbor’s pets…………..

    1. I couldn’t agree with you more on your first point.

      Pretty Hate Machine, Broken, & The Downward Spiral are Trent Reznor’s Best works til’ this day.
      I just Updated the rest of the EP album: Listen to ‘Branches/Bones’, ‘She’s Gone Away’, & ‘The Idea of You’. I think you might like the song ‘The Idea of you’.

      Give Trent Reznor a break. He’s evolving and experimenting with different sounds of music. Yes, he will never be the old Trent, but he’s now wise in his years and wants to do something different.
      It’s always good to have an open mind about music, but I know everyone has different taste.

      I’d like to hear your input on those songs I’ve updated. Please, write to me in conversation not in a poetic style. I know you’ve had conversations before with other people.

      Happy New Years my friend. 🙂

  2. Charlie,
    These recent audio releases have nothing to do with evolving or experimenting.
    Trent Reznor is a statue chipped out of marble—there is no softness for evolving
    or experimenting. He is rock hard solid.
    It would be my guess that the quality of these recordings reflect a deterioration
    of his inner core. This could be the result of age, lifestyle, or a 1000 things.
    The real sin is that all of the people surrounding him are too afraid to step up
    and say, “You know Trent, you should rethink these tunes.”

    1. I see what you mean.

      One time, I walked into Amoeba Records here in Hollywood. An employee who works there that I know told me once he hates ‘Nine Inch Nails’. The reason he said this to me was because I was wearing a ‘NIN’ shirt. I asked him why he hates ‘NIN’. He said the only ‘NIN’ he would listen to, is ‘Pretty Hate Machine’, ‘Broken’, & ‘The Downward Spiral’. He says those 3 are his best albums and Trent should have ended the band then. I wasn’t surprised he said this to me. Again, everyone’s taste in music is different. I do understand other people’s frustration and why Trent should have continued staying in the path of keeping his music very industrial and keeping the sound like back in the days. He’s evolving in his own way and right. To each their own I guess.

  3. Trent has every right in the world to change. You keep saying that he is evolving but that
    would suggest that he was improving somehow. These latest sound recordings are clear proof that he is DEVOLVING !
    They sound like they were recorded on a cellphone purchased at Walmart for $7.95.
    The lyrics don’t seem to be very important—I say that because of the manner in which they are
    delivered. The music is just irritating noise. I can’t think of one situation where someone
    would think it appropriate to play one of these songs.
    Can you imagine being happy and listening to one of these tunes ?
    Talk about buzzkill—Good Lord…………

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