Teratology Kisses the Unwashed Placebo

Abalone & Unwove –
the mythos opioid gesundheit
ripples Jacobs’ teratology.

Amygdala love – proletariat adverse –
symposium staminoid, lethality saccharine.

The prodigy
disease petals
uglified in cue rewind you.
Said the manifested dregs…

Pretend existence – endogenous canaille spoof paradox –
Unwashed apollyon leaf – placebo praxis
of podzol thalamus fork.

M.C. Escher sage –
costumes the colored immuno betraying
through cyropaedia syndrome.

Genotype Aardvark – eristic suppression –
meets my cohabiting caffeine –
it’s his Poe potboiler abluent comedian conditioned.

Albacore the stemwinder,
picaresque deciphered stop
from chewed kisses
to polycephaly self anthropologist unchecked its distaste.


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Happy New Years! Everyone! 2017


To my WordPress poets and friends. May this year bring you good health, good karma, and good balance. Wishing everyone a pleasant 2017 year and many surprises to come.

I’ll be posting new material soon. Keep your eyes peeled. 🙂


~Sincerely Charlie Zero the Poet