Chiasmus Implicated When Bashfully Stalked


Chiasmus slept
    during the calliopean upload.
We the anankastics
    must sag implicated calcine.

Threaten suddenly;
         for our fell minds
stalked the pillage future.

Apophenia, when do the bashfully undo
what may already befall?




Copyright © 2017 Charlie Zero the Poet

All rights Reserved.

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30 thoughts on “Chiasmus Implicated When Bashfully Stalked

  1. I love this poem, man. This may, in fact, be one of my absolute favorites by you. I could be interpreting this incorrectly, but I read this as what we do or what takes place now has an immediate affect and impact on the future. A 19th Century German philosopher named Hegel believed in this concept of a “unified, organic whole,” and how Spirit was the sole driving force responsible for pushing history forward. I see “Eggy Emma” and “joeton flake” almost as the embodiment of said Spirit, and their “Q babies” and their descendants will continue to shape and influence things to come. Engaging, mind-blowing work, my friend. 🙂

    1. Yes. Your interpretation is accurate.

      The characters of ‘Eggy Emma’ & ‘Joeton Flake’ do embody the spirit of our long ancestors. The struggles of the physical form of humanity is at the edge of hope.
      The spirit may be fighting this battle within us, yet, humans are arrogant enough not to listen. It’s in our human nature of believing in facts, rather than superstitious mediums. If one we’re to come in grips within the spirit self, that’s a big advice to take in. The child in us is still fixable.

  2. Charlie,
    thank God you left out the three sisters of Romance:
    (murder, rape, suicide)
    having Q babies around the house will be awkward
    just toss the diapers outside
    ——rub Vicks Rub upstairs
    ——rub Desitin downstairs
    feed them lots of fish
    and everything should be okay
    try not to think about higher aspirations
    or the lower cravings of Saturday night

  3. Perhaps we never really awaken. I’ve had dreams from which I’ve awakened 10 or more times, only to awaken again. In 3084, it could be 1984 all over again, but in the new modern way, however that is then. Man has a long way to go intellectually and humanely. I am skeptical, and think that 1,067 years is not enough time for man to come to grips.
    Luv ya, Charlie!

    1. Yes, Yes, good observation.

      We are aware of us wide awake. However, if indeed, we are awake can someone pinch us and wake us up to the actually year that we’re in? Hopefully we’re not in 3084. If so, that would mean, someone or mechanically something is programming our reality of what should be real or what shouldn’t be the obvious case.

      1. It shows, you have a unique style, it’s like an intelligent puzzle, sometimes I get it and other times I’m left guessing and still trying to figure it out 🤓 it’s awesome stuff 👍

        1. Give you something to chew on.

          Every post is cryptic. Behind my poems is a message to what’s happening now in the world around us. Also, I was a victim of bullying in my childhood up till the end of middle school. I throw that in the mix of things but again its all cryptic.

          I hide behind things so people can see what is truly wrong in our world and how much we all need to pay close attention.

          1. Haha yes it certainly is something to chew on 🤓 it’s complex words yet relatable message👌 and I certainly can relate to getting bullied 🙁 it’s just awful but hey it only makes us stronger 👍 I’ve just posted something on my blog, it’s something on a brighter note, I think you might like it 😊

  4. I am so pleased to read the comments here Charlie, it helped me get to grips with your thoughts..
    And I agree with your last verse.. Yes the future doesn’t bode well for Humans.. We will all be made out of a test-tube. in a ready made sterile world of robotics..

    Wishing you a perfect evening.. Sue 🙂

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