Gripped by the Annoying Rossini


Tonight’s presentation the annoying death…

Tis’ unpleasant handshakes
flit beside a simmer flower,
Rossini responds:
Pull the grip 39
and have them splotch.

Give us your aperture lens
will instigate the riot
will agitate Berkeley party drama
dead in the magpie biography.

Ataraxia screams –
speculation gag,
Waco Texas we love your guns
we love your occult messiah.

Hi! F.B.I
hi! NRA
hi! MK-ultra

A reminder to you:
thank me later
when your retired palm
continually laughs
and bamboozles its fame touch humility.



Copyright © 2017 Charlie Zero the Poet

All rights Reserved.

No part of Gripped by the Annoying Rossini – may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means: electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without prior permission. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Charlie Zero the Poet and his poetry works with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.


66 thoughts on “Gripped by the Annoying Rossini

    1. Thank you Mr. Modigliani

      I write for the love of poetry. What to describe it? I’ll leave that up to the readers.

      Surrealism is destructive, but it destroys only what it considers to be shackles limiting our vision. ~ Salvador Dali

  1. Tonight’s presentation the annoying death……

    one of the most annoying aspects of death
    is Allen Ginsberg

    I am old enough to recall when Allen tried
    to suck up all the essence of Taos, NM
    with a gigantic vacuum

    poor Allen (Humpty-Dumpty) really fell apart
    false teeth
    silicone testicles
    telephone directory poetry

    one day the Great Meditator said, “quiet, please”
    and Allen became silent

    1. Poor old day
      Ginsberg felt annoyed
      by the….
      Of one telephone I.
      Silent (humpty-dumpty)
      and his poetic advertisement.
      The vacuum gigantic great said;
      Nm tried to direct tonight’s recall
      of false idols
      and false presentation.
      Please death……
      have some silicone toupees & testicle essence.
      The taos will remember it
      but the suck teeth will bargain with one.

      1. laying the groundwork for suck teeth
        harmony and humanity among men
        poetry being a byproduct of activity
        readers trying to sell me their ready-cut patterns
        no thanks, Daddy-O
        the smell of ancient women on feather beds
        in Taos, NM
        cozy formulas, Charlie

        1. Patterns leech the tasted smell
          The daddy-o harmony
          sells his bed poetry to the taoist machine.
          Brave meerkats
          bite through the readers cozy mist.

          Humanities teeth
          turns to rose petals –
          formulas trying to hatch the first man.
          Among no suck penalty
          your feathers
          and byproduct thanks
          become the ancient NM ready cut serve.

          1. I could see where you erased the cautionary quote marks
            around bed poetry
            “BED POETRY”
            the smell of ancient women on feather beds in Taos, NM
            flow-and-viscosity patterns on the sheets
            where lizard-resembling things connect
            a portrayal of Adam and Eve going at it
            wet juiciness and suck teeth

  2. I wish I understood this Charlie… But it seems others do.. maybe its an American thing.. I am not afraid to say I don’t understand it all.. although I do relate to the Waco- Messiah understand what that relates to. … Maybe you can tell me the thinking behind it and then I will understand more. .. 🙂

    1. Sue, let me share something with you.
      Americans here in my land, they don’t understand me at all.
      I’m a complete alien to Americans and they are still trying to figure out
      what my poetry is. You’re not alone.

      The message behind this would mean. Rossini being the composer of great music yet, triggering our synapses of all the destruction man is causing to our planet earth. Waco messiah is the prime example of them cults, war, hypocrisy, death, etc.

      Hope this helped you understand a little bit of the poem. 🙂

    1. Thank you kindra.

      Perhaps this will explain:

      “The object of poetic activity is essentially language: whatever his beliefs & convictions, the poet is more concerned with words than what these words designate.”
      ― Octavio Paz

  3. Charlie…. through your poem, I see the Kent State Massacre. Although I totally prefer the Nine Inch Nails songs you send me, here’s a song about the Kent State massacre…. where the US military killed its sons and daughters. I wish musicians…. who are artists, would protest more with their art.
    It’s hard not to cry when i watch this.

    1. My grandpa told me the story about the Kent State Massacre. He told me that he was close to getting station with his troops and do what they we’re told to do. Luckily though, he requested to be station somewhere else and not be involved.

      It is the most saddest and heart breaking footage to watch. This video and music is a prime example of what our generation needs to wake up to.

      Love the song and thank you for sending it to me.

      Here’s a video by Nine Inch Nails will will really wake you up.

      Your thoughts.

      1. Well, you’re right, I’m awake now. 😀
        Of course, for the first 3 minutes it was hypnotic, a very pretty hard metal music groove. I was kind of hearing your words… thinking Charlie should be working with musicians.
        Then at 3:27 the words, and more, the real nasty kicked in. Excellent piece, and very much to what your poem, and our conversation speaks to.

        1. Believe it or not, I was in 3 bands.

          Nothing big just project bands that never happen or never went anywhere.
          However, I am thinking of toying around with synthesizers in the future.
          Doing something like spoken word, noise, and experimental.

          Glad you enjoyed this song by Nine Inch Nails.

          1. Love 9″ Nails!
            Neat that you were in bands! Were you the singer, or?
            Do get a synth keyboard! You could do a lot with your words & music. Make the future now… so in the future you will be that much more ahead with your art.

            1. I only played rhythm guitar and played drums. I don’t know how to sing.
              When I do in the future get a synth of course I’d love to create my own music with words.

              What is inspiring me to get a synth is because of this band.

              1. I totally get why you like this synth/poetry combo band. Don’t worry about if you can sing or not, or if you can even recite in key. We have auto tune now! I love it when auto tune is used as an effect. Rap is not my main genre, but I love Purple Reign by Future. He uses auto tune, and I find it hypnotic. I put the link here in case you want to listen to it. There is no video for this song, but someone made a bootleg one, and it distresses me.
                Get a synth! I can hear your poetry!

                1. Pretty cool song. I did listen in the background the auto tune effect.
                  It does bring something different to his voice and the music he structured.
                  Your right it is hypnotic and you almost feel like your in a club
                  with everyone just zoning out and swimming in the music.

                  One day, I’ll buy me a synth and experiment with noise and my poetry.


  4. Charlie, darling,
    Sorry if I have over stepped. Yet, I see America traveling a scary path. Your president frightens the bjs out of me.
    Of course , I say this as Canadians are legally allowed to hideously beat the life out of innocent seal pups. Humans are the worst on our planet. Just speaking my mind. You can delete this comment, of course.

    1. You didn’t over stepped on anything. Yes, us Americans are traveling this path.
      We are the minorities, who are taking over by the White man himself.

      I wish I lived in Canada. Speak your mind here on my blog I won’t censor anyone unless otherwise of course.

      I won’t delete this comment. I like that you speak your mind freely. 🙂

  5. Ataraxia screams –
    speculation gag,
    Waco Texas we love your guns
    we love your occult messiah.
    What an image! a world where even serenity cannot be what it is meant to be.

    Be careful what you reap’ comes to mind. chapeux, mate.

  6. I couldn’t help but laugh when I read the title! [it’s the Rossini effect!!!!!] Your poem[s] is a great place to start thinking and becoming a better person! 😉 Thank you, my friend!

    1. hahahahaha!!! Glad you got a kick out of the title. hahahaha!!!

      Yes, the Rossini effect of our political system and religious constitutions.
      If rossini we’re alive today, he would put the world into a trans with his musical composition. He would fix humanities problems of themselves.

      1. Way I see it, it would take either genius ‘mad’ artists or animals to take over governments for our civilization to stand a chance and as artists are too busy [and rightly so] doing other things, I sincerely hope the animal kingdom takes over! 😉

    1. Thank you Maria.

      By introducing current events of today, I provoke to the reader of what not to be afraid of outside political or religious dark forces that are manipulating the synapses.

      To answer your question:

      The Rossini of today is ‘John Zorn’ a genius of our time.

  7. I read this almost as an introduction to one of those “Masterpiece Theatre” presentations on PBS, but one that is richly sardonic and satirical. Your allusion to Rossini is an interesting choice, especially given the fact that he is most famous for his opera “The Barber of Seville” (though he also wrote one titled “The Thieving Magpie,” which I see you cleverly referenced as well.) The main character of “Barber” is Figaro, who is described as crafty, cunning, and sneaky. With this in mind, I think of the “aperture lens” part, and how it will instigate a series of revolts and revolutions. With these ideas in mind, I interpreted this work as describing the power of media and how it affects and/or shapes our perceptions. I may well could be wrong, but I must say that I really enjoy this poem. 🙂

    1. You’ve read it correct.

      Rossini was a very important composer and figure of the 17th century.
      His music to my influence of poetry is chaotic in terms of how the media doesn’t know or has never known, how to report actual news.

      Nietzsche said it best: There are no facts, only interpretations.

      A speculation of here say with public consumption.

      The power of the media will always be there as vultures picking at our vessels
      and in the end, leaving everything to dry out and fall dead upon our senses.

      Chester my friend, you have an excellent observation. Thank you. 🙂

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