Telepathic Gonzo


Taints mouth grows – don’t art the truth
of bias extrasensory.
You museum pettifogging wall,
amaryllis despondency, hounds impressionistic Babylon.

Eyes shedding – continuity dehisce –
telepathic decoy – decries the mystic 6.

Profanities atrophied – gonzo misguided ultimatum –
fiction blindfolds the toad’s deflating us.

Bukavac protagonist randomizes
the fixing shock chess – god passed out on foreplay.




Copyright © 2017 Charlie Zero the Poet

All rights Reserved.

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48 thoughts on “Telepathic Gonzo

      1. Yes, you are right. I can’t agree more ! Telepathic vibes. I feel that all the time with people I connect with on the radar ! Sometimes i wish I weren’t so instinctive!

            1. Indeed every monad must be different from every other. For there are never in nature two beings, which are precisely alike, and in which it is not possible to find some difference which is internal, or based on some intrinsic quality. ~ Gottfried Leibniz

    you forgot to mention the dollar’s point of view
    6 hands would be nice for foreplay
    you could really take care of business
    6 hands and a secret peephole
    that you could spy on the world
    and take notes in different languages
    you could make tiny sketches
    and colorful mappings
    you could be inside languages
    talking to cats and other creatures
    your mental and emotional skills
    could bloom sky-high

    1. If agents we’re to ever knock at my door
      I’ll shake their hands and show them
      the view door of non-secret dimensions.
      Their skills will be met by
      “Business’, & ‘forgot’.
      Mappings once knocked the sky-high
      only then colorful blooms
      we’re Talking 6 6 6.
      They mention spy
      but not the emotional sketches.
      Language notes through a peephole
      of world care.
      Could the inside forces of the Illuminati
      be a little fair in how they control the dollar mental paper?

      1. Charlie,
        do you expect the agents to be emotionless
        asexual automatons ?
        the National Tattler lists them as heterosexual
        but they may switch hit if erotic imagery is correct
        all I could think about was your 6 hands
        I would imagine they will be of interest
        a poet with 6 hands
        not your usual cupcake by any means

        1. the agents will arrive at your door
          because of the smoke trail
          from that long-smoldering passion
          in the spare bedroom
          they will ask you questions
          about the flames possibly being rekindled
          (+) does she smell like fish or fowl ?
          (+) is she a blonde upstairs only ?
          (+) does she consider herself your real-life wife ?
          don’t be surprised if they try to frighten you
          (+) a tractor battery and nasty alligator clips
          (+) Rachmaninoff-induced sodomy
          (+) a continuous loop of the movie, “THE SHACK”
          as a red-blooded male poet with 6 hands
          I would suggest you move to Maine tonight

          1. He fish flames alligator
            From upstairs
            to 6 (+).
            A (+) door sodomy tractor.
            Battery fowl
            Consider the male surprised poet
            as a continuous possibility.
            She arrives
            and begins to Maine.
            Trail the lie-lie-lie
            and you’ll discover how agent herself
            became frighten of
            Long-smoldering if.
            Question Rachmaninoff-
            induced your night as suggested
            by the spare clips of loop (+)

            Please ask the movie
            to smell the shack blonde lighter.
            Real-life does not rekindled smoke
            or passions like Amadeus.

              until one of those babies gets chopped off
              and then reality suddenly gets serious
              it is not setting alligators on fire
              or romantically fishing without a pole
              your wife Maines instead of Moans
              claims one hand is larger than the rest
              your “boss hand”
              in the future, will your children look you in the eyes
              or will they just stare at Boss Hand ?

        2. Correct
          emotionless asexual.
          The agents
          finally shook hands
          with the Tattler birds
          and their Imaginary heterosexual keys.
          Suppose they are automatons
          what’s it to the poet 6 hands
          and nationalist 6 6 1?
          Maybe switching
          to verizon wireless
          wouldn’t be so bad in case of more wire-tapping.
          And as for the cupcake scenario –
          The 6 hands won’t stand for erotic interpretations.

          1. I swear that I will never look at another cheese
            I am loyal to “gonzo”
            emotionless/asexual cheese
            milk squeezed from heterosexual goats
            Charlie, please don’t cry around the goats
            I know it is a lot to ask
            the interpenetrating circles around the barn
            are far too intense for a poet
            your sobbing and tears
            will influence them not to trust me
            just the sight of your 6 hands
            make them nervous

  2. This is excellent! The word “gonzo” in the title made me think of the type of journalism (you know, Hunter S. Thompson and all that) and how it refers to fictionalized or exaggerated reporting. In these shaky, uneven times we’re living in, what even is truth anymore? It seems to be increasingly more difficult to seek out “legitimate” sources as far as news outlets are concerned. But then, you mention art in an opposing vein, and I think the answer is that art, while sometimes an imitation or recreation, never lies. It shines light on the truth, as brutal or ugly as it may be. A terrific poem, my friend. Your talent is immense. 😀

    1. Thank you Chester.

      It is the reason why I choose to create my own gonzo of poetic journalism.
      To report the most ridiculous fabricated nonsense that is plaguing the social norms.
      As poets ourselves, we are entitled to report to all our readers how much they should re-think of what is factual evidence and double speak as George Orwell would put it.

      Hunter S Thompson was a genius for his time of doing what he did.

      Gonzo forever!

  3. So forgive my head scratching again Charlie.. but I did look up Balanovski. And saw something along the lines of a court case about taxes.. 🙂
    Lots of new truths will come out Me thinks, in this coming year.. 🙂
    Have a great week Charlie.. xxx

        1. An interesting video Charlie.. So let me get this right.. Labour Tax income tax here if you are not self employed is taken directly from your wages, we do not have a choice .. With self employment tax here, it goes on self assessment then you get a Tax Bill..

          Interesting to find that what this man is saying in your country its never been legal.. But he is right in what he says if you didnt pay up, you would be threatened with prosecution.

          I can not count the amount of times we are taxed.. your eyes would pop if you saw the tax on fuel we pay to you.. we pay at the moment £1-19p per Litre, its come down to what it was.. Then on everything we buy, there is 20% VAT Value Added Tax on top which is the EU tax.. Then there is Road Tax, Council Tax, TV Licence and the list goes on.. 🙂

          Thank you for the share.. 🙂

          1. Exactly right. I’m not a math person.
            However, I will share this with a friend of mine and he’ll do the math for me to see how it all adds up to be.

            I’m glad you found this video very informative.
            I just thought I share with you some truth.

  4. As the amaryllis sheds
    I bleed.
    As Balanovski
    Taints truth
    I flee from
    I know the
    Prophecy explained to me.
    Mene mene tekel upharson.
    We are all at the
    Mercy of what we
    Don’t know.
    Gonzo … you, too!

    (Charlie, I will do an experimental prose soon on my blog)

  5. Another fascinating piece. I like that a I can read your poems and find many meanings in them each time I read.

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