Lacquered in fault


You remembered the future
being blind-folded.
Incise past bones,
they link bruised code –
its wounds splash
like orgy telekinetic dew.

You remembered the past
Lacquered in fault.
Rent by misuse starving –
implore such desolate sequence
harnessing our ambitions
restrained embryonic in salty embargo.

Time…tick, tick, tick, (30 seconds)
Set coordinates to April 29th, 1992.
Decade growls –
turmoil weeps –
death everywhere,
life do you have a conscience?

Mere glossary buttressing sonic shore
In fanning undulate,
take a sticky seat grind out your marrow,
ape the game
Count down to zero,
watching liter become king and truth, a fossil,
Will Conrad split his dark heart
on Moby’s fount to erase doubt?
We’re the flotsam of space molecules;
evaporate in our own filthy plate of greed.

Fast motion surrounding vortex –
velocity holds the noise.
Ergodic fleas
meditate in the pupil tarot,
sinking retrospectively in Occam’s razor.

For to tango with helium devils
dervish space daters must eat the rich.
Molded in their galactic hue –
let them be, those skaters in utero,
swapping devils beneath judicial sign readers, glued in place.

A mob of microbes
burying the atom
jolt the overfed oath.
Hyperspace convulses –
of muteless auxesis,
perturbed by dengue,
vast-struck with an arcuate glow.

Beneath stylish banter
forage for pulse,
despite ourselves
amidst universal detritus,
spinning in fugee state,
we enter the dragon
here lieth our supplantment.

Blossom gravitational lens
peeled before the cavern knights.
Existential spin
laminating the wormholes
from Minkowski’s host.

Divulge in incremental lisp.
Templar crows pecking the master’s foible –
asundering gravity lost.
In trace
ah, here lies the doppelganger, melting his mask.

It reveals the inward hours bending.
Luminiferous aether,
astral chokhmah’s cluck,
protruding & foaming –
this alchemy no longer titles
thus, you become the chewed chrysopoeia.



Copyright © 2017 Charlie Zero the Poet & Candice Louisa Daquin

All rights Reserved.

No part of Lacquered in fault – may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means: electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without prior permission. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Charlie Zero and Candice Louisa Daquin works with appropriate and specific direction to the original content

It’s a huge honor and a long dream to collaborate and be working with my sister Candice Daquin. I believe her and I, achieved something special with two minds set for a sci-fi/ time travel trip. She’s a star of magic and intelligence.
Please pay her a visit her work is powerful, honest, and in your face truth.
Thank you for everything you are an inspiration.
You make the world a better place.


Her website:





42 thoughts on “Lacquered in fault

  1. Asmov Darling, this was a BLAST of space travel and I loved every minute. Thank you for coming back to WP we all missed you so much & you betcha that I’ll not let you get in your rocket ship alone, space travel is always more fun with a pal, and you are so much more than that my brother. Love to you and thank you for such a good experience I am a novice of collaboration and this gives me faith that with the right person it can be a melding of the minds. Remember, the next one is in my style (HUGE GULP!) (Sing along … FEELINGS!)

    1. I agree sister.

      The space time travel poetic collaboration was a success and one experience I’ll never forget. It’s good to be back on WordPress. With the right minds meeting,
      poets create a universe like no other before man or before time itself.
      I’m blessed and thankful of you to have worked with me on this experiment of ours.
      And yes, I look forward to our next collaboration.
      I want us to take it to a whole new different direction,
      something I’ve never done before.
      And you’ll be there to guide me and I’ll create it with you.

      You picked a good title. And I love it, sister. 🙂

  2. Charlie,
    I wonder if you remember the future because you have tried so hard
    to forget the past.
    blind-folded…….to protect you and your passenger from the
    treacherous beauty of outward things.
    oh yes, there is another person in the poetry cabin.
    too many throbs for one human.
    the big give-away was the lacquered fault.
    the evaporation of a female volatile.
    a smooth finish to a life anything but smooth.
    embryonic rent included in the Mother’s Day card.
    starving children in 2017 and North Korea has rockets.
    we are not permitted to hear his message.
    our president is confused.
    Harriet Beecher Stowe questions if he is Caucasian.
    do you think he is Caucasian ?
    ———-anyway, to collaborate or not to collaborate.
    our tiny feet on the sphere.
    mischievously toying with romance.
    employed skinless emotions.
    no one examines our hands or foreheads.
    disembodied angelic beings.
    poetry from the middle state.
    poetry between death and resurrection.
    I salute you and Candice !!!

    1. Forget death lacquered
      do what’s best for beauty & collaboration.
      Female beings poetry
      disembodied toy sphere.
      Hear fault wonder,
      State and smooth
      passengers hands rent.
      Korea you past
      one throb
      Rocket life cigarette.

      Blind-folded between;
      romance & angelic he.
      Humans aren’t Caucasian
      just humans.
      2017, mischievously;
      Outwards the question.

      Mother’s yes.
      future puzzles galactic.

      Not tiny if many embryonic big
      from the day is.
      One president
      examines foreheads
      and I touch volatile.
      Skinless salute
      finishes the emotions
      lead by cabin stowe
      and resurrection employed.

  3. Dear Charlie,

    I am not chewed, nor eschewed.
    I am fully in your face, a moment of truth.
    I am in that moment,
    Searching for the
    Honesty that ever
    Brought me to you.
    Candice is a fairy
    Who has brought such to
    You, and I salute
    The love of
    Poetry, love and the
    Few who understand
    You, and
    Candice, and me and
    The few.

  4. Charlie and Candice, you definitely deserve an applause for this work ! What a fantastic piece of poetry ! I thoroughly enjoyed it. My very best to both of you for more of such collaborations and for everything else.

    Peace and warmth !


    1. On behalf of Candice and I, we are grateful for your comments and happy to be happy as human beings and poetic writers of planet earth. 🙂

      We hope you enjoyed this sci-fi journey of two minds bending the idea of poetry and taking it to the next level. 🙂

  5. The king has returned! Welcome back, my friend. This is a brilliant collaboration, and your poetic voices blend so seamlessly together. There are a great deal of ideas at play here, but for all the stark imagery, I think there’s a sense of rebirth and hope. Your references to “embryonic” and “space molecules” made me think of how the universe is constantly expanding, and that, no matter what happens, life goes on, or, as Jeff Goldblum’s character says in “Jurassic Park,” “Life will find a way.” Excellent work. It’s good to have you back, and I always look forward to your posts. 🙂

    1. Thank you so much my friend.

      The “embryonic” and “space molecules” reference was by Candice herself. 🙂

      You have a keen observation on that you made. Life goes work itself in mysterious weird ways. Just like the universe, it works to develop by its own growth and is trying to understand itself from its evolution.

      It’s good to be back on WordPress again. 🙂

  6. Wow, what a wonderful collaboration. I love that your work always leaves me with imagery I would never conceive of otherwise. Always unique ❤ Nicely done you two!

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