Nosferatu Clatter the Unbraided Gall


Tarkovsky’s realm
eerie eclecticism.

Animus clatter the unbraided effervescence!

spun distrait.

Cliché akrasia
inimical gall.


Copyright © 2017 Charlie Zero the Poet

All rights Reserved.

No part of Nosferatu Clatter the Unbraided Gall – may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means: electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without prior permission. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Charlie Zero the Poet and his poetry works with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.

31 thoughts on “Nosferatu Clatter the Unbraided Gall

    1. Exactly…

      A film your watching with an opening scene that captures film-making cinematography at its core. The rest its up to the viewer or reader to interpret such clues and imagery that face in front of one’s eyes. 🙂

      1. You write a very strong script , Charlie. It’s mind blowing what you come up with. For the reader, it’s a delicate journey .

      2. Charlie,

        All of your readers are deaf and you are screaming out the answers to life.
        (Oral poetry from a lipless mouth—check out the bite.)
        Stir up a soup of odd words—-hints of dreams and dream control.
        The big reward comes from including the word, “NOSFERATU”.
        OMG ! Suddenly you’ve plugged into a beloved movie.
        Readers have watched the movie hundreds of times.
        Riveting entertainment.
        Once a week entertainment !
        Some have based their entire reality on that script.
        Nosferatu: The Bird Of Death

        1. Michael,

          Not screaming out life’s answers. Just having an observable conversation that’s all.

          Check reality in a bowl
          of soup
          Stir the dream
          and let entertainment sink.
          Poetry movies suddenly plugged in
          its bite was reminiscent to death
          Words—-hinted oral B-pluse
          Birds & lipless
          became deaf from nosferatu
          The life screaming artistry –
          ideas from watched hundred scripts
          of Omg cantaloupe farm

          1. Charlie,

            yeah, yeah, yeah…
            now that the theoreticians have grown old and died
            we are still faced with critics
            who are contaminated with too much biology
            poetry from the ruling images in the thinker’s mind
            reactive to words
            dependent on input from other sources
            the soldier needs his enemy
            otherwise weapons become embarrassing
            religion is much smarter than the common man
            people think they’ve found the answer
            but they are wrong, 100% wrong
            people in general are too remote
            the true grasp of physical reality
            isn’t the next branch on the tree
            you mentioned cantaloupe farms:
            last week we saw fields of cantaloupes
            and black people sat next to the road
            selling them……….$3 or $5 for 2
            Spanish people who work the fields
            were riding in ancient school buses
            with the roofs cut off
            we spent the night in a flea bag motel
            I hung the sheets over the windows as curtains
            and drug a dresser in front of the door for protection

  1. Needless to say dearest Charlie.. I had to use the dictionary several times to interpret what was being offered here my friend..
    I just hope our ‘Dreams’ do not produce such creatures of the Night that rule our wake times..
    Sending love and my thoughts your way Charlie.. Stay well.. and Hope your spirit has lifted my friend..
    Sue 🙂

    1. Thank you sue.

      I’m glad you used the dictionary for this. As it needed to be used in these kinds of matters. Dreams are like film rolls, they keep producing, keep us awake, however, most film rolls grow and grow mysteriously with dream manufactures. The question is who or what phenomena is controlling these dreams of ours?
      Are we unconsciously and unknowingly producing such dreams of paradox?
      Or is the paradox itself producing us?

      1. I wonder where dreams come from as well. The lucid ones we can manipulate but even those that are not lucid seem to come from outside us. The idea that the “paradox” produces us is interesting.

      2. A good question Charlie, one which I have often pondered upon.. And last night I slept so soundly, I wondered upon my groggy awakening this morning to what planet I might have been visiting.. For once I was not rescuing others from drowning in floods of mighty waves, or being chased .. Or revisiting the past or some future alien human world in its debauched future of Chaotic additions .. 🙂 ..
        Instead The night flew by in seconds, so may be those manufactures had a night off.. 🙂

        On another note Charlie.. have you not noticed the paradox’s between Hollywood and the world? my friend.. just a thought in who is manufacturing what.. 😉

        1. “I think we dream so we don’t have to be apart for so long. If we’re in each other’s dreams, we can be together all the time.”
          ― A.A. Milne, Winnie-the-Pooh

          Your interpretation of dreams is enlightening.

          As a matter of fact – I have known the distinction paradox between Hollywood and the world. I picture Hollywood being erased from existence but in the reality dream world of us. 🙂

          1. Yes I understand you Charlie..
            What people do not always get, or even begin to understand, is that We as Humans Manifest our reality into BEing.. Via our very thoughts. So the Paradox is.. As we Sow, so shall we reap.. And Hollywood for so long has been sowing such violence, as the ‘End is Nigh’ Computer gaming, shoot, kill, TV shows, Shoot Kill.. And when the world erupts on our streets we shake our heads and wonder how has it all come to this..
            Children now are so desensitised to violence they see it as the norm.. Is it any wonder Indoctrination and those who are so called ‘Radicalised’ are so easily influenced.. When it surrounds us daily..
            Sad.. So very sad ..
            But there are still a few ‘Dreamers’ left Charlie.. and I will keep on Keeping on.. Sending out LOVE to All corners.. for I know it holds greater Power than any other Energy going..
            Love and Blessings my friend.
            Sue 🙂

  2. Dear Charlie,
    I think… which means naught but thought
    that if you remember any of your dreams,
    you have the possibility to interpret your question.
    Certain questions may never be answered.
    You consciously search within your dreamscapes, one to another,
    You escape your demon through your bedroom door
    Into a impenetrable mountain range.
    Only to find he has arrived
    Ahead of you.
    Some questions may never be defined.
    There is no answer to a non-question.

    Just a thought.

    So, I modeled the dress on my Art Gowns blog. I hope you like the post.
    Resa xo

    1. What we know or can’t be explained.
      Dreams often manipulate the physics
      breaking every possible outcome to what the unknown lies ahead.
      I think beyond the dreamscape laws don’t exist only if one allows them too.

      It’s like controlling your muscles in your body, expect…how do we control our dreams? You can’t…unless by strong meditation then anything is possible in the real world.

  3. Once again, another ingenious work crafted by a master of words. This one, at least to me, takes a darker turn. There is so much fear and uncertainty here, reinforced by the “Nosferatu” reference which, if you’ve seen the silent classic, is indeed a terrifying film. However, I feel like Nosferatu is the one who is misunderstood here, and that his surroundings (i.e. the world around him) are the “unknown” and the more terrifying of the two. Fascinating, engaging work, my friend. One of the poet’s many tasks is to chronicle or rather give voice to the overall sentiment of their generation, and I feel like you do that perfectly with this work. Bravo, my friend! 🙂

    1. You’ve painted a great depiction and interpretation of this poem.
      I can indeed identify myself with “Nosferatu” in terms of how really his character is misunderstood by many. He was like a vampire poet who lurks behind shadows
      and when he appears everything becomes paralyzed in the face of real fear.
      Overall, the idea of traveling behind such dark forces…makes me curious to see how deep we can re-examine the human entity, meaning the mind itself.

      If we can brace the unknown worlds, we can face the fear that puzzles us with so much information.

      1. I like your assessment, my friend! I feel like it’s a poem about identity, and retaining the idea of the individual in a time when it seems we’ve lost all sense of individuality. The darkness, too, is palpable, especially in this day and age. This is a masterpiece, man. It’s thought-provoking and genuine (as most of your work is.) 🙂

  4. Charlie, I adore what you’ve done here. Truly who or what control the dreamer of dreams? Love your use of, “anoesis” and the reference to Tarkovsky, the man who saw the Angel. Your work is always cleverly constructed, and this poem is no exception, fascinating. ~ Mia

    1. Thank you Mia.

      The use of dreams being our manufacture of what it does, has a cleverly way of tricking us of what is actually real and what isn’t. The problem with that is sometimes dreams feel way too real and us humans have a hard time facing that reality account.

  5. I suddenly have the urge to sleep and explore the realms of my dreams. Or perhaps, let the dream take the lead? Awesome piece, as always.

    1. Thank you Kat.

      Hope you had a dictionary by you to look up some of the words.
      I know a few readers did so.

      I try to see poetry as a cinema of film-making. Everything has a possibility and an endless imagination of telling and writing so many great things.

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