Kaczynski Entertainment Anxiety


Entertainment high on death 
   yes!  I begged and prayed –
       all you gave me was experiments.

Environmentalism held by silly putty.

Overpopulation migraine, death flirts with corso.

Dehydrated pellucid,
   Russian roulette a death pop introduction,
      suicide too shy to clap,
merriment brings out your is less.

Kaczynski MK-OFTEN!
Corso MK Death!

Anxiety new world,
mental technology,
world-wide Sequester,
yep!  Things feel low as fun.


Copyright © 2017 Charlie Zero the Poet

All rights Reserved.

No part of Kaczynski Entertainment Anxiety – may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means: electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without prior permission. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Charlie Zero the Poet and his poetry works with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.

69 thoughts on “Kaczynski Entertainment Anxiety

  1. If poets and critics fear the loss of “political poetry,” I can assure them that it is still alive and well. This poem certainly fits into that category, my friend. It’s a call to arms, a cry for people to wake the hell up and take care of this planet before it all goes to shit, if you’ll pardon my choice of word. I found the Kaczynski you refer to to be of particular interest, as there are two “famous” (or, rather, notorious) Kaczynskis with which the general public is familiar. The first is Ted, the “Unabomber,” who is a self-proclaimed anarchist and domestic terrorist. The other is Juroslaw, a conservative Polish politician. Though they seem to stem from opposite sides of the political spectrum, they share a common bond in the sense that they are both known for shaking up their respective establishments with little regard for the people or society as a whole. Excellent work, man. You’ve definitely got me thinking! 🙂

    1. Your observation is creditable.

      Earthlings need to take care of what is facing them.
      Many may cry but what this poem might in-tale without revealing.
      Ted, understood it with his manifesto, the anxieties manifest
      in us all. Anxieties being the entity of ‘Bob’.

      Poetry is the secrets of all its knowing how to sow them together and the answer will undress itself naked.

      1. You’re absolutely right! The role of the poet has always, in part, to be a voice of the people. When the work reflects the world in which they’re living in (i.e. reflects the fears and concerns of the general public,) then it is definitely effective. 🙂

      1. just think one day, Charlie
        your lips will grow back
        you’ll be a full-lipped poet
        your metaphors will be metaphors for metaphors
        there will be no punctuation marks
        high school boys will draw
        crude question marks
        and commas
        the breeders will masturbate
        questioning the symbol for a question
        studs will pause with a comma
        long enough to think about the game
        on Friday night
        unaware of the dynamism within him
        Theodore was a two-brained man
        he wrote poetry about golden honey
        radiating from the sun
        when one lives in a burrow
        one must respond with intuitive perception
        to the daily sequential movement
        the Lord’s yellow in chronological time
        it was a tad too strong

        1. Michael one day,
          your questions will grow fossils.
          The Intuitive responds:
          “high two-brained”.
          Friday’s honey unaware.
          Sun dynamism
          metaphors crude.

          The movement long commas
          will radiate daily on channel 5 news.
          Caution, metaphors don’t think like you do.
          They are the night men perception.
          It’s the golden theodore –
          the sequential burrow lips
          that punctuate from your pause.
          Time is weary & yellow.
          Lord knows symbolism
          haven’t felt the atomic pillow.

  2. “Mental mayonnaise” is such a great phrase! Mind you, I don’t want to munch on any brains.. but I do savor the tasty political words you present us here 😉

    1. Thank you Christy.

      The metaphor of “Mental Mayonnaise” was something of an outcry of what I’m trying to understand of people and their behavior towards one another.

      It’s less political more of who is the actual human being and who isn’t.

  3. As much as I find your poetry a very complex puzzle that takes more than one read to understand, and sometimes I think I got it but totally missed it by a mile, I have to say I got this awesome piece of poetry after just one read, my mind understands, but can’t quite put it into the right words out loud without butchering it, therefore if you know you know, if you don’t you simply don’t! Lol and I’m proud to say I think I get it😊

    1. Thank you Sophia.

      Glad this message that you’ve been able to decode has brought some satisfaction into what world this is and what humans are capable of doing with it or not. Humans treat earth as a blind spirit, but what they don’t know is earth has many tricks up her sleeve. The floods may do the work but earths laughter makes a remarkable cameo appearance.

    1. Thank you Kindra.

      I’ll tell you this much…earth may be on suicide watch. Let’s not forget here that humans are putting earth on suicide watch. It’s a sad statement to know but its the truth that we are doing this.

      I’m just warming up…this Wednesday post will be the kicker. 🙂

    1. Yes! you said it Victoria.

      Behaving better even though, we aren’t perfect humans. We still need to not let the scale tip over. I personally believe we don’t deserve life seeing as how things are happening around this planet of ours.

  4. Woah ! This gave me shivers inside. You have an amazing style of writing and what makes it even more interesting is that you exactly know where and how to press the nerves. Fantastic piece, Charlie !

      1. That’s so true, Charlie. Humanity is losing its meaning and there’s a greater need to introspect and reflect on ourselves more than ever. Thanks for your amazing writings and sharing them with the world !

    1. Marissa, thank you for your honesty.
      I’d like to tell you something that will make you think twice.
      I can see why you like my titles…yes.

      However, I was a victim of bullying since i was young.
      Every time I tried to express myself, people would shut me out
      or think of me as a freak or a weirdo. It hurt me bad inside and I cried every time I took a beating or so.

      These poems I write are pretty much a ‘Fuck you’ to the bullies, skeptics, & so forth.

      I’ve always expressed myself this way and this kind of writing.

      When I write this way…its all cryptic. Meaning, every day I’m going through a lot
      and it pains me everyday to feel what I feel.

      I hope this helped you understand finally in why it is that I write like this.

      1. A note on the cryptic – I’ve taken your style as an ongoing remark about contemporary society. None of it makes sense. I haven’t found a rational person who doesn’t believe a few conspiracy theories, and spirituality is a giant question-mark as to who or what may or may not govern existence – for the first time in human history. Life dedicated to technologies we don’t understand, governed by forces we don’t understand, for a purpose none of us have a clue about, what with us not having some cohesive religion or social purpose.

        TL:DR – your cryptic poetics are a perfect conceit for modern life.

  5. Mayonnaise malaise
    Rat praise is cool, and another cat runs by me.
    BOOM goes the bomb, and
    I crave a brain sandwich.
    Hold the mayonnaise until
    Mother says we are

    I adore this Charlie!
    You are my angel!

  6. Wow, this is quite intense. It’s complex, and yet it’s understandable enough and clever. And I’m sure one could be able to write an a fascinating analytical paper on it. You’re a great writer. Nice! 🌹

    1. Thank you Ana.

      All my writings are complex and weird just giving you a heads up.

      It’s the way I express myself but my writings tend to go a little deeper than what is being read or analyzed. Truth be told, something big is happening this year. We don’t know what it all means but it’s in the air or everywhere.

      1. Deep chagrin and bedrock apathy, probably. As a former meteorologist, I have to go along with a scientist who said, “We humans think too much of ourselves to believe we can make a lasting effect on [the earth].” I think the earth is able to slap back at us quite effectively. I may be wrong; which at least puts me one step ahead of those who are unwilling to admit they may be wrong. …but enough about religion!

        1. Your right.

          Earth has a way of slapping us back. In fact, we humans need to be taught a real lesson or two. Humans believe they can make change because they are programmed to believe so. As for the realist? We see things as harsh but in a helpful truthful reality wake.

          As Morpheus quotes in ‘The Matrix’

          Morpheus: The Matrix is a system, Neo. That system is our enemy. But when you’re inside, you look around, what do you see? Businessmen, teachers, lawyers, carpenters. The very minds of the people we are trying to save. But until we do, these people are still a part of that system and that makes them our enemy. You have to understand, most of these people are not ready to be unplugged. And many of them are so inured, so hopelessly dependent on the system, that they will fight to protect it.

    1. It still is truth til this day.

      Programming = Spies.

      The dangers of hypnotism is how current events change the perceptions of people.
      The word ‘Change’ overrated…that is true hypnotism in how much they want to inflict on humans.

      The link you sent is really good.

  7. Charlie, I love your puzzles! This one was a bit less veiled than usual but it is a powerful statement about where we are today. ” Earth is on suicide watch” is an outstanding line! You are brilliant man.

    1. Anxiety kicked in me when writing this.

      I almost felt like I was earth and put on suicide watch.

      I try not too much to undress my feelings…in this cause its relevant but not too much. There’s still cryptic things happening.

  8. Very poignant! The imagery created is great. I see a man, pulling at his skin, surrounded by a thousand flickering televisions, a million voices, the pull and push of the grind breaks his legs, so he sits and chooses to see nothing. Your poetry always gets my imagination going, great work Charlie.

    1. What an excellent interpretation. Man, you nailed it. 🙂
      That’s exactly what life and our surroundings feel.

      The flickering of a thousand voices and electricity does irritate the thought of why humans are the way they are and operate on social norms.

      Thank you my friend. 🙂

  9. Distinct style, interesting allusions to politics, and clearly thought-provoking! I love the evocative nature of your prose. Sometimes, emotions mean more than words to me. That is the beauty of poetry. 🙂

    1. Thank you Jade.

      It’s always refreshing to read different thoughts about my poems.

      The interesting discussions about this poem is “what isn’t politics but more really, what deepens this topic that hides behind cryptic meanings.”

      I always challenge my readers to read something they’ve never read before.

      I take my influence like ‘Stanley Kubrick’ or Tarantino mix them together and make a giant mystery filled with cryptic messages.

  10. I think Charlie, we are all a ticking time bomb.. If we do not realise what we are doing. As we are led mindlessly on the path those are laying the foundations for right now.
    How people can be so blind I can only think it is because they do not want to think for themselves..
    A great piece, and spot on topic..

    Love and Blessings my good friend.. Thank you for trying to awaken the human Mind to think BEyond their normal limits.. 🙂 ❤

  11. The dangers of showing late to a Charlie poem!
    You hit every comment on the way down –

    Sequester, gorgeous old friend –

    Pop pro after/ I’m pro then. AFTER/THEN. dug six feet deep.

    The entirety of this leaves my realm,
    and is thus uneasy to my usual alchemic romance,
    but if I am to be uncomfortable
    it is by your pen I spend the time tracing.

    Now let me try and find my way back up the comments to what is touted to be the kicker!

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