Most Amphibians Left the Oxygen a Cadaver


All yellow Orobas, eat strew
in aether molecules.

Puddles deaf data!

Eisheth asphyxiating mason jars
most being intimate with growling formaldehyde beams –
and multi-folded swill.

Insincere seethe extinction autolysis –
sips column invoice
to unlock rabies embalming gibberellin tummies.

Synonym, percussion, depletion!

The lung hanged amphibians
flick the colorless respiration cell
into its chambered mourn ear ocellus,
and through it, teeth larva.

Stage hemoglobin bony underside…

Dog assassin’s
hatch the outerlude cadaver,
hymenopteran o latch evolving testified egg –
its 3:00am, nails teleporting the oxygen swelling.


Copyright © 2017 Charlie Zero the Poet

All rights Reserved.

No part of Most Amphibians Left the Oxygen a Cadaver – may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means: electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without prior permission. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Charlie Zero the Poet and his poetry works with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.

46 thoughts on “Most Amphibians Left the Oxygen a Cadaver

    1. Actually, the end feels like a person that has lost someone in their life.

      This poem is based on what I’m going through in my loss of my grandpa.
      Everything that the world is feeling at the moment is draining and shock.

  1. when the poet deprives himself of all the poetic means
    he must then rely upon some form of commentary
    that’s the bear trap I have found myself in
    my commentary is a simple reaction to your words

    life through the O
    the down there O
    the O in OBGYN

    the reader stands in front of the birth
    the reader must deal with its antecedents and sequels
    all those words become cells and form something
    that something breaks the surface
    and somebody has to be ready

    a simple cake recipe produces a cake
    what does this poetic recipe produce ?
    ——–an emotional reaction
    ——–a call to arms

    1. A simple commentary obgyn
      with recipes of words & cake.
      Something of o is produced
      but its never been proven
      by the reaction men or poetic self.
      To become & rely
      Reader arms all have the.
      on the reader
      you must go through the sequels
      of o & emotional breaks.

      Words deprive the cells
      henceforth meaning
      the commentary on cake will revolve
      around the universe and its ancient stars.

    1. Thank you Yassy.

      The poem is cryptic and its based on the after math effects of losing my grandpa.

      It’s been difficult to deal with and I’m feeling right now what the world is feeling at the moment. Anger, confusion, anxiety, all that our current events is leading to.

      1. You are welcome, Charlie.

        Your poetry is like a chapter about all that the world is going through.
        I know how you feel when you lose someone you love since childhood.
        Well, I wonder really where we are all heading to, it’s a frightening thought , but we have to deal with it the best we can without losing our sense of right wrong.

        1. It’s an interconnected psychic in what the human race is facing everyday and experiences of death every single second or minute.

          I’ve been getting flash backs of my grandpa, remembering the good times.

          Hope is within us, its up to humanity to use that hope wisely.

          1. Death is put upon the human race , unnatural because of terror and other mad things man is up to .
            You grew up with him?

            If humanity were so wise, we would u be facing this horrible peace crisis. Wise, man is not, he has got lost along the way. Still , let’s hope, we wisen up fore it’s too late

  2. All intimate swill…

    A swill of biological knowledge obscure, inconspicuous – now front and center
    thanks to you!

    This is a remarkable work, that without doubt exists as a result
    of much mental fortitude, creative spark, and a bit of the night men perception.

    It is always a pleasure to have my way of thinking shook some,
    and so I say thank you for pulling this from the depths.

    1. That’s a great analysis of interpreting this poem.

      However, more to it that not, this poem goes deeper.

      “extinction mourns 3:00am”

      This line is me remembering when I saw my grandpa take his last breath.

      It has effected me ever since…and I break down a lot or I just secretly hold a lot of my feelings inside. This poem was all cryptic.

    1. As I explained in the comments with others.

      The meaning of this cryptic poem is based on the after math & the loss of my grandpa.

      If you pay close attention to the last line:

      extinction mourns 3:00am. My family & I, witness my grandpa take his last breath.
      As for the rest of the whole poem. It all connects in a disturbing way of where humanity is leading itself and how we should really listen and rethink who we are a human beings.

  3. I don’t always follow the juxtaposition or sense but I think the images always create the most powerful and totally original world which usurped sense because in being nonsensical it transcends usual understanding and begs us to go further.

    1. If you pay close attention to the last lines:

      “3:00am” is the morning I lost my grandpa when I saw him taking his last breath.

      The after effects leading up to it. Has been giving me flash backs.
      The whole poem is a cry to arms of where humanity is heading everyday at 3:00am
      How many deaths are born? How many deaths can we continue to handle?

      The imagery was meant as a juxtaposition with a different outlook in how one is feeling at the moment of loss, death, & destiny.

    1. The whole poem & meaning is based on the loss of my grandpa who passed away ‘April 23 at 3:00am.’

      In case you we’re wondering about the last line:

      “extinction mourns 3:00am” I witness him taking his last breath.

      As for the whole poem itself. Humanity is leading towards a self destructive path with no hope or change what so ever. Don’t get me wrong, change is there but its not happening realistically. Hope is apparent but it needs to happen in the moment of when we all needed the most.

  4. I put off reading this, because I really wanted to read this on my laptop and get into Google heaven!! What are these words!! *bursts exclamation mark bank*

    1. Words are very strange don’t you think so?

      The meaning behind this poem is based on the loss of my grandpa who passed away this year on ‘April 23 at 3:00am.

      If you pay close attention to the last lines you’ll draw the connection to my response.

      Also, its a cry to humanity in the destructiveness that they are heading towards.

      1. Words are a very slippery vessel – have to agree!

        😯 Oh – I’m really sorry to hear about your loss. I really don’t know what to say with respect to grief and bereavement since a loss will remain a loss (and words will never recompense in any manner), but he to be immortalized in poetry seems like a good way to remember him in mind and heart. Thank you for elcudiating its meanings to me!

    1. The development of civilization and industry in general has always shown itself so active in the destruction of forests that everything that has been done for their conservation and production is completely insignificant in comparison. ~ Karl Marx

  5. Oh to climb inside your head
    To understand the embalming you led
    With specimen jars hung in the laboratory
    Of insecticide poison of purgatory
    When will we see and when will we refrain
    As we see, we are caught up within the chain
    That leads to extinction the final curtain
    And if we do not change.. Of that I am certain.

    Love and Hugs dear Charlie.. ❤

    1. “extinction mourns 3:00am”

      That line quote is a reference to the aftermath of the passing of my grandpa.
      3:00am was when my family & I, witness him taking his last breath.

      The way I created and worded everything in this poem was a cry of arms to humanity as you might have felt it.

      I do have hope for the human face, sometimes humans tend to make irresponsible decisions. Earth and I, have something in common. We’re not of the same species.

  6. I feel that there’s a Biblical reference to this. One of the Ten Plagues of Egypt was frogs. Frogs everywhere. They crawled out of the Nile and swarmed everything–houses, the palace, the streets. While I love frogs, I could imagine that they can be a nuisance in mass quantities. That being said, I feel like the “amphibians” of which you speak are people. They refer to a specific group of people who usurp and take advantage of others. This may, perhaps, be a cynical reading, but that’s what I gathered from it. Another great work, my friend. I need your poetry in my life, for it always keeps me thinking!

  7. Hey, Charlie. Firstly… my condolences. It’s always hard, this slow (but not so slow) transitioning to becoming an elder. I used to work in grief support for a home healthcare hospice. The thing I learned most about grief as I dealt with families is that it is a massive mountain that cannot be gotten over, or around, but must be gotten through. Every spoonful of dirt is the memories. It takes more than time. It takes remembering.

    That said; your poem:

    “Like embalming amphibians
    through the O,
    data rabies latch where gibberellins mate.”

    For some reason, these lines resonated for me. (Although, I totally got the 3:00 AM….) Your poem transcends like or enjoy, it is. It stands. It memorializes.

    Keep writing.

  8. Your work is remarkable, Charlie. It’s like you fold multiple planes and somehow meld them into ingenious poetry. The poem echoes of a sort of disintegration, of collapsing in pain.

    You have an incredible gift. It’s a treat to read you. 🙂

  9. Lament in the time of dying – when all is angst and cacophony. I have lost 5 friends this week. No two people perceive loss the same. Each is unique, as is one’s reaction to it. This is deeply personal and emotionally visceral.

  10. There is something about the poetry writing process that helps us work through tough feelings. I hope you are okay as 3am sounds like it was indeed heart-wrenching xx Thinking of you

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