Twitching this Urge for Those Billion Lonely Days


Microfiche places itself
alongside the carcass Della soma rum push.
I’m sitting for those swear slovenly
lonely Monday.

Tuesday whey – poeflangorge overwhelms –
the lips forget electrickivorous pots –
Wednesday welter the caffeine knees sibylline.

Muscles feast show
this zitty-zitty solitude. 
Thursday desert – fidgets the cough sotto dead
in feefeey pismire depressed rot.

Day’s poppy impaired
the scripturient pallid hallelujah cramps suicidal miracle spray.
Urge us; the billion Fridays fatigue erratic stimulendshot,
bell sidle vallasloon voce,
zog zizzle the twitching heir, plage in the ciliary cirrus.



Copyright © 2017 Charlie Zero the Poet

All rights Reserved.

No part of Twitching this Urge for Those Billion Lonely Days – may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means: electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without prior permission. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Charlie Zero the Poet and his poetry works with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.

73 thoughts on “Twitching this Urge for Those Billion Lonely Days

    1. There does seem to be quite a riddle.
      Maybe, I can undress & tease a little answer or not.

      What the poem in itself fines its a struggle within, but not the typical struggle,
      more like the eggs boiling and once cracked, the steam of emotions just fly out and seem to scream for hope and help for someone to talk to.

      It could be that…but then I’d be lying to you if it wasn’t.

    1. zximklop is a word I came up with. What it means collective to tying the poem as a whole? That is the question isn’t it?

      I’m glad my new words have found a home for you to study and use for your next poetic writings. I might have written this poem based on what I was feeling these past 2 weeks of me not being around. It’s evident as clear as day of what I am going through.

      1. I see…that’s really creative, coming up with your own words like that. Reading the poem gave me the impression that you were going through a bout of writer’s block…especially with that line holding “scripturient”. Welcome back!

  1. I think that this poem was written in a restaurant
    one of those that serve breakfast 24/7
    you were at your booth nervous and observant
    a zebra in a lion’s dining room
    people around you were drinking coffee at 90mph
    chomping various grades of mystery meat
    the daily specials became literature
    as you waited for your order
    you also pondered why your Friday blog
    only got 24 comments

    1. How we’re your grades
      at restaurant high school?
      I’m sure chomping zebras
      and writing daily periodicals
      wasn’t much of an organ party.
      I suppose pondering Friday blogs
      are the phone booth of ‘Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure.
      If you served meat & supersoackers 24/7
      then the problem is Twin Peaks coffee.
      Why don’t you tell people
      about drinking mystery is part
      of a healthy literature breakfast
      that observes 90mph.
      The comments will take care of themselves.

      1. ———————————————————————————————–

        think of your words as membranes permeable from both sides
        time flows between them with no difficulty
        yesterday and tomorrow
        to keep up with right now is difficult
        I find myself happy when I’m going the correct speed
        embrace yourself—embrace each moment

        at that restaurant, they have nicknamed you, “Chestnut”
        you are the only person who gets inspiration
        from reading their menu

        it is rather odd that you carry that large rock with you
        dislocated imagery excites the bourgeoisie
        when you wave your hands
        it seems masturbative

        at first I thought the rock was an egg
        I was like “OMG”
        look at the size of that egg !!!
        I saw agents secretly taking your photo
        they knew that you had mixed poetry and antigravity
        your telemagnetic hair products make you shine
        on their fancy scanners

        Charliezero1, the Daddy Spectator of Flarf
        the King himself

        1. Imagine humans hairs
          we’re made of rocks?
          what are the odds
          of nicknaming ‘bill murray’
          as the next “chestnut” Jesus.
          Carrying a hostess twinkie crucifix
          the towns people
          will remember the day
          and embrace the word egg & peanut butter.

          Ever seen the movie scanners?
          Life looks that way –
          only reading between the lines
          of poetry & jeff goldblum
          who so meticulously feels
          like bathing in a hot tube of telemagnetic OMG.

          Next time you hear someone say; ‘flow’
          don’t confuse it with phil spector
          in the 1985 movie Back to the future.
          He may have overdosed on speed
          in jail but, let’s know forget keanu reeves
          doing what he does best inventing
          a restaurant called: Tomorrow secretly.

          And speaking about masturbation.
          Did you hear that joke about
          Anitgravity and dislocated yesterdays?
          Well, listen to this…
          bon jovi had it in for tina turner
          who by the way, was the first woman
          to have created a marlon brando episode
          of hiroshima & doritos.

          And for dessert? No, thanks…check please.

          1. Charlie,

            concerning mental evocations that would seem unitary and solid
            are instead fleeting (reblending) fragments to you

            I swear you really made the waitress nervous
            she was young and didn’t know what a maiden name was
            you told her that she shared your mother’s maiden name
            and I think that she was thinking you said “maidenhead”
            anyway, Thank God she didn’t call the police

            you kept asking her how she would explain chewing gum
            to creatures from a UFO
            I was pondering how you come up with this stuff
            you’re like Confucius of the Ridiculous

  2. love it Charlie! Hallelujah suicidal spray- I think that’s called Nyquil. I always have to overcome the desire to kill myself after I’ve taken it the night before 🙂 Check out my new poem – I had you in mind when I wrote it 😉

    1. I know what you mean Victoria.

      Each days of the week represents something in this poem.
      Everyone has a connection of uncertainly with the butterfly effect.
      A safe or unsafe coincidence or what can happen in the days to come or,
      in our current state of what is happening but we as humans seem to ignore it.

      Why is that? Are we to assume that we prefer to be blind that to actually face reality? Or is ignorance playing a role into how our behavior shapes us mentally and choice decisions?

      1. I think it’s the feeling “can’t happen to me, I’m not going to die.” How many times have we died without even knowing it and then forgetting how to live? It’s tough to live – really live- most people choose and yes I think it is a choice to be unconscious or self-medicate. Living once you ‘get life’ is really hard. Glad you get it!

        1. Scripturient: Possessing a violent desire to write.

          As for the other word…I came up with zximklop.

          What exactly this poem means? You know exactly and I don’t have to say it.

          Thank you for reading and understanding. 🙂

            1. That’s what I thought it meant to…but when I did research of strange words…I was amazed at what I discovered. 🙂

              Playing with words challenges many aspects of writing and getting the reader to think of why poets live to breath and see the light of hope.

              1. So true. I’m going to start doing my improve my vocabulary posts again. It’s so important and interesting. Seek, guess what? I’m going to take your advice (from long ago) 😀 and I’m putting together a book of my my best stream of consciousness and poetry. I don’t know where to start! I don’t wanna be rich and famous has ha! I think it would be something for me. Any tips for self publishing?

                1. Have you read the book: ‘Tarantula’ by – Bob Dylan? If you have or haven’t, I strongly suggest you buy it and read it. That whole book is filled with Stream consciousness and poetic consciousness. Trust me. It will inspire you.

                  Now, as to your question about Self publishing. You may want to look into ‘’
                  or ‘’. Both are independent self-publish companies.

                  Do further research on both and see which self publishing site you feel more comfortable in. I’m going to by the end of this year.

                  What I was told by close friends here on WordPress is once you create your own account. You pretty much are your own editor, making the book, and pretty much doing it all yourself without anyone breathing down your neck.

                  There’s tons of videos on YouTube about people creating their own books through lulu or createspace. Again, its all up to you…and I know and believe you can do it. 🙂

  3. Quite The electrifying write. Sounded like a delicious lyrical fantasy as I read , even though some words baffled me but their sheer genius shook me even as I delved deep into charliezero ‘s dictionary of super duper words. Nine inches of ingenuity.

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed this mind journey of creationism.

      All I can say is the feeling of what I felt behind this poem, tears open a dark inner struggle of today’s society.

      The influence of this poem got me with this song by Bowie:

    1. Thank you sister.

      I know some of the words I came up with.
      Made it difficult for the reader to go and Google the words they didn’t understand and the results we’re; they don’t exist on Google. 🙂

      The beauty of our inner struggle is reaching the boiling egg, crack it and witness
      how darkness & light fight to the very end and recenter the balance once and for all.

  4. I’m lost in a maze here, but I don’t want to find my way out. Reading these words is too much fun.

    1. Some of the words that made you get lost in the maze are words I came up with.

      If you tried searching them…some don’t exist on Google. 🙂
      The difficulty of writing this poem is to see how the reader is willing to go and search the meaning of the words.

      There is a gem and meaning to this poem.

      Every single day someone in this very world is connected to what is happening
      but the question is: ‘Why can’t humans open their eyes’? Why are humans still asleep subconsciously?

  5. Wower! Another complex riddle! Is it about the excruciating cycle you face everyday of the week? With different feelings for each day? Btw the last sentence was quite the shock, I guess because it’s such a sensitive topic that never seen it said it quite this way, it was a little disturbing to read that part of I’m being completely honest. Sorry 😐

    1. To answer your question:

      Is it about the excruciating cycle you face everyday of the week? With different feelings for each day?

      Synchronicity plays a tease in a connection to all current events of people lives.
      We can ignore coincidence, yes, but the most disturbing thing about. Is why are humans still sleeping? What if everything we we’re all lead to believe is but a mainframe of us being plugged and not realizing how advanced technology has rebooted us?

      It could mean what I just said…but, I’m not giving away anything, yet.

      Whatever I was feeling writing this especially the last sentence you found shocking.
      Might have been an indication in what I went through back in my days. I still face dark and I tease to enjoy the bottom, but I know life is precious and beautiful.

      Must never take anything for granted. Your honesty is grateful.

      1. Oh I think I get it, and it is very interesting indeed! A great matrix concept, you just never know what’s what! And thank you for sharing and explaining your puzzle poem, maybe I’ll be able to understand the next one all by myself 🙂and I’m really glad you are in a better place now🙂

  6. Alice Liddell would switch storytellers if she were here, alive and online, reading your poetry, Charlie! You’re right; it’s an amazing write. Contrary to what you’ve been telling others, I see zximklop as being an epithet… only multidimensional. But then, you’re the word doctor and you know what you’re about. Keep writing, Charlie! Keep writing!

    1. My mind and body will always continue the journey of writing.
      I like what you said; ‘Word Doctor’. I feel like frankensteins doctor who keeps creating and wants these strange world to be alive.

      I’ll continue to be the word doctor…hopefully, as a word doctor I can cure Hollywood from them destroying classic movies. hahahaha!!! Joke.

      Thank you Charley so much for your readership and support. 🙂

    1. My head is full of words that the dictionary Websters doesn’t have.
      Google is everyone’s best friend. However, the words you might have found strange are the ones I came up with and invented. 🙂

      Think of me as a ‘Word Doctor’. I’m always operating and experimenting on the dictionary anatomy. 🙂 hahahahaha!!!!

    1. Thank you Scarlet.

      There are a few words that I can only assume you found them to be strange and unusual. Those are my own invention and creation. Every poem I post, I always need to take the readers minds to another world and challenge the reader to always find something different and weird.

      I’m blessed and thankful this poem found you a new discovery.

      Stay tune tomorrow for my next post. 🙂

    1. Thank you Maria.

      A friend of mine here on WordPress has put a title on me which I love.

      Call me: Charlie Zero the Word Doctor. 🙂

      I must always push and write different things every time…I want the readers to take the journey that they’ve never been or seen before. 🙂

    1. All my works are meant to be re-read 3 or 5 times in order for your mind to wonder in my world of strange universes and imaginations that far exceed the minds capacity. Glad you enjoyed this poem.

      More to come Tomorrow. 🙂

  7. I feel like you’ve captured the isolation so many of us feel in this day and age. In this mass media culture, we should really be closer than ever, and yet, it has done nothing but create further barriers between us. It seems as if the art of communicating face-to-face has been lost. How many times have I seen people at the same table at a restaurant, and they aren’t even talking to each other but instead buried in their phones? It’s outrageous! Anyway, I digress…My point is that you clearly have a finger to the pulse of an entire generation of people–people like us who are work and thrive best when interacting with one another. You, my friend, are a gifted poet, one whose voice definitely deserves to be heard now more than ever. 🙂

  8. Knowing a little of muscle cramps and pain, and days of darkness, I can relate somewhat to the days that fly by with each new thing which seems to hit a nerve and break a cord within us..

    Not saying I truly understood this.. but lets say from gleaning of the comment you left me and reading the feelings I get from this..
    I am sending you Positive thoughts to uplift and brighten your spirit Charlie..

    We are not going to change the world.. We can only change ourselves.. I refuse to be brow-beaten and down-trodden as depressing as this world appears..

    I know there are beautiful people, out there, beautiful deeds being done, and no matter what the media showers us with.. I refuse to be part of its fear..

    Love and Blessings dear friend.. Love, even if it yourself, for you deserve the best you can give you..
    Wishing you a wonderful week, filled with laughter and Peace..

    Sue 🙂 💙

  9. Well, Charlie, that was one hell of a week. I did not forget Friday, but more importantly I embrace the weekend. The weekend is where and when I embrace you and we come out, as a Rorschach that looks like the Monarch Butterfly.
    There is only inner beauty.
    My dear, I read your comment on Daniel Swearingen’s blog…. about his post “Resa”
    You made me feel beyond words, and like the angel you say I am. Much love to you! ⭐ ❤ ⭐

    1. You welcome my friend.

      Inner beauty of the world is the wonders of life and everything around.

      P.S I will be replying to the comments you left on my newest. I can’t wait to start a conversation and discussion of what the new poem means. 🙂

  10. My God man, I cannot deal with how amazing your poetry is. It really gets me exactly where I am right now. Our total collective pain. We cry out but none hear us. Or we ignore the ones who do. Keep strumming. Hallelujah suicidal spray. Love it.

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