Eaten by Eros Whispering Remains


Antifreeze seduces
the chewer endangered
burble louche.

The carcass ones whispering;

“Devils rime apocopate;
revelry loudly they instigate skulduggery.”
Unbeknown, cumulonimbus, affray the gruesome brothel
of what I’ve Eaten
in your untying thespian.

The profound clairaudience mashed bloviate.

Ebony Cockaigne,
pullulate celiac redo remains.

By eros, do you prate those manufacture colloquial emblem?


Copyright © 2017 Charlie Zero the Poet

All rights Reserved.

No part of Eaten by Eros Whispering Remains – may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means: electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without prior permission. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Charlie Zero the Poet and his poetry works with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.

48 thoughts on “Eaten by Eros Whispering Remains

  1. Eros, of course, is the Greek god of love. I feel like this poem goes through the turbulent stages of love. It goes without saying that love is a powerful emotion. With all the wonder and goodness it can bring, it also has a dark side. I feel like your poem elaborates a bit on said dark side, and how it has the tendency to cloud the mind and impair judgment, particularly in the search for a romantic partner. The lines “Cumulonimbus carcass, devils brothel, mosque in revelry, escort biohazard–you now, manufacture spirit,” at least to me, really sum up the “journey” of falling in (and out) of love. God, your work is constantly evolving, man, and always opens the table up for conversation. 🙂

    1. Eros is the slang word for the skin inflammation that one gets in the folds where the upper legs meet the torso. A type of ergot fungus thrives in the edges of underwear. Poets and people who don’t change their undergarments often seem to suffer from this condition. Bread consumption is also a factor.
      The danger of the fungi is exaggerated to the size of crocodiles and vipers.
      The ungodly smell is referred to as “Dolphin’s breath”.
      Inhale the mushroom cloud————–?
      Gruesome cream ?
      Celiac stool ?
      Brothel carcass = escort biohazard.
      Just think “Blue pig dire”.

      1. A vipers torso
        is made of fruit roll ups
        and julia roberts.
        It’s consumption of words
        include; Weird Science
        rodney dangerfield, and blue cheese.
        If you think about it
        a dolphin’s undergarments
        we’re specifically tailored
        to fit ungodly o.j simpson.

        Ergots breath was escorted
        by michael j fox
        who preached to the world
        about biohazard cream
        and scented dennis rodman.
        We often factor the case
        of what thrives gilligan
        to pamper from credit union
        and not give an ounce
        of respect to carcass eros.
        Still you fail to measure hats between
        inflammation & mad cow disease.
        It’s simply physics, anyone
        can pull off slang from matthew mcconaughey
        and he still won’t put up
        with crocodiles underwear bacon.
        Think about it?
        Exaggerated legs…
        pig nazis….
        how do you account for stool softners
        and head and shoulders?

        Hmmm….?? You’ll go with capital smell.

    2. I guess we can say; ‘Eyes Wide Shut’ was partially the influence of this poem.
      The battle of love vs. the falling out of romanticism and the balance of both male & female, how complications arise, and infidelity stirs the chaotic turbulence.

      What if we cut up all the reality piece apart and put them in a hat and see how much rearrangements we can interpret this poetic puzzle. Will the reader stick to his/or her original interpretation? or will the cut up mystery start to unravel the human ugliness of who we are?

    1. The top spine represents ‘The thief.
      The middle spine represents ‘Mirror’
      The bottom spine represents ‘dissolve’

      They equal in the measure of energy racing up and down
      to what humans struggle to achieve which is the balance.

    1. ‘Eyes Wide Shut’ and Los Angeles. The city of infidelity and decay.

      One can also say; this poem was an experimentation of everyone one feels about its distaste towards humanity and its overbearing of humans losing every bit of themselves in the cosmos.

      But could it be?

  2. The opening paragraph blew me.
    Can’t remember the number of times I read the entire piece !
    I think I don’t need to look into words I can’t fathom cus I got the gist of what lies in them words.
    I think I am quite getting used to your poetry , there are many underlying currents of understatement.

    1. The opening of the paragraph
      was a molding of surrealistic tones that one could take the reader towards
      somewhere that things start to feel uneasy, yet strange at the very least.

      You got the gist of it all. I picture an interpretation of death walking us to something that’s not too dark or morbid, just the unusual of what life means in his point of view but maintain the absurdity of humans themselves.

    1. One of the best things about poetry.
      Is the cinema that the writer creates from his/or her world.
      You are the director, writer, cinematographer, producer, & special effects person.
      The amount of detail that goes into writing is impeccable and shocking.

      More worlds are created by the writers themselves.
      Movies can’t capture what we see, we see them as what they are because its in our nature to be writers of the sun and moon.

  3. Phlegethon cola, an
    LSD trip
    Stoned snakes, and
    You and me in the
    Emergency room of
    Hades hospital
    Free treatment if we
    Accept the poison of

    1. Love the hades hospital lines.

      I’m telling you Resa. You should post this on your page.

      You’re a hell of a writer and artist. 🙂

      LSD has been proven to be a meditation of escaping and opening vistas of reality.
      Wouldn’t you agree?

      1. Yes, I agree. I can attest to that because I have done LSD many times, in the past. I am experienced. Jimi Hendrix once asked in song, are you experienced? Well I am.

        1. I’ve never used LSD. But I knew friends that did.

          I can’t tell that LSD as a substance did bring a lot of spiritual awakening and made one be connected to god. Is that true? This is research I’ve done by talking to people and getting an insight into LSD trip.

  4. Does Dionysus have his own little party in the third stanza?! Love the mention of Eros here. Eros is sticking his jaunty arrow in my ass and I’m not sure if I like it there!

    1. As a matter of fact – he does.

      Dionysus the influencer of all destruction & disease.
      What persuasion he has on all of us…but temptations can’t resist.
      Why have free will? if we don’t have self-control?

      It’s a scale of the balance battle between the seducer and the resistant.
      What do you think?

      1. That’s an interesting perception…free will vs self control…since what exactly in the end really constitutes free will? The seduced and the resistant..what are the real goals of their instruments? If you ask me, I think there are parallels everywhere that mirror this battle between these seemingly opposing sides. The ancients asked this question as they pondered over the stars, and we’re still having a huge debate over this one.

        Dionysus brings ruin and destruction but cuts off our chains and shackles with the promise of transcendence and insanity…this poem has raised lots of questions…!

  5. This is a lot of imagery that seems to speak to your need to heal.. yet you are not there, I sense.. I hope you are mending.. it does take time.. maybe you would be best to listen to more Nine Inch Nails as I know you like their music xx

    1. That’s a good way to look at it. I am healed and still am healed.
      Nevertheless – the sense of hope for people and infidelity has ripped everyone apart and it feels uneasy to know who is to blame or was a supernatural entity Dionysus involved in such trickery and deception?

      Why have free will if man doesn’t know how to have self-control over its apple & eve? Is god clearly playing us the lab rats he wanted to see us failing? or passing our drivers test?

    1. Great observation.

      The sneaky thing about this…humans are in partial half-human & half-animals.
      In a society vs animal kingdom. Society has laws and if those laws are broken, one pays the consequence of that nature or whatever terrible thing was done.
      Animal kingdom has no laws, jury or judge, anything goes and nature takes its course. It’s the balance that humans are inner struggling within themselves and towards others. We’re constantly fighting and trying to win battles. Who will win when we get older? The animal in us? or the human that still wants to thrive to do good for the sake of planet earth?

      1. Oops.. nature has unspoken universal laws and are more in sync with their surroundings. So, when nature is forced to change or evolve . They try and do it in a way that doesn’t destroy the planet. People say a imams are primitive I’ve more humanity and maybe unaware concern for their surroundings. I bel8eve animals are becoming more self aware and we need to out lol

    1. You are a great writer and what you wrote made me feel happy that I am not alone of how one feels about society.

      Glad you liked this poem. It also has a sense of curiosity about our current state.
      Although much more deeper and darker than what is seemed to be read by many.


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