Avant-garde Mind Mad the Asonia Skewed Brain


Avant-garde dries up
               training sessions
                             in the desuetude brain.

Avant-garde blatherskite
               congius monorchid –
                            fata morgana cochlea,
                      keep in mind the skewed fear 8.

Avant-garde night mourns
               mad muktuk-cannikin.
                            Asonia adds a lot of blues –
                            carphology exordium,
                     dada puffs and dissects thurifer.

Avant-garde garage church,
               carillon worm homeostasis,
                            betides synovial,
                                   cnidarian quagmire
                                        strigil pronoun.

Avant-garde shows uroboros
                reinventing glia, maladroit
        immunization of unprotected vomiting.



Copyright © 2018 Charlie Zero the Poet

All rights Reserved.

No part of Avant-garde Mind Mad the Asonia Skewed Brain – may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means: electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without prior permission. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Charlie Zero the Poet and his poetry works with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.

121 thoughts on “Avant-garde Mind Mad the Asonia Skewed Brain

  1. I feel like shit, Charli , my aunt passed away yesterday I was close to her.
    Reading your piece has helped me to curb my mourning. This will fill my mind until I come to grips with the meanings of all that you have penned

    1. Let’s just say; I have my own dictionary. The laboratory is the sheet of paper for writing.
      Experimenting is a plus. I had a dream the other day when writing this poem.
      I saw a manifesto of the times and what poetry should do in our current times.

      Maybe this is a story of a man who is driven himself into madness and wants to create his world
      that speaks and understand him better than the real world.

    1. 🙂 Many dreams that stop by my head. In one points to a manifesto of our poetic times. maybe?
      or, a man reciting poetic messages to the world and the humanity doesn’t listen to the mad man.
      He suffers for people to listen to him and no one does. He’s in pain because his art is important to him.
      He wants someone to hear him out or guide him in solace of what this world is consuming itself to.

    1. Progressive is the direction I was swaying to.
      The words become what art brush I use to paint the blank canvas and I turn it to something that speaks for itself in a thousand words or more.

      I may have broken the mold – but I still feel there’s more to break. 🙂

    1. Thank you, Jan.

      I was reminiscent to this book I read: “Dadas on Art” by: Lucy R. Lippard.
      My way of freeing my mind and expressing avant-garde in a way that should be constructed and feel a bit of mystery. That was born from what I produced in this poem.

      1. No I didn’t have a headache Charlie. I didn’t have to use a dictionary. But thank you so much for care. Have a lovely day ahead and keep up the good work 🙂

    1. I think the avant-garde often hides itself in the highly incomprehensible because they are frustrated that the real world is so boring. ~ Bjarke Ingels

      I’ve always enjoyed feeling a connection to the avant-garde, such as Dada and surrealism and pop art. The only thing the artist can do is be honest with themselves and make the art they want to make. That’s what I’ve always done. ~ Jeff Koons

      This poem is one of my accomplishments. 🙂

  2. I love the spacing of this poem. It flows like a river, zig-zagging across the page like a descent into madness. One can only hope to survive the raging rapids that await them at the bottom. Fantastic work, my friend. Your repetition of the word “avant-garde” is fitting, because you embody it, man! 🙂

    1. I wanted to approach a writing style based on what I am writing and how its personality will shape up to be.
      And the results become promising. A peek beyond madness does reassure the writer of who he/or she is
      and how deep can the writer be taken into the deep oceans of the unknown.

  3. Charlie! Reading your poetry is as listening to an eloquent chinese speech; I don’t understand a thing, but I know that there’s substance and mayhap power hidden in these words. I’m getting my dictionary out during 2moro’s lunch break.
    One thing I fear….the day i understand you without a dictionary, will be the day of my transformation.
    Well done!

    1. Your certainty carry’s a logic.

      There’s a real essence of why I express hidden within the layers of poetry.
      My writing is not meant to be understood only seen further as what poetry can produce in style
      and, meaning to the readers themselves. I could tell you what this all means, but I would ruin the magic
      of what dreams may mean to one.

      I’m glad you got your dictionary and figured these words out. 🙂

  4. Charlie,

    this poem is a real two-hander
    masturbating with a dictionary in your lazy hand

    I remember in high school when you would pretend
    to be a suggestion box
    and other students would place folded pieces of paper
    in your pockets

    that suddenly made me think of your hand dripping with butter
    we would go to the theater and you would “act” up

    and that night you ate a giant green Jell-O glob
    and vomited a lawn on your kitchen linoleum

    by the looks of your poetry
    I know you feel disembodied
    daily questioning the things
    we did or didn’t do
    or why we did
    (the constant struggle with the internal censor)

    other people see a part of your dimensions
    but I see the important ones flashing
    so happy that you emanate your goodness
    your inner richness is beyond measure

    1. Michael,

      This song is true
      jerry garcia put the left hand
      over his right side of the cosmos.

      I remember Tibet when you yourself
      turned into a box full of proposals
      and other monks could attach their biceps
      in your pocket.

      Which surprised me to think
      that your Tony Stark
      and always showing up unannounced
      in theaters, to receive an Oscar for best Iron man superhero.

      In that night you ate a green veggie burger
      and personally thanked the kitchen machine
      for creating Saturn and its planetary gesture.

      Looking at your poems
      I know you only felt happy
      and questioned each day
      when the coen brothers
      could (continuously film their next struggle movie.

      Others will see part of your movie script
      but I will see the most important concepts
      so you are an enigma,
      and take the Marvel Cinematic Universe to the next level of Blockbuster.

      1. Charlie,

        if my Mother asks you where I am
        tell her that I’m taking the Marvel Cinematic Universe
        to the next level of Blockbuster

        a pact between two poets

        you were right about the recent poetry workshop
        “just a bunch of nervous white men with lots of free time to worry”

          1. Yes!! Your know… I was Tony Stark in a previous life! I’m certain of it. The comic is awesome! When the mivie came out and they cast RDJ… I thought it was perfect synergy. Cool! Great minds! Although I rather think your mind is greater than mine.😉

            1. 🙂 hahahaha!!! Don’t think that. Tony Stark isn’t the only one with a great mind. Have you seen ‘Black Panther’? The character ‘Shuri’ is the next Tony Stark. She’s more advanced than Iron man. Trust me…go see the movie if you haven’t already.

                1. Awesome taste. And speaking of ‘Black Widow’, Marvel Studios announced last month I think. That they are officially going to make a ‘Black Widow’ movie. Finally, I’ve been wanting to see a female lead superhero kick some ass! hahahaha!!! Well, there’s Captain Marvel coming out next year along with the part 2 of Avengers infinity war and she’ll kick ass then. 🙂 Captain America is incredible. His backstory has always been heroic and rebellion.

                2. Truth on Marvel Studios. They are kicking ass with all their cinematic universe. 1.) they write great compelling stories 2.) they care about the fans 3) They don’t stop and their are ahead of every other superhero film out there.

                  DC needs to make great movies. All the one’s they’ve done sucked ass!
                  Expect for ‘Wonder Woman’ that was the best super heroine movie and great story I’ve ever seen. That’s the only DC movie that’s been well produced and well directed. The rest suck and their just there.

                  No, unfortunately I don’t have a Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. I have a distaste for those social media outlets. I use to have a twitter and Facebook but that was 8 years ago.

                  I prefer WordPress because its my home and people here actually listen to you and read your work.

                3. Agree with you on wonder woman! Woman director! In my opinion… she should direct all DC movies! BTW I grew up wanting to be wonder woman! Lol.

                  They need to stay true to the comic hero. Sometimes I feel they miss the story line all together. But yes! Agree with you!

                  Social media is not my friend but I’m starting to love Twitter because I can get thoughts out quickly and I like my friends that follow me from WP. I like sharing there. I’m trying to have these outlets set up to promote my work. I hope to make it to Hollywood one day.😉

                4. That’s so cool. Wonder Woman is such a powerful character. I’m glad DC brought her to the big screen and gave such a positive representation on powerful women all over the world.

                  DC/Warner bros. have been shifting around producers and executives to officially see the problem and hopefully their next films don’t suck. Here’s hoping and crossing my fingers that ‘Aquaman’ does a good job and tells a good story.

                  That’s good your using Twitter as a good source to promote and get your work out there for everyone to read and support. You want to work for Hollywood someday?

                5. You’re writing a screenplay? If you are going to submit your work to Hollywood, please be sure to copyright your script and protect your work. Hollywood tends to steal people’s work or mess up the persons’ screenplay.

                  That’s my advice to you. I would love to see a love story movie by you.

                6. Well, I do live near Hollywood. So, yes, I’ll see you on the red carpet. Although, I don’t like the Hollywood life style and the whole glam but I will support your movie by me seeing it on the screen.

                  Question: When do you plan on submitting your script to Hollywood?

                7. After I publish my friend.

                  I’m hoping they will ask me and not the other way around.😉

                  Little secret…

                  I’m not into that life style either. While I want to be known… I want to remain anonymous. But would so totally milk red carpet flame to gush over all my favorite stars! I’m so totally taking good phone with good camera and my autograph book! 😂

                8. I think remaining anonymous is the best,
                  while still maintaining the respect and a well known writer that you are.

                  Whose your favorite actor/actress?

                  Say, I really enjoy having a good conversation with you, Mel. You are an amazing friend and a talented writer. Respect to you.

                9. Charlie!! Nothing like a good conversation with a cool and very talented friend.

                  Love Benedict Cumberbatch (Dr. Strange! 😍). He is super talented and versatile… can do anything. I love Jennifer Lawrence. I think she’s a very versatile actor as well. Anyone who can pull off sweet and tough… evil even… is aces! But Scarlett Johansson is right up there too. Gosh… honestly… I have so many actors I like! I think these stand out though right now because I’ve been reading up on their work.

                  What about you?

                10. You have great taste in actors/actresses. Scarlett Johansson is awesome and my favorite super heroine.

                  Mines are: Denzel Washington one of our greatest actors of our generation.

                  Natalie Portman, Cate Blanchett, zoe kravitz, Viola Davis, Sally Field, Melissa McCarthy, Kathy Bates, Julianne Moore, Zoe Saldana, Tom Hanks, Robert Downey Jr., Samuel L Jackson, Leonardo DiCaprio, Morgan Freeman, Gary Oldman, and Jamie Foxx, Their all such astounding actresses and actors. I love them all and their great on what they bring to the big screen and portray such real driven characters.

    1. Thank yo, Mark.

      You have a point. I could start a music with this as me taking on vocals. hmmm??? I’ll think about it.

      Glad you enjoyed this Avant-garde poetic piece. It took a lot of me to experiment fully on to where I needed to take poetry and the idea of freeing oneself from the confines of contemporary poetry.

      1. It’s an interesting direction. these type of things usually lead on to others, so i look forward to more interesting pieces coming from your direction. (i can imagine it took a while to put together. Organised chaos always hides the effort behind it)

  5. This is unusual, stylistically a bit different from previous ones, there’s a slight softening, it’s saying ‘look carefully’, slow motion is there, but it’s still punching, then I hear train tracks being kicked, it’s moving without brakes, powerful fire-fuel.

    1. Thank you, Paul.

      Someone did kicked the train tracks and I had to add a punch to poetry as defining
      what poetry represents to the reader and not the contemporary poets who confine themselves to the same routine.

      We as poets want to push imagery poetry to all sorts of levels and make the readers question their imagination and, their abilities to write poetry in otherworldly areas of their own brain.

      1. routine kills imagination, so much poetry is a good cure for insomnia, to be accepted you first have to join the consensus, I’d rather write ‘seagulls eat kebab meat from a gutter’s side pocket’.

  6. Sorry I didn’t get to this sooner (another topsy-turvy week, including starting to learn the basics of go, my mate & I. What an adventure!) but in a way I’m glad I waited, so I could read the comments, which are priceless, both as reflections on your writing & as works of art in themselves (sometimes). Anyway, with your poem and the various responses, I feel a kind of aesthetic satiety, for the moment at least. My appetite is voracious, so I’m glad you always supply a full plate. Your encouragement to the seeker brims with optimism. I may even submit some work for publication somewhere. Or I may just talk Minnie Bloom into submitting hers, or Sam Santos-Dumont his. And light a votive flame in the “Avant-garde garage church” we here at domaine du réal call The Carnival! R Young

  7. Well… yes… yes… yes… yes… yes… Charlie! I’m all smiles. You are an artist. The coils that loosen just to make room for the rest of the screws, do so with sweet surrender. This puzzled vocabulary is unhinged at best. Your tapestry is brilliant! Avant-garde indeed!

    I just loved this whole comment thread! Joy! 😊

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