Esoteric Eye Builds Eclogue in Assumed Void


Crossword enter god –
your film shampoo
postmortem its esoteric
                              suprachiasmatic adage.

Phantasmic post-assumed gnosis –
                              logarithmic eye;
                                      oil’s the charity
                            limp world soul eating preta.

Put phasmid emic
in Pollock- esque,
                              somnambulism Rosicrucian –
                                     builds dead claque
                                  beside Oracle’s receipt.

Dictum – ear depleted;
did the inside ambulance visionary Rockefeller slogan?
               By eclogue scalp splashing maunder.

Earth feast on synapses –
                               admiring Armageddon’s spayed
                       towards his ganglion redshift amoebaean.

Casket horns the ransom void drought.




Copyright © 2018 Charlie Zero the Poet

All rights Reserved.

No part of Esoteric Eye Builds Eclogue in Assumed Void – may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means: electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without prior permission. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Charlie Zero the Poet and his poetry works with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.

69 thoughts on “Esoteric Eye Builds Eclogue in Assumed Void

    1. “Nerve endings. That’s what it all comes down to. Billions of rooted synapses, like trees entwined in erratic soil. Lightning strikes every millionth of a second, the charges scattering across the gaps and down a spinal braid.”
      ― Ryan Galloway, Biome

      Thank you, Frank.

      I had a dream/daydream when I wrote this…the process was both a result of some kind of spiritual & ritual of some sort. It pertain a lot to current event situations, even humans can’t come to grips with the phenomenon thats running their course. I see the synapses as the holy grail of sacred temples.

    1. Thank you, my friend.

      Your assessment is correct. Many readers do learn a lot while reading my work and also, these topics that I created are unrelated to what is going on or what is being not talked about. It’s a balance of both I think. The end pattern to it all is how far can the readers themselves handle the next writing material that will be put in front of them? The question remains a mystery but the process might crawl to the sun. 🙂

  1. Very clever , Charlie. Everytime , I read your work , I go off into another universe of learning and intellectual wisdom ! It stimulates my curiosity to decipher every nuance in this piece of versitality.
    Hmm, going to read again.

    1. Thank you, Yassy.

      I like to think of poetry as a universal roller-coaster, where the audience jumps in and travels in fast time through very different planets and sacred knowledge that was unnoticed by man for a billion years.

      Deciphering poetry could bring an answer to unwanted songs waiting to open the next dimension. 🙂

    1. hahahaha!!! I not only ate the urban dictionary…but I’m currently trying to eat the whole Google dictionary. hahaha!!! My hunger always craves for curiosity. It’s in my nature to find or create new inventive words that can be manufactured into people’s consciousness. 🙂

  2. Charlie,

    it is never good to capitalize crossword and not God
    I noticed that your stockpile of words has dwindled down
    to copying words from Hustler magazine
    gee Charley, Hustler magazine ?

    AN ARTIFICIAL RELATIONSHIP: words, words, words

    I see countless poets knocking on your door
    begging you to honor your divine spark

    no matter how remote you feel
    some poor saint can reach you
    some poor devil can reach you

    dwindling words but not dwindling enchantment

    just forget the feeling of sterility
    if it bothers you that much to cross the street
    then stay on your side
    go north or south
    go east or west
    just stay on your side
    say, “to hell with the other side”
    leave hopelessness behind

    1. Michael,

      It is never good to change words and not skrulls
      I found that your galactic store has dropped
      10% off summarized words from DC comics
      gee Michael, Batman comics?

      BUSINESS COMMUNITY: like the sitcom words, words, words!

      I see many poems congratulate sammy davis jr
      and have begun to glorify Area 51.

      regardless of how you feel
      Some Marvel fans can’t wait for Avengers Infinity war
      Some DC fans are disappointed at their own movies.

      It’s quite abnormal for words to shout out: UNCERTAINTY!

      Forget your feelings
      about Batman v Superman
      they are hurt too much beyond repair
      so they resort to stay on coffee dispensary.
      They go south because its the American country way
      They go west because of clint eastwood,
      just stay in your ninja turtles franchise
      Say, “Hello on you behalf”
      and leave without a blessing.

      1. Charlie,

        I was asked today if you were related to Blind Willie Johnson
        I knew that you had escaped a sordid existence
        but it wasn’t in Texas
        Charlie in isolation from the traffic
        Charlie safe from large birds and flabby dialogue
        too tall to scuttle
        possibly too tall for sex
        in Hades, ladders bring a good price
        climb up a ladder just to look in your eyes
        in Hades you have a choice:
        a truckload of priests
        a truckload of pirates
        you stand at the entrance holding mistletoe high
        people rude to a kiss are carted off

        1. Michael,

          I too was asked today if you contacted edgar wright
          I knew that you left out the syllable “E”
          and mixed it in with “Texmergency”.
          Michael lost his Darwinism
          Michael protects big birds from conversation
          too much to throw with a curve ball.
          Its probably too much for onion
          and not enough macaroni.
          Bill nye, brings good value
          to your eyes & broccoli choices.
          a special super bowl
          a special Avengers movie
          You stand outside the theater door
          waiting for the avengers to assemble.

    1. Thank you, Victoria.

      Glad the ‘logarithmic eye’ caught your attention.
      When writing all this…I make sure the reader sees something that may or may not stand out and if it does its for a reason that I wanted some lines to make a full catch. 🙂

  3. We can’t help it, Charlie. It’s all encoded in our hypothalamus. Talk about screwy, I eat anything in little jars when I sleep walk. I can’t have any chemicals in little jars around, it would be too, dangerous. Any imprint of my mind would look like a Pollock- esque Rorschach test. May my casket be graffiti ed.

    1. I love your answer to my work.

      It does seem in certain twist and turns things could be a danger to us, expect art.
      Art has this way of bringing one in with advanced worlds that is dangerous to us but pleasant danger to understand the psychology of the artist/writer.

  4. It is a great pleasure for me to catch glimpses of your perceptions of the world, and society. I find that we see things exceptionally similarly, and I appreciate the unique way you illustrate your beliefs and opinions. I have tremendous respect for you and craft. ❤

    1. Thank you, Kindra.

      I may not watch a lot of T.V. or read anything news related. But, I’ll tell you this much. Dark forces are always in the air and I take in information as an instinctual feeling of what the world is going through and I listen to the air and interpret things to unrelated or related events that take control of humanity. Bless you so much my friend. 🙂

    1. Thank you, qbit.

      What I do with words is mix the formula ingredients together and create a form of language medicine.
      In hopes to someday scholars or linguistics can learn from this style poetry or they may disregard it as something else. Either way, poetry holds no ground.

  5. Funny how I can understand so much from this without knowing half the words. Well to me it’s gibberish, Beautiful gibberish to which I can put meaning. Well, that’s the first read. Then you google the words and see what you meant. It’s fun, really.

    1. hahahaha!!! Thank you, Gustaf. It may sound or read gibberish…but when you think about it,
      things with words themselves flow in a very intricate kind of weird to it. It makes sense with no sense but has sense to its structural vocabulary. My work has to always flow and make sense to how the readers themselves feel from the poem itself. Providing a different perspective on the idea of poetry.

        1. I’ve always been fond of the weird and oddity when it comes to artist or writers.

          I love building languages that aren’t normally seen or read on a daily basis.
          I want to let my readers be submerged into my world of the bizarre textures and word phrases. 🙂

    1. Thank you, Holly.

      Dada would be on the right path. A mix of ‘Dada’, ‘Cut ups’, ‘experimental’, ‘sci-fi’, ‘avant-garde’ etc..etc.
      My poetry is packaged into one crazy mix bowl of knowledge and wisdom. I guess that’s how I would put it.
      Maybe my readers have a different category to place my work in. Who knows. hahahaha!!!!

  6. A cauldron of elixirs that bubble away only as they can, in the ‘Eye’ of the beholder-Creator- I was reading your comments Charlie, hoping against hope that some clue would be forthcoming to deciphering your grey matter… But alas..
    All that I gleaned was that we Artists are Saving the WORLD>>.
    So Keep on Saving Charlie.. The World Needs YOU.. ❤ 😉

    1. Exactly, sue.

      We as artist try our very best to save the world in these harsh painful times.
      It helps for all readers and observers to escape this reality once in a great while when we watch a film, read, write, or paint. It’s what makes us artist strong willed and have that graceful creative energy within us. 🙂 Bless you my friend so much.

    1. I really like your perspective on this one.

      Many of my readers get a different feel or reaction to what they are reading from me work.

      Seriously though, I like your take on my work. I’m glad it made you see something that’s unusual but there’s hope hidden within these cryptic writings of mine. 🙂

  7. Have you ever heard of the Panopticon, Charlie? It’s a philosophical concept that dates back at least to the 18th Century, that involves a circular prison with a guard tower in the center, so that each cell and the prisoner within them can be seen at all times. The “eye” you refer to in the title as well as within the poem reminded me of this concept, in which the people who inhabit this work are “prisoners” (of society at large, of language, of their own devices, of their own minds, etc.) and are struggling to break themselves free of their chains. Bravo, my friend. A stunning work, indeed! 🙂

  8. I like your line break approach – it adds another dimension to these jumble word sales. An eye for a cross, an arrow for a gun. Brilliant. It’s good to see you back again at work on the wordsmither’s anvil! 😊

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