Lunacy Peeks Twice and the Mirriorless Song Corrodes


Punctilious anthem
and the tulip crime intoxicatingly,

                          Corrodes in pulp fickle…

Mirrorless dilettante peeks through television ills.

Unpredictable troubadours // Diseased tell max –.

Did the hypnotist carcass foolish fury,
neodymium the focus lunacy acersecomic?
                    Albeit considers froth
                      cruidisao ittic veer –
They demonstrate cheers! – Timid ode curare full.

Primitives abbreviate
              dysmorphic handwriting
                            as sulfur memoirs
                 that utter contrition sarcasm song.

Twice tourniquets;
                          to the pome thinly elder…



Copyright © 2018 Charlie Zero the Poet

All rights Reserved.

No part of Lunacy Peeks Twice and the Mirriorless Song Corrodes – may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means: electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without prior permission. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Charlie Zero the Poet and his poetry works with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.

123 thoughts on “Lunacy Peeks Twice and the Mirriorless Song Corrodes

    1. You’re welcome, Deborah.

      When I write, I tend to pick at my brain to know exactly where our origin of knowledge manifest and where does the fine line between poetry and madness co-exist. I love poetry for the sake of writing and love for experimentation.

  1. Arrrgh, good old Pulp Fiction.. Brave in its day.. How tame compared to the real world..
    I saw more Lunacy this morning Charlie.. Sending a Car with a ‘Show Room Dummy,’ strapped into its seat into outer space.. 🙂
    Have a Super Day.. 🙂

    1. Ah! yes, Pulp Fiction a classic cinema.

      You’re right. This world and everyday we come across a lot of lunacy and its scary to observe it and witness it happening before our eyes.

      It’s safe to assure that outer space is the journey to finding answers and seeking thirst for many beautiful exploration.

      1. Yes Charlie I am all for exploring.. But seems to me, like many have already written this planet off!… Its a pity we do not plough as much energy or resources into cleaning up our acts here on Planet Earth.. 🙂
        Lunacy Peeks when we bury our heads in the sand and hope it all goes away.. It wont. 😦 …
        Sending Huge Hugs your way Charlie… Keep lighting the candle, to burn brighter into our subconscious.. 🙂

        1. A few people laughed, a few people cried, most people were silent. I remembered the line from the Hindu scripture, the Bhagavad-Gita; Vishnu is trying to persuade the Prince that he should do his duty and, to impress him, takes on his multi-armed form and says, “Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds.”

          1. Yes Charlie.. The Atomic Bomb a creation of death, a destroyer of worlds.. And I wonder upon the weight of that invention upon this man, .. Thank you for finding that amazing quotation,
            As I wonder upon the weight of what we may view now as innocent aids that help our world with its Artificial Intelligence, in years to come.. When our SciFi Fiction stories and films we watch now, become a reality for the future..

            We have to remember, all that which is in our world today, was once but a thought in a mind of its inventor..

            For We Create, what we think.. Which is why Thought is so important in manifesting our future world.. And why we need to open up our hearts again..
            We are seeing it, slowly, people uniting for the right reasons.. exposing lies, abuse, corruption.. But we have a long way yet to think ourselves into an unpolluted planet.. both in Mind Body and Spirit. 🙂

            1. You welcome, Sue. I’d ponder our conversation about what is happening in our corrupt abusive world.
              It became apparent to send the quote to you along with the video.

              Many things spoke to me the video and the message.
              You’re right, what was once before ‘science-fiction’, has now become a reality that can’t be denied.
              George Orwell, Aldous Huxley, & Ray Bradbury brought that reality to where we are today.
              It’s scary to know how far these men’s minds stretched and felt about the future.
              They had it right and now they’re passing the torch to us writers/artist to bring balance, prosperity, & harmony
              to planet earth herself. She’s in deep pain yes, at least some of us humans talk to earth and tell her we’re sorry.

              1. 🙂 Mother Earth hears.. and feels, we are all part of her.. Its sad that we as a species do so much damage to her, and other species.. I often wonder how much longer she will tolerate us.. She is already moving and shaking… I had a dream last night Charlie, one of many such dreams.. As our Earth cracked right open.. Scattering us in mayhem.
                All we can do is nurture ourselves and Nature.. and keep sending and being LOVE.. 🙂 ❤

    1. Thank you my friend. 🙂

      Creating poetry and trying to make it flow does help the reader make sense of things with poetic language and the mind that the author produces.

      In other words, the artist just went completely mad and laughed at the world from his observational perspective.

  2. It hit my brain as I read. You raise the bar around here, Charlie. I feel totally inadequate as I read your fantastic verse. It’s like , omg I don’t know this and I go and dig deep into the intelligent vocabulary and and I am going to study this piece of intellectuality , so goodbye and I like what you have written.

    1. Sometimes I feel I’m not raising the bar enough. I tell myself, I must raise it further than ever before.
      Or something that hasn’t been read in a certain type of form.

      Every word takes the reader to many explorations of what they should craft from their hearts and share with the world their own creation.

      1. I think every creation that you put out here is rare in its quality and content. It certainly takes the reader of a trail of awesome learning , awesome exploration that the mind imbibes. Damn, it’s magnificent in the sense that your post defines all that is yet to be explored. It’s a stupendous way of teasing the brain to new horizons. Ah! We are growing with this , Charlie.

        1. I would define, in brief, the poetry of words as the rhythmical creation of Beauty. ~ Edgar Allan Poe

          With every poetic work out there, we are all teased with different points of view from many different writers from around the world. It certainly does put our brains to work and let our neurons paint that vision of theirs to a great extent. 🙂

    1. It’s all about how I see the picture at its canvas. Sometimes there’s a fragment missing or needs a flash scenery of the complete tone of language that bears a mark, a mirrorless reflection to who we are and what we can achieve for something better.

    1. hahahaha!!! I like your response. Yes, I never thought I see those 2 words co-exist within my universe.
      This all happen by accident, hence – experimenting with the ‘Cut up technique’. I wanted to see what phrases or words haven’t been read or seen before in a poem. I thought a challenge would be worth the readers imagination.

    1. Thank you so much. 🙂

      Yes, reading my work several times will help understand a bit or not. But, for the most part, my poems will help you escape reality and journey into another world that’s never been seen through your own perspective.
      I love reading what my readers interpret within my work. 🙂

    1. Thank you so much.

      I’ll say this – every poem that I write and post. It’s always different from the rest. Think of every poem of mine as a separate kind of universe where one gains knowledge and time travels back. Or, went I cook the next best food, I make sure to add a different flavor of oddities to the readers dish…and once they’ve read and observe…the conclusion will be up to them.

            1. Very much so. I had to create my own voice for a long time. trying to find exactly the oddity
              to read a poem out loud and see what it might sound like to the audience.
              I think everyone experiment with many styles and they too, find that voice to which flows and connects with audiences.

                1. Especially if there aren’t enough people in the immediate environment to understand what it’s all about. Then, when you find someone to share these quests, it’s wonderful.

    1. Thank you, Victoria.

      Every time I work on a poem. I make sure that I re-read it to myself over and over and know that it flows gently well and it makes sense to the tapestry of creative writing. I enjoy creating and coming up with phrases that readers can trip out or be like ‘wow!’ If they react to it with amazed, then I’ve done my job. 🙂

  3. Charlie,

    speculations on the circumstances
    little lunacy peeks twice
    they said that it was cyanide
    but I saw the body before it was removed
    looked like a train wreck, Charlie
    bear in mind that it was poetry
    he was writing
    sure, lunacy peeks twice
    no need apologizing

    1. Michael,

      tactics about situations
      The tombstones are pondering
      They said it was orange juice
      but I think it was Six flags magic mountain.
      I saw the old western movies before it was taken
      down by John Wayne.
      keep in mind that it was a poem
      written for the worship double apology.

  4. Reading you after quite some time Charlie and this poem stimulated my mind in more ways than one. There are so many phrases that I really loved and metaphors that left me absolutely amazed. This is a splendid craft of poetry to say the least. I truly enjoyed! 🤗

    1. Thank you so much my friend.

      I think poetry does stimulate the mind in ways that poetry can tap into the readers minds, and they find themselves dipping into the authors minds to fully discover the strange world and beauty that lives inside us. The imagination precedes to unleash such unknown territory’s. I find it fascinating.

  5. Charlie…missed your emphatically, uniquely, insane and never inane or mundane , mind fucks of verse which make my heart curse my brain because I want to climb into your words a s be hypnotised by their convoluted, lips muted own horn tooted brilliance and…
    Have a my blog.
    You may remember me, my uber talented friend

    1. Thank you so much, Maria.

      Your analyses on my work is amazing and super!

      My work continues the convoluted cryptic mystery of it all.

      Yes, I’ve had the chance to look at your blog and I’m currently following your page.
      I had to remember who you we’re and I went through some of your blogs to find out your name…
      and someone called you: Maria. And then it hit me…oh! I remember. 🙂

      How have you been?

      1. Glad you remembered, but I’m avoiding using my name this time round, so I don’t know how I let one sneak in …
        I’m good. As long as I can always write, I’ll be okay. Glad you’re following me 😉

  6. I like to pick out different bits to these, like chocolates from a box. I was drawn to ‘Albeit considers froth’ for some reason in this. I also like ‘that utter contrition sarcasm song’, i think that would be a good title but i love the actual name of the piece. Thank you for sharing these, they clearly get people pondering, talking and unpicking…and dare i say, salivating?

    1. Your observation is quite good.

      Using the cut up method in this whole poem. It re-sequenced everything to cut the future and let it all link out. That’s how I tend to approach experimentation and finding out what lies ahead and I’m so curious about everything.

  7. Charlie,

    I saw your photo in that poetry magazine
    your laurel-crowned head
    the noble poet
    in capital letters, LUNACY PEEKS TWICE
    black coal on a white page
    poetry from chance occurrence
    a metaphysical accident
    the words like little multicolored flags

    1. Michael,

      We photographed the magazine
      you requested.
      The truth,
      your poetic analogy must be based
      on the avengers,
      but you always resort
      to dear poetry
      in major letters, like Twin Peaks.
      Face it Michael, the black charcoal on
      the white pages ran out of style in the late 90’s.
      Poems then had opportunities
      to spy on the words that Allen Ginsberg once said.

  8. Ask per usual, I seek a dictionary. Your mind turns in a way I seldom see, my friend. In the chaos of our world, a light points out the flaws. It is lunacy indeed that keeps us blind to the horrors we see.

    1. What can you do against the lunatic who is more intelligent than yourself, who gives your arguments a fair hearing and then simply persists in his lunacy? ~ George Orwell

      Yes, anxiety numbs us, depression blinds us to more numbness. The horrors themselves dig deeper into what lunacy has cleverly done to mankind and its vulnerability along the way. There’s peace at the end yes…we must continue to fight the bad forces surrounding us.

    1. One of the things you do as a writer and as a filmmaker is grasp for resonant symbols and imagery without necessarily fully understanding it yourself. ~ Christopher Nolan

      Maddening is the center of zen, if we use it properly in a spiritual sense. We’ve become more enlighten by everything around us. 🙂

  9. Back to a safer, gentler time:

    My elder pome
    Great Grandmother was
    I saw it, when she
    Unfurled her grey coiled memoir
    Without sarcasm. Yet
    There was irony in
    The envy within
    My intoxication of
    The fickle pulp in me.

          1. Thank you! I’m having issues with “Likes” right now! I keep hitting the like, but when I return….it’s gone! Hopefully that will self correct, soon. Now, off to your IF challenge. Did you see mine? It’s on my Queen’s end blog. 😀

  10. You had some word fun with this, Charlie! I love the lines:
    ‘Corrodes in pulp fickle’
    ‘Primitives abbreviate
    dysmorphic handwriting
    as sulfur memoirs
    that utter contrition sarcasm song’.

    1. Thank you, Brendan.

      I set the stage for many doors in this poetic theatrical event. The readers enter my mind and witness many dimensions of different galaxies or pure creation and futuristic knowledge.

      So glad you enjoyed reading this poem. 🙂

  11. Charlie,

    it wasn’t easy answering the questions of the agents
    (+) just how subservient you were to WORDS
    equal status to others in the poetry field
    liberation and equality
    farm animals working
    the crops of literature

    I saw you there last, Charlie
    working the fields
    tall and dark

    spitting statistical information
    crazy crap about sinning
    sinning against man ain’t so bad
    you said, “sinning against man”
    the developed plan of living
    that’s what I thought

    1. Michael,

      It’s never easy to know the answers
      of all 67 Avengers characters
      that will appear this May.
      (+) how do you know
      about words themselves being supportive
      of equality and other poetic spirits.
      Freedom = Bacon
      Animal Farm = George Orwell

      I too, saw you there Michael,
      farming the tallest balloons

      sinus census
      crazy calorie crime
      against peach cobbler’s
      and developmental thoughts.

        1. Yes, I agree…my fear concerns with how humans depend more on abbreviating communication than having a full interactive communication as a dialogue function for humans to understand each other and not limit themselves through abbreviation. That’s my fear for the future of mankind.

  12. I have a field day reading your work, my friend, because it always seem to seamlessly blend past, present, and future into one amorphous time frame. The words you use are complex, rich, yet, as a language nerd, I find myself looking into their etymology. There’s a great deal of Greek and Latin roots here, and I see that almost as a nod to modern language while simultaneously deconstructing its origins. Language and words are what separate us from other animals, but what do these concepts really mean? Awesome poem, man. Once again, you’ve got me thinking!

    1. Thank you, Nan. It took great thinking and experimentation with this poem. I want to always introduce to the readers a new way of reading poetry to where its never been written in a visual contexts before. That’s what I try to bring to my work. 🙂

      Welcome back, Nan. It’s been a while since you’ve stopped by and read my work. Hope all is well with you.

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