Smear Lorraine from the Blurry Cross


In presbyopia omnipresence –
crux ansata, transparent
                     through gothembornis symbolicals,
is recollecting the amplitude
                                 toxocrara riveting?
The spitchcock
surges down atropine!
                     Leeth dequeue,
pothers inane arms of deadwood.

Petanque dehiscence –
             cross death as a seer smear,
         unleavened eliphas gore heaven.

If her form battery
malfunctions, whose dichotomy
should Lorraine affixed?

Devanagari vice, you,
              multiple your blurry seems,
     let it debrighten from its paragraph key.



Copyright © 2018 Charlie Zero the Poet
All rights Reserved.

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63 thoughts on “Smear Lorraine from the Blurry Cross

    1. The Lorraine reference is by the ‘Cross of Lorraine”.

      The cross of Lorraine has been interpreted different many ways throughout history.

      In this case of the poem: Above is Positive & below Negative. Heaven up, Hell down, Beauty & Ugly.

      To find balance within this world, humans are the scale that which holds the balance. Or, earth is the scale that measures mankind equally and holds the balance in her hands.

      The symbol originally surfaces from ‘Kingdom of Hungary”.

    1. As I mention to Frank above the whole possible meaning to this poem
      is balance both realms ‘High’ & ‘Low’ – ‘God’ & ‘Devil’ – ‘Right’ & ‘Wrong’.

      The cross of Lorraine represents who we are as human balanced beings
      fighting chaos within and siding with the light that holds everything together.

    1. Thank you my friend.

      My analysis further in depth to this poem was to give the reader a different metaphor in the matter of us (humans)
      becoming our own Lorraine or have always been representing Lorraine as a scale unbalanced humans that we are. Things can change within, we’re all in constant struggle with chaos and irony.

  1. There is nothing like having to look up every other word to get the gist of a poem. And thereby increase my vocabulary by leaps and bounds. I was pleased with myself that some of what I looked up was confirmation of what I thought I was reading.

    Then your explanations above clarified what was missing.

    I fear I lack the sophistication to completely follow, though I shall keep trying.

    1. Thank you, Dale.

      If you read the first few comments above. You’ll get an indication of what this poem might mean to the reader or might mean something else completely. Whenever readers stop by my work, it is evident that they have a dictionary ready. I love making people think and take them on a different path to something weird.

      You are on the right track.

  2. I decided to not look up any of these words and just go on my rudimentary Latin and intuition and your explanation in the comments as the possibilities wash over me. 🙂 As always, your work is never boring and opens up new roads upon every re-read.

    1. Excellent. New paths open for those who see beyond the scope of any type of writing.
      One’s intuition does bring about acknowledging and visualizing new imagery in one’s poems.
      Like any poems, we poets strive to create and tell our stories and imagination to give the reader
      a delicious knowledge of who we are as creative people.

  3. Oh my God – one recalls Lewis Carroll and cries out for italics at the same time! No seriously, this is great work, Charlie Zero. I’ll follow for a while, if you don’t mind.

    1. Thank you, A.P. for your comment and wonderful compliment.
      You’ll see throughout each post, I never write the same thing.
      Every poem is different in the case of poetry becoming its own entity.
      I tap into my inner self and mind to explore places that our dreams can only dare to enter
      and really dive in to make sense of our world around us.

      Thank you for the follow…I too, I’m currently following your blog as well. 🙂
      I look forward to learning and reading your work. 🙂

                1. I just wrote to them on the help contact information. I linked in my URL and wrote a short message on what was going on and submitted. I haven’t heard from them…but when I logged in and started replying to everyone else…It became clear that the problem got fixed quick. I guess it was a hiccup on their part?

  4. Charlie,

    just as Frank Zappa spoke of the “crux of the biscuit”
    you have spoken of the true cross, “Crux Vera”

    as a small child in school I was forced to donate coins
    in exchange for a small red Cross of Lorraine
    which I was forced to exhibit on my shirt
    the Cross was proud proof positive
    that I supported the “Fight Against Tuberculosis”
    (tuberculosis sucked people’s money back then just as cancer does today—
    they were always one dollar away from a cure)

    I was surprised that you never mentioned Joan of Arc
    or the crocodile headed God

    The Blurry Cross ?
    cut back on the Tylenol enemas

    1. Michael,

      as Frank Zappa spoke of “cats”
      You talk about turkey sandwiches.

      As the years went by
      the galactic donation
      ruled the coin empire,
      replacing red Lorraine –
      and t-shirts that say; Plastic war.
      Now, I truly support the “Fight Against cottage cheese”
      (cottage cheese discounts people to buy
      into tiramisu and chocolate cakes.

      I am surprised you never told Alec Baldwin
      or the crocodile ghost

      Blurry Cross?
      More like, focus and you’ll see the actual truth and not sarcasm.

  5. Having played the great game of petanque, Petanque dehiscence – really got me. Especially when you are the tireur and really get clean hit, you explode like a dried pod-wound. Merci fo the image.

    1. Thank you, R&D.

      When I put words together, the words themselves create a tapestry that’s seen differently than most read it.
      That’s why poetry is such a good platform. You bring the reader closer to your vision and help them escape
      reality to your own unique style of identity.

  6. Any poem with atropine has me interested. I think the ‘If her form battery malfunctions, whose dichotomy should Lorraine affixed?’ drew me the most, i didn’t know about the the
    ‘Cross of Lorraine’, but i can see the imagery and questioning now; perhaps the ricocheting between two poles and find chaos in the space between. Thanks for getting me thinking!

    1. Thank you, Mark.

      The chaotic & the peace. Mankind carries a heavy baggage. There’s no guarantee that one would seek or pray to restoring balance. Hope is a tricky concept, difficult to believe, yet, promising a solution to the worlds problems.
      What that means? I’ll leave that for earth herself to decide.

  7. You have sent me to school again , Charlie. Your verse is a beautiful learning experience , esoteric in quality. I will decipher each word and line and sentence. A whipped new universe has opened up before my senses. You give us a kingdom where thinking and learning are important ways of being , of living , of being natural. So thank you and let me get down to opening up all of my quintessential intuitions.

    1. Thank you, Yassy. I’m glad you’ve understood this poem.

      Indeed, a way of living, and being natural is the key important thing about life and how one lives it.
      There’s heavy decisions people make everyday – but whose to say that earth herself can’t seem to understand humans way of her decision making?

      1. I so love nature, don’t you too? But all bad is happening to mom earth. It’s too nuclearish, don’t you think ? It’s bad vibes with natural life !

          1. It’s out of our hands , Charlie. Telling man is like banging one’s head against a stone wall. We are on a path of self destruction. We are destroying that which gives us peace.

  8. The images you bring together, intriguing to say the least!
    Cryptic workout! I think my brain’s lost weight 😁
    Our struggles for balance indeed, especially in our culture of superfluity, but where/what is true liberty?
    Thank you for the obstacle course for my lateral brain muscles! Wow. 🦋😊

    1. True liberty doesn’t exist anymore. It’s there. Some people care, others use true liberty to contradict its original message. That’s how unbalance mankind weighs. To restore peace is a challenge one. It’s possible but I think we’ve all seen from time to time how difficult it is to bring about hope to our own balance.

  9. It is inevitable that we will all die, return to the worms. Religion is not inevitable, it is a prison of fear and hope. I/we am/are the only chance to experience freedom and joy.

    1. I do believe freedom and joy can be experience in the other-side. Galactic wise or the cosmos.
      That would signify true freedom and joy for us humans to explore the galaxies in a healthy important way.
      Freeing us from this prison we call reality, and fly away to other dimensions that matter to us and for us.

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