Hexagram Jazz Seductress

Breathe jazz chakras.

Escort spinning deities
ice belly.

calmly unbutton
red serpents twinkle.

Blacklist reverse seductress!

Bunkum hexagram
of its
bombastic malt-boar.

Copyright © 2018 Charlie Zero the Poet

All rights Reserved.

No part of Hexagram Jazz Seductress – may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means: electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without prior permission.  Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited.  Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Charlie Zero the Poet and his poetry works with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.

78 thoughts on “Hexagram Jazz Seductress

            1. I’ve been avid reader of books my whole life. I analyze the authors way of interpreting the world and the way their structure of writing impacts the reader. Readers love being engaged into the authors mind and world.
              That’s what I do with my work, I love poetry and I write for myself and no one else. That’s I think the best way to go about – be yourself and stay true to what you love and be humble.

    1. Thanks, Holly.

      I’ve been in touch with a conscious level spirit world. In that world, I’ve been studying
      the Chakras within myself and trying to balance the universe as we speak.
      It became clear how all the colors within us struggle yet, finds that spark of love and peace.

    1. Thank you, Nandita.

      The colors formed in my head as I have been doing heavy studying on Chakras and what they represent within the human self vs. art. I found that both have balance but, sometimes it can be chaotic unless one let’s it be a disorder.

  1. Like an ecstatic festival taking place in another world. I love how your poetry carries me away to places I’ve never been before and couldn’t even imagine.
    Loved the colors too!

    1. Thank you my friend.

      In my head, I’m time traveling both present and future planets. I try and tap into many worlds that I find to be interesting and existing to the readers who feel that connection. Whether its weird or too difficult to comprehend, its all part of taking that journey and not being afraid to embrace the weird visions.

          1. I did! But they were a bit too noisy for me. They sounded as if they know exactly what they’re doing and what their artistic purpose is, but I wanted something a little softer.
            I have yet to listen to the rest of the bands you proposed. I’ve been very busy all this time and I haven’t listened to any music/seen any movies/read any books.
            I haven’t forgotten, though!

            1. I recommend listening to this on YouTube:

              Miss Monique – Mind Games Podcast 074 (Live, Radio Intense October 2017) // Progressive House

              Trust me…you’ll enjoy her music. Soft.

              It’s quite alright. Life keeps us busy bees a lot. Take your time. 🙂

                1. She’s an amazing DJ. I couldn’t help but listen to her music and what she is bringing to all listeners.

                  There’s more videos of her on her YouTube channel if you have time to check her other music events.

                  I have more DJ musicians if you want me to introduce you to them.

                2. I am still listening. She’s great. I want to listen more of her sets – I saw there are more on Youtube.
                  Sure you can introduce me to more of your favorite djs.

                3. Listen to this one:

                  Ferry Corsten – Black Velvet (Album Version) (Feat. Julia Messenger)

                  You’ll love that song trust me.

                  Amelie Lens @ LaPlage de Glazart for Cercle

                  This one is my favorite. She’s incredible.

  2. Charlie,

    sometimes I wonder if your words are the keys to Hades

    I wonder if Charlie the Poet is really Charlie the Criminal
    who forces his victims to dig their own grave
    before he kills them

    if just once you would put some violence in your poetry
    Good God Charlie, stick a knife in someone’s eye

    your words foretell the future
    but your future is too far in the future
    I want my future by this afternoon

    are you transmitting esoteric knowledge
    secretly preserved from antiquity ?
    I smell something foul

    leaving the interpretive task to the reader
    Robert Frost says, “SHAME ON YOU”

    1. Michael,

      Sometimes I am surprised that you don’t speak with Hades’s.
      You really should, my advice to you.

      Michael, I’m surprised
      you we’re part of the Russian
      collecting cheese and Hamlet.
      Don’t you get it,
      Ronald McDonald is the messiah
      of time travel and ribeye steak.

      If you ever have trouble with your poetry
      Google: “God Good Michael who wished Upon an ocean”

      Michael, your words are the future
      but your future is far from the table cloth
      I want my captain crush to be captain crush.

      Do you expand your education
      based off Pink Floyd albums?
      Here’s a last hidden protection,
      I too, smell something wrong –
      and Robert Frost speaks from his grave
      to say to you: “do you have any grey poupon”.

      1. Charlie,

        Pink Floyd music would be a good background for the morning constitutional .

        I just read that The Great American Civil War was started by a FLARF poet.
        some odd man in the North started using self-made words in his poems.
        he showed no remorse at the cataclysmic disruption his poetry caused.
        people in the south got so riled-up they started the feud.

        you might want to consider how dangerous your poetry may be.
        travel incognito in bible-belt states ?

        (visual) impending death circling overhead a deteriorating vocabulary

  3. This is a bit different from your style…
    It’s less agressive (which I like..) … it’s very exotic and … I dare say… psychedelic…

    1. Thanks, B.

      I agree…I had to re-read it myself and did notice its less aggressive than what i usually write.
      I’m glad you see both the exotic clashing in with the psychedelic of colors.
      In the form of poetic Chakras the colors are unbalance but its for the reason we as humans are unbalance species. We’re not perfect but we can change within and center our balance to its full harmony.

      1. … Actually I prefer this poem that is less agressive and more focused on different aspects … life’s polyedric… (and I don’t mind some colour… 😉 )

  4. The purple is the one out of place.
    The rest is a prism, or a rainbow, a whirling Dervish spreading love.
    Roy G. Biv is bemused by the strange inclusion of purple, but has decided to go out in the sun and dance, seeking the answer.

    1. I did a quick research on “Roy G. Biv”. Fascinating.

      I can tell the rainbow itself isn’t a fan of Purple itself.
      My curiosity wonders if one day the rainbow itself might spring our purple in the mix.
      Dancing in the sun is the best answer to human kind.

      1. Yay! 😀 Charlie, I look up so many of your words and phrases, it’s a joy that you had to look one of mine up.
        I learned Roy G. Biv in grade school as a way to remember the rainbow.
        I do believe red and blue are too, far apart in the spectrum. However, for paint, just mix the 2 and it’s a purple world. ❤

  5. You have a very interesting and unique style of poetry. What interesting words you use! Perhaps I will also be able to write as such one day but then again, I don’t ever want to write as another, I simply want to write as myself. The irony! The hardest struggle is finding your own voice and to find your voice is to find your struggles.

    1. My advice to you: Be yourself and only then you find your own voice and style.
      Write poetry for you and not for others. Again you will find your voice and you’ll know you’ve created such amazing works.

      Thank you for reading my work and finding something different about the style.

  6. Charlie…cosmic oneness yet totally separate until we join the Unity and tell her what we lived so she can taste all of our experiences in multicoloured magnificence. Plead with Her to give us a spectrum of colour, not just grey and hold it all tight until it spins away and matters not…only peace
    You may be a little bit of a genius 🖤

    1. The multi-verse meets the multicolored palettes.

      A unity of the people, a unity of experience, a unity of ending hate, a unity of love.
      Humans must plead to earth and her spectrum in order to re-store balance here on earth and amongst the people. Only then will the universe seek our promise for peace.

      1. Yes. Absolutely. You can take the role of prophet poet , guide your readers with your enigmatic light, towards truth and uncover their eyes from the darkness if lies.

        You know.

        You always joke about your posts, tell me I’ll need a dictionary and such.
        When I read your poems, I let them flow over me….I absorb them into my leaves and allow them to colour my petals, and I always glean your meaning, or maybe my meaning and I feel a little lighter. So. Kisses to you my friend and poet

  7. Ah! Jazz baleen , serpent sarong coils round hips , ecstasy is always irrational !
    Orange gives a sizzle in the mind , dangerously seductive…
    A tempo and the lines herewith gave that ancient sense of wisdom .
    See you in a moment

  8. I read it again , it’s a visual spectrum of a verse . Made me breathe in the effervescence of your opalescent chakras.
    I feel the verse in my gut and in my belly.

  9. Aaah. After reading the comments I see you’ve entered that phase. It is an interesting period of time. I stayed in the Himalayas for six months when I got into it. Love this poem. A poetry pray if I may

    1. You visited the ‘Himalayas’? How was the experience for you visiting?

      I wanted to tap towards something spiritually experimental. Language can be broken apart and re-arranged back to look at language at a different point of view.

  10. Bring this to a Kirtan gathering and midway through the Gayatri mantra, let loose, and let the harmonium improvise and from somewhere primal all present will hear the binaural beat of true brotherhood, Atman-style.

  11. I Love the reference to the serpent sarong. Wonderful imagery of the Kundalini
    The Oneness of Creation, the Divine Feminine
    I see you have put lots of deep thought into this one, Shakti Brahman both creator and destroyer.
    I had to look up Hesychast. And glad I did, learnt a lot.
    And the Aztec, well now, perhaps they knew a thing or two but we got the Morse coding wrong, or did we get coded with the wrong DNA.. Therein lies the question.

    A Kaleidoscope rainbow of genius Charlie.. One that I was able to both savour and devour in delight to the senses..
    Colour is so vital for our continued spinning in this vortex of con-spiritual age. Where everything has to be at finger-tip-control.

    If we were all to breathe that bit deeper and think that bit deeper too.. I am sure we could all cleanse our Chakras in no time at all..

    Beautifully done Charlie.. 🧡💚💙❤💛💜

  12. This spiritual plane you’ve ascended to is intriguing. I still don’t know what you’re talking about…..but as a true follower….I say Amen, like your post and nod sagely.

  13. Love how you blend the alliteration, assonance and internal rhyme into a lyrical evocation of spiritual experience! All in a hip-hop-esque style that leaves me panting for more! Awesome write!

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