The Skeptic Buddhist Gave Three a Dried Seven Hoax


Cycle chastity in Jonah’s city…
Augury Three
                         sovereign wet,
procure the whiff asceticism hoax.

Sangha ascender
decathects the crump renunciation
of seven dukkha.

It weeps insouciance, much
like Nirvana
greasing canonical Devonian.  

Galargunde rebirths fabricated – quoth.

Descartes eventually gave
his aliquot Enceladus
a variegated invade – router…dried.

Secramatived mass Buddhist;
             tempts the oblivescence –
to open its amble masquerade debunking.

Skeptic global/ Interrogates illusion –

Jericho on the other hand,
scandals preserved virtue
in the ampere sutra avidya.

You woke – Re-arranged.

Hagiography kleshas –
              creak Sisyphean
                   and doubt everything
inside the genetically programmed mouth.




Copyright © 2018 Charlie Zero the Poet


All rights Reserved.


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95 thoughts on “The Skeptic Buddhist Gave Three a Dried Seven Hoax

  1. Hmmmm…lots to..soak in. Faith, or lack of it…blindness Vs. Seeing, desecration of divinity by modern society. And your unbelievable talent the forefront of it all

    1. More so, lack of faith vs the computer mouth A.l.

      Humans worship solely on the concept machines rather than the spirit self.
      Humans speak of peace and inner-Buddha within, but the struggles eat one’s flavor
      of distractions and the excitement that belongs in their virtual paralysis.

    1. A hint can be rewarded.

      Humans throughout time have seen progress in a fast but slow motion. Without the idea of time ever existed then.
      What does spirituality mean for this generation? Is spiritual to humans a manufacture of display on having show for it just because? Do humans grasp the idea of faith? or do their ways of feeding off the virtual gods more important than plastic manufactured cross? or lack thereof?

    1. This does take a few reads to further analyze what I’m conveying.

      It could be the story of the skeptic Buddhist who believes that faith has run out of batteries in humankind.
      And where does one need a replacement for those batteries? That’s the mystery question.

  2. It feels like a question about faith, or lack of it as Fiery mentioned above, processed through a logical machine, some kind of very evolved computer, still unable to give a ‘right’ answer. I don’t know if what I’m saying makes sense. But this is unique, as usual, Charlie!

    1. It makes complete sense.

      An evolved organism of a computer who upgrades its own plastic faith vs humans faith as blaspheme.
      The machine has been able to articulate these understandings of human complex and their frail misguidance in our world. Does what I’m saying to you make any sense?

      This could be a hint of something or, a certain pain that I feel to where humans are headed or believe in such narcissism.

        1. I like these 2 quotes. They stem from our conversation and the poem itself.

          Without culture, and the relative freedom it implies, society, even when perfect, is but a jungle. This is why any authentic creation is a gift to the future. ~ Albert Camus

          A system of morality which is based on relative emotional values is a mere illusion, a thoroughly vulgar conception which has nothing sound in it and nothing true. ~ Socrates

  3. Charlie,

    very tricky
    I just happen to know that the Skeptic Buddhist suffers from amnesia
    if he can forget things—your readers can forget even more
    you start them out on this troublesome roller coaster ride
    dump them a couple of times—using fear as a precursor
    and then make them weep
    ( wet towels of nonchalance )

    every where I turn I see you, Charlie
    you’re a main character in 2 current novels
    you’re on late night television
    “the resynthesized poet”
    manufactured words

    (+) you sure make them machines sweat

    1. Michael,

      It’s very hard
      to understand what a Skeptic bucket
      means to amnesia.
      Forget the readers digest –
      focus more on heavy weight carpet.
      They say that fear
      weeps on a bowel
      of cereal and non-dialect tones.

      Everywhere I go
      I see you, Michael
      playing the great character
      on William Gibson’s next novel,
      and talking to the TV poets
      about Zombie words being produced
      by emilio estevez.

      (+) make sure that you receive a tip from Saturday Night Live.

  4. I especially enjoyed your astute comments to those who visited you, which made this poem more meaningful to me. I suppose I’m content now, near the end of my life, just to be who I am, recharging my batteries each day along with my smart phone.

    1. A bit of both. The scale on the right, people believe and hold faith to their dear hearts. The scale on the left
      represents the chaotic conflict within humans and the struggles they want to fix and hope for a better tomorrow.

    1. I’m at a point in my life where Buddhism is the only belief that makes sense to me.
      Everyday I fight these bad illusions that sometimes get the best of me
      and I fight to use good faith within and bring positivity in the balance that we can all do the same
      and best for planet earth.

  5. “Humanity is losing faith…their faith belongs with the Tech God.” Your words in reply to a comment.

    God, I hope not. I choose (we all have the power to choose) to gaze on the many shades of blue within the waters surrounding Bermuda; at the Norwegian Fjords, the Grand Canyon and Yosemite, the extinct volcanoes in Iceland’s frozen desert land … and believe in something greater than me and totally unrelated to a Tech God. My hope is there are many out there who believe the same.
    Your post provides food for thought and examination.

    1. Let me explain: what I meant from that line was – (not all of humanity is losing faith).
      The scale seems to be tipping from both sides of the spectrum.
      It’s difficult to what is happening all around the world. We can want & pray for peace but it only last for a while.
      We continue to help those who want help and find that faith within and say ‘everything is going to be okay’.

      And about the Tech God. It’s the metaphor of how people today use technology either for the good or bad.
      Some people become numb to the virtual world that’s happening inside the machine
      (that sets them blind and ignore real world issues).

      where faith is tearing things apart
      We as fighters of faith believe that this world will be a better place.
      I believe so, and I faith in planet earth herself.

  6. Dear Charlie,
    You make me think that anything good, can be turned bad. Conversely, all bad can be turned good. This exists in all forms of religion, spirituality and philosophy. It is not a technology thing. Saints aren’t made on line. Only popes can make saints. The only Nirvana online is the band on YouTube, etc. To reach true Nirvana an inner spirit must be reached organically.

    1. It’s never my objective to make one think that anything good can submerge from bad.
      I try to find balance for everyone and myself included.
      The technology aspect of it, is how most majority of the population
      would rather tune out real world issues and just be numbed into the fictional world
      of the Tech God. Therefore – Faith we believe on one hand, and Faith in the tech on another.

      I don’t know if I’ve reached Nirvana in a truest form. But, if I did – I don’t realize it myself.

      I do believe in faith and hope for humankind, just sometimes a conflict of an entity has to interfere with hope.

      1. I meant that bad can be changed to good, as in a bad person who finds inner light can become a good person. As you say hope for humankind…

        1. Yes, true. Bad can be turned to good. It’s all about one having strong will within.
          I love your reference to the inner light. It makes me happy that you use it
          and I too, want the inner light to shine upon the world. 🙂

  7. And in a round about way, I used Dorian Gray as my symbol of loss of hope, loss of faith, only living in the today. this is most excellent writing Charlie. One of your best. I loved how you started out: Cycle chastity in Jonah’s city…and then finished: and doubt everything inside the genetically programmed mouth…I don’t lose faith or hope but sometimes, I grow weary.

    1. Yes, exactly the point. Sometimes we humans want to lose faith and hope…but we have to hold on towards
      a greater tomorrow and see what good can this year and the rest of many years bring about humankind
      and its struggle with the negative forces around for us to fight against.

  8. Hi Charlie! I’m feeling quite left out now 😦 . I get the spirit of your words, but still struggle to weave them together in my head. I suppose I’ll have to be satisfied with this…for now.

  9. Well you really unravel it all here in a wonderfully ambitious poem – a cry for faith and real mening/connection in an increasingly barren and faithless world. Bravo….

  10. Isn’t it a wonder to find the probable answer or conculsion after your doubts and questions? I like this line the best:

    You woke – Re-arranged.

  11. It’s easy to get stuck on the metaphor and that keeps us from our breakthroughs. No worry, when life is ready for us to breakthrough, we will – life is a tough teacher ( but compassionate).

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