A Mysticless Spade near Regurgitating Curls


Coleopteron turning bliss bonce,
leakage elbow-scotch drank
from the kobold eucalyptus;
Mothoid ferris sonnets
sack the beaming torch otalgia mysticless.

Exclamation sync screech previse,
                     phlegm’s near regurgitating kidney Coltrane.

Their puss swelling technoir gasconade…

Gnathic pinguid lollygag,
                     hurricanes the bulge leg orectic.

Rush snot latuda, algorithmic tellurian –
a graffiti groat
forged curls megalomaniac 36.

                   Spade wheel goblin coprolalia, cascade empasm.
Exequy annotation, haruspex sucks the blood.




Copyright © 2018 Charlie Zero the Poet


All rights Reserved.

No part of A Mysticless Spade near Regurgitating Curls – may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means: electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without prior permission. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Charlie Zero the Poet and his poetry works with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.



84 thoughts on “A Mysticless Spade near Regurgitating Curls

  1. Totally get this: Exequy annotation, haruspex sucks the blood.
    I don’t know why, but it’s clear to me as an epiphany in a shitstorm. What do you think of the new site at studio réal? Still in progress, but doors are opening, to perception & so forth.

    1. An epiphany manifestation of something far worse or something that can’t be explained by scientists or archeologist. Fact, it could be the manifestations of our own consciousness whose controlling every bit of our lives and what we are writing at this very moment. Could it be?

    1. Thank you, Holly.

      Truly indeed. Anarchistic poetry or philosophy has paved wave to creating the unconventional English language
      and turning the language itself into a manifestation of political, gender, sci-fi, strange, or simply a riddle to life.
      Whatever the case may be, poetry is a rebellion state to give our voice and stand equally to fight the powers that be.

                1. Yes, I agree with you 100%. 🙂

                  Say, holly…has this guy visited your page: “Sadah”. He’s been commenting that he ‘likes this writing’ or ‘This is great’ onto a few people and he asks if ‘Would you like to share your content on our open publishing platform.’.

                  The reason I’m saying this to you is he got a little defensive when I asked him about his website not existing. If you read the comments above…you’ll see what I’m talking about. I’m going to take the comments down from this guy soon.

                2. Yes for sure ! You know my last blog was hacked that I had for three years, some one got into the administrative area so I am very leary now. I deleted the other blog of four years, downloaded it first though.

                3. Really? oh…my…That’s scary. One time back when I had ‘Myspace’ it happen to me as well. My account got hacked and someone write some mean awful things on my blog and my name. It was scary but I got control of the situation and everything got resolved. I guess we all have to be careful and be cautious of certain types of people that stop by.

                4. Lucky, I’ve never put out any personal information here on WordPress. And neither should you. It’s always good to be safe and not let too many people know about your personal info. Just your group of friends is okay or close friends and family that know you is fine. But here on WordPress no. Communication with friends or acquaintances is fine.

    1. Usually, a day or 2. And it really all depends on timing and how much time I have for free long hours of time.
      Experimenting with this poem – I was driving in the middle city of ‘Downtown L.A.’ I absorbed everything around the city & its people…So, I manufactured an astonishing poetic write of ‘Cut up’ and stream of consciousness.
      Which led towards a direction that readers will read over and over to grasp its full meaning or
      maybe I might have given something away?

    1. This poem took me to compose for 3 days in total. I was in my home town of L.A. driving near ‘Downtown L.A.
      and observing everything around. Things happen in this city so I re-interpret what L.A. means in my eyes
      and also, the use of my ‘Cut up Technique’ kicked into gear. 🙂

    1. hahahahaha!!! I like your response to this. Yes, it may feel like a lot of information coming in all at once. But, as re-reading it over and over you’ll get a sense of L.A. and how I wrote this poem about my hometown observing what is going on.

  2. Charlie,

    got a chuckle out of your poem:

    all I could think was Pink singing, “what about us”
    I would read a line and then add “what about us” to the end of it
    what about us, Charlie ?

    no longer collared to nouns or pronouns
    ———————— to silly things like verbs
    countless Asiatic terms
    swarming words
    what about us ?

    speaking of superstition
    I can’t remember how long we’ve been dead
    when we left behind our little happy life
    you realize that we’re no longer a couple
    that we’re no longer driving around in automobiles
    or living in LA

    Charlie, what about us ?

    1. Michael,

      All I would think was Pink Floyd song, “Hello, Hello”
      I would read the line and add “superstition” until the end of it
      what about, Michael?

      Syd Barrett – god
      Roger Waters – Aries
      (later after, it meant names
      finding their action sequences
      of natural pronouns come to life.
      what about us?

      The story
      I remember long ago was (we were Ninja)
      When we left Mars,
      and visited Matt Damon.
      We knew the history of our ancestors –
      hence L.A. marathon.

      Michael, what about us?

  3. Talking of birds bees beetles , eucalyptus has a heady tangy smell!
    You write Mysticless, it’s aural too as I read .ah! That lollygag gave me a hoot ! But who needs Latuda , we love the alogirithmics of your writings. Rest assured , I will magnify my eyes to the rest of your verse , for now , my brain pleads a rest.

      1. You are the mystical astronomer , scientist , poet , artist , all rolled into one and you take us deep into the recesses of our subconscious mind. I am still delving !

          1. Ah! It’s almost like meditation , the enlightenment of the senses of the subconscious makes the soul more aware. Oh! I am getting there, Charlie. Quite incredible , all of this.

  4. Your way with words, man, is astounding (and I mean that in a good way.) You take these complex concepts and turn them on their heads, scoff at the rules of language yet abide by them in the most artful way. I know I haven’t commented in awhile (I’ve been inundated with classwork, as I mentioned earlier,) but man, whenever I receive a notification from you, I get so excited, for your poetry is a constant, ever-changing experience, a foray into madness, a trip to the farthest reaches of the universe and back again. Awesome poem, my friend, and a real pleasure to read! 😀

    1. In English, there are rules when it comes to writing. Now, if one breaks the rules in the poetic English language
      and know how to write it with a creative progression. Then Language in the poetic platform becomes extraordinary.

      The world of madness is the universe of us all.

  5. Beautiful… disjointed yet harmonious, perplexing yet deeply comprehensible, emotional yet stoic and fleeting yet profoundly ingrained into my mind. Kiss 💋

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