Chernobyl God Dripping Neon Infrared Spice

Merovingian-verse upside down!

Anthropomorphic handshakes
clattering hula-hoop chemical.

Chernobyl god
neon incensed.

Pepto pyramid

avenge fugue.


Copyright © 2018 Charlie Zero the Poet


All rights Reserved.


No part of  Chernobyl God Dripping Neon Infrared Spice – may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means: electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without prior permission. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Charlie Zero the Poet and his poetry works with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.


72 thoughts on “Chernobyl God Dripping Neon Infrared Spice

  1. Speaks to me of the labyrinthine workings of our infinite minds, often poisoned with the day to day dullery, manipulation, indoctrination and decadence of life, trying to corrupt our peaceful souls. Sometimes we’re enamoured and seduced and that too, becomes a part of our mind puzzle.
    And you can “cover me with holouency swirls” any time you like 💋

    1. A phenomenon that’s corrupting our souls
      and manipulating all existing current events.
      These forces have taken control rather than us fighting back at control
      and cutting off the strings.

      You’re right, the tension in the air is building with anxiety and we’re all left to wonder why?


      1. Charlie. It’s because They don’t want anyone to discover the true nature of our earth, the true workings of our cosmology, that their ‘science’ is merely fiction made up when needed and backtracked to fit what they want to portray. They don’t want anyone to discover how much divinity and magic we truly all have inside, they keep us subdued with events and phenomena that arguably do not exist, they indoctrinate the youth so that they won’t even ask questions, and we all remain blind and deaf to the truth of our earth , to the truth of our ancestors who knew so much more than we do, and whose knowledge has been suppressed and hidden so that we may never receive true, real enlightenment.
        I believe that.
        You create word canvases that portray that and you blind me with the beauty of that masterpiece 🖤

        1. Science is beautiful when it makes simple explanations of phenomena or connections between different observations. Examples include the double helix in biology and the fundamental equations of physics. ~ Stephen Hawking

          Your analysis and comments are spot on, M. 🙂

          You are an amazing person and a superb! poet! 🙂

    1. Thank you, Frank.

      I’m so happy you enjoyed the opening line
      and the emperor boar. I had a dream about the emperor boar
      who is manipulating what is happening in our dreams
      thus, connecting all of us to the fear panic of the walking rainbow corpse.

    1. Thank you, H.

      It took me a long while to get this right…not to mention I had a dream about the emperor boar
      and it scared the living hell out of me. hahahaha!!! but, I’m glad I wrote it down and experimented with this write.

    1. hahahaha!!! glad you liked that line. The language part of it all, was to try something different things time around.
      Taking the dream I had and turn it into a sci-fi/hyper scare of what was floating inside my mind.

      It was scary and this is what I wrote in a very intense visual and imagery aspect.

    1. Words become the painting to the canvas that brings fourth a dimension of many scary dreams.
      This dream of what you read was an intense dream I had an visualized it all.
      I had to write this down in order to make sense of everything and within our current state.

      1. Indeed, they do. You have conveyed a lot…it must have been intense.
        I was going to say that it is like a fugue in itself, that intensifies, about the current state of things, and people’s thoughts and analyses of our current state.
        Do you dream like that often?

        1. Yes, I dream about a lot of weird things.

          Here’s a dream I most recently had that tapped somewhat into this.

          I’m in this red and black room. A T.V., a recliner chair, a rabbit, & a Buddhist.

          So, I’m sitting on the recliner chair and it flips upside down, next the rabbit
          is vibrating like rainbows and glowing. The Buddhist is meditating in front of the rabbit
          and a portal opens up right in his forehead. And I’m seeing all this upside down on the chair.

          And as for the T.V.? It starts to sweat…and screams so loud that I can hear other voices repeating:
          “Androgynous scarecrow prophets, do not rewind.”

          Crazy right?

            1. To answer your question:

              Do you remember what your predominant feelings were at the time?

              Depressed about the loss of my grandpa & mother-in-law which will be 1 year next month since both their passing.
              Also, the world today all consuming itself into this chaotic mouth of horrible fangs.
              That and everything else in life that got me really low but at the same time got me to write this motivated and poetic opera.

              1. I’m so sorry about your losses. Grief is so powerful. That first year can be especially hard, going through all of the triggers for the first time, birthdays, holidays etc.
                And I am sorry you were feeling so low. It’s completely understandable, and relatable. I love that you do create such mind blowing art with it. I hope it is cathartic for you as well.
                I read an interesting book on dreams as well, that it is a way that our mind prunes in the night, bringing things to our conscious mind so we can decide if it is something we keep or discard. Of course, as it is symbolic, the emotions they evoke are important, hence my question.

                I agree with the sense of urgency, and lack of control and most definitely evil forces at work.
                (Plus I do enjoy the humourous snippets 🙂 )
                Hope you are feeling better, and that you will have a lovely weekend. 🌸

    1. I’m assuming what you pictured in your mind when reading this was sci-fi/mixed with surrealism?
      If so, you are correct. I had a dream about this world and had to write what scared me.

      Emperor boar gave me the chills.

    1. Thank you, lonely author. 🙂

      Glad the first line caught your attention. Honestly, I didn’t even realized how much the first opening gravitated towards everyone here. 🙂

      I love painting with my words and create something different all the time. This was a dream I had by the way. Scary as hell.

    1. I don’t play scrabble as a matter of fact. I did at one point in my life. Long time ago.

      Let’s just say, I have my own dictionary of words from A to Z. I love experimenting with my dreams and complex realms of imagery consciousness.

        1. Yes, its scary sometimes that dreams have such a strong force within us. It’s difficult to control a specific dream puzzle or a dream that can’t be explain but you want to know about that odd one and study the dream that’s weird.

          1. I studied dreamwork in graduate school with an expert in the field. He (Jeremy Taylor) always said “dreams come in the interest of the dreamer’s healing and wholeness” – we had to write our dreams in a dream diary during the course, and “work” our dreams in small groups which would reflect together. It gave me a new way to approach even nightmares – I think of them as the subconscious tugging my sleeve to get my attention when subtler methods didn’t get through….

            1. Whatever we plant in our subconscious mind and nourish with repetition and emotion will one day become a reality. ~ Earl Nightingale

              The conscious mind may be compared to a fountain playing in the sun and falling back into the great subterranean pool of subconscious from which it rises. ~ Sigmund Freud

              Our dreams whether it be good or bad or simply a nightmare. We can heal from it yes, but we can also learn from our dreams and why they manifested in such oddly strange forms.

    1. hahahahaha!!!! LOL!!! yes! finally someone else liked this line as well.

      You’re probably the first one to really laugh at this line….hahahaha!!! I wanted to put a bit humor within the context and imagery of poetic dream/experimentation.

  2. I too agree that the opening line was perfect and attention-grabbing. I also liked the emperor Boar – gave a completely unexpected turn.
    Chernobyl god picks at your chemical arthritis was another line that stood out for me and gave me an insight into what follows. I read this poem as a warning against the madness of our world. I don’t know if this was your intention, but I felt a sense of urgency here.

    1. Thank you, Basilike.

      Yes, the emperor Boar believe it or not, scared me a lot. It feels as if the representation of emperor Boar
      is the meaning to (phenomenon forces pulling our strings) and us humans are struggling to balance out the liberty scale.

      Finally, you enjoyed the ‘Chernobyl God’ reference. No one else got that only the opening line which is fine by me and I’m happy for it. Yes, madness of our world was my intention due to the dream I had that made me write this with a bit of a sci-fi theme. Whenever, I feel depressed or filled with anxiety – my mind taps into this territory of worlds that I’ve never visited or know nothing about. I keep this images in my head and never forget them.

      1. It’s a very creative way to deal with negative feelings, and you do it in your own style. Excellent, Charlie. I hope these feelings aren’t there anymore, though – or that they are softened a little.

        1. Feelings come and go when I’m filled with anxiety. I tend to just write what I feel or listen to some harsh noise music. It helps me in a strange kind of way. hahahaha!!! Seriously though, poetry is our inner force of creative expression and creative freedom. 🙂

  3. This is like how you delved into your subconsciuos and got out a phenomenal piece of literary art . It takes a jibe at the state of affairs of the world not to mention the surreal and sci-fi aspect .
    I so agree that the world is taken over by a chernobyl god
    As usual you are brilliant , Charlie .
    Love the title too.

    1. Yassy, I think you have something there.

      The Chernobyl god is the phenomenon that’s taken hostage of the dark forces;
      hanging above our gravitational earth. To rid away from that – we need to tap deeper within our dream sequence
      and become fighters & warriors and put an end to this black magick that the occultist nest into this world.

      1. I feel sick to the pit of my stomach at what’s happening everywhere , the mind of man has the black of the occult , like you say .
        And no, it ain’t easy to rid ourselves of this dark force , it’s too strong.

          1. I just want everyone to live happily , have what is rightfully theirs , no usurping , no war , no refugee thing, food and water for all , put all the nuclear away . I would put all these creeps away , the assads and putins lol.

  4. I love this, man! Great poem! I don’t know if you’ve yet read Charles Baudelaire’s “Flowers of Evil,” but your latest work reminds me a great deal of it. “Flowers of Evil” is a cycle of poems that was written, in part, as a reaction against the heavy industrialization of Paris that was taking place in the 1850s. Baudelaire, in turn, gives voice to all the “damned” people who would be affected by said industrialization: the down-and-out, the poor, the destitute. While your poem does not necessarily revolve around these people, the speaker of the poem appears to be afflicted, sickly, and his suffering is expressed poetically in a sort of howl of words. Awesome, awesome work, my friend. Just when I think you can’t possibly get any better, you rise to the occasion! 😀

    1. I’m somewhat familiar with “Charles Baudelaire’s” work but not all of it.
      Flowers of Evil as I understand is very popular so now, you’ve sparked my curiosity.

      A great interpretation and reference to ‘Charles Baudelaire’. Who knew that 2 poets from different times
      can have some sort of connection to our world and its future.

      I howl at our society because humans still don’t know how to swim.
      There are those few who grow wings and understand the suffering that goes on everyday.
      It’s the hurt that inspires the poet to pour out his vision of the context.

      Thank you my friend for always reading and commenting. I’ll be checking out your work first thing tomorrow morning. 🙂

  5. Charlie,


    Lord Charlie, did we ever upside down ourselves (wow)
    we were young and healthy and you had that honeymoon manual
    to hell with loneliness……….right ?

    all those other words
    just Dixie cups floating in swamp waters
    religious people see blood mingled in with the water
    possibly blood from the wounds of Christ on the cross
    readers forget that He is still on the cross
    constantly dying for our sins
    ordinary reality may not be more than ordinary reality
    there is nothing ordinary about Jesus

    you make reference to cut-up poetry
    but you are really a crafty little spider
    who arranges his prey into patterns
    fancy patterns in your web

  6. It’s not the girls of spice, or
    Psychedelic remorphization of
    Hipless hippies past
    Or present,
    It’s just the bated breath of
    Horses, wild, running toward
    Freedom in the valley where
    Babylon reigned a
    Decadent, bloody opus.

  7. Oh so this is what you do! Cryptic, cosmic … fantastic. I would probably have to sit you down and ply you with beer to gain insight 😊
    Or perhaps I shall read this over again 😆🧡

    1. Yay!!! It makes me happy to know you’ve read this poem and finally got an idea of what I write about. It’s cryptic in a sense of everything surrounding us humans and trying to understand why the scale is unbalanced, why the Chernobyl god is the phenomenon that is taking hostage of our daily lives. And why we should all be positive and fight back against the dark forces. I mean that’s one way to look at it…or, I may have the real answers to what the whole poem means…maybe sci-fi in the mix…cosmic you’ve got something there. All in all – I’m happy I took your mind for a ride and hope you enjoyed the imagery in this poetic piece. 🙂

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