Each Chapter Had Me Committed Déjà Vu


My chapter committed dimenality.
Each preview
stomach déjà Vu funeral.

Suicidal stochastic!

Even surly nights
gouged out the mountebank scorn.

Demarcation you
convinced me why the silver eschaton begun.


Copyright © 2018 Charlie Zero the Poet


All rights Reserved.


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38 thoughts on “Each Chapter Had Me Committed Déjà Vu

        1. Sunshine Charlie,

          the crux of the biscuit:
          when you permit the rats
          to put out their own poison
          they pick a flavor that no decent rat
          would dare put in his mouth
          Simon and Garfunkel would be the perfect flavor
          even white rats would say, “no thanks”

          “how does that make you feel, Charlie ?”

          not everybody at school had their elbows sandpapered
          nomadic boy in the bloodstream of Noah and Adam
          infected with otherworldliness
          to hell with normalcy

          I’ve seen you piss in the kitchen sink

          total silence
          I know that you are upset
          each episode makes us more committed

          1. Sunset Michael,

            When the dishes are opened
            he speaks with the Garfunkel rod –
            it is clear
            to lay down a storm;
            and change George Clooney
            from joel schumacher Batman forever, Michael?

            Visuals and sunshine
            Create each other
            as Andre the Giant.

            Many magical implants
            they infuse on Kombucha –
            are usually allowed
            to call Adam simon;
            a synthesizer tofu foxtrot.

            If one of them tries to shake ‘thanks’
            a pet of raccoons
            will come up with “Amish supports pez dispenser Doritos”

    1. Interesting. I like your observation.

      Human emotions are like a safe deposit box.
      One may need to solve the password in order to get inside the mind
      of what the person might be feeling or experiencing with life.

      The answers aren’t that simple.

    1. Thank you, Jan.

      The word choices we’re just the beginning. I think the ending to the poem itself could signify something the reader can relate, or the opposite of why the writer itself wrote it to begin with. Or, I may be misleading the answer to making the reader feel a déjà vu.

      1. It was slightly different indeed…..and as I said once I am always unsure in front of poetry of my understanding …..but think that like painting is all on what you see……😊

        1. Exactly. If I learn anything throughout the years…Poetry is never meant to be fully understood. Yes, there are poems out there that do become clear with honesty and emotion. And there are those that hide behind emotion because of feeling so much pain inside. There’s many forms of styles and poetic metaphors on how one expresses themselves. Like you said; painting has its own canvas and we all in some strange way, understood ‘Salvador Dali’s work.’. 🙂

  1. I feel like this sometimes. You opened it up with just my thoughts. Life is like that !
    And an apt winding up of the verse.
    Shirt sweet succinct , says so much . Did a lot for me , like taking the words right outa my mouth.
    Ah! You can write like this too, Charlie. You know what I mean.

    1. Sorry my friend. I had to delete the comment.
      A friend of ours on WordPress posted a message about someone
      trying to go by her name and comment on other people’s blog post.

      The person you tried to comment had no picture.
      However, the real person our friend does have a picture and she is real. Just thought I inform you.

  2. Life is a constant merry-go-round Charlie. We repeat history time and time again, is it any wonder at times we get glimpses of ourselves in the mirror and not like that which is reflected back!. Deja-Vu.

    We are all on the course for suicidal destruction, the ‘Opera’ this ‘Play’ we are all held within is making its usual high pitched sounds. As the encores take their bows. While the sheep go bahha..

    Good to be visiting you Charlie and glad to see you have been busy again with your excellent words..
    Have a great week
    Hugs Sue x x x

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