New (Nine Inch Nails) album ‘Bad Witch’ Listening Party













Hope all of you enjoy these 6 songs from new ‘Nine Inch Nails’.

I love #2 because its the hardest song and its wow!

Your thoughts on the songs.

Apologies for my absence. Been working now a new job and still editing my 2nd book and doing re-blogging to show all of you something new and exciting.


Miss you all and hope everyone is well.



~ Charlie Zero the Poet


45 Honey Kill


Celluloid a mother’s spirit hand –
     spitting away darkness,
       it palliates the motto.

Grandiloquent 45 massacre thrum.

Omnivorous catcall –
    illustrated noisy
    torn sober I,
sparks’ anopisthograph the mood –
metacognition snares the arcane bulbous.

Coma Berenices
    dies inside durga,
kamikaze honey
    covered in retrospect.

Illuminatus cogs,
    drunk we balloon, ochre wipes psittacism.
Does your sleep plea
    a kill Polaroid Montague;
verbatim, thalassemia amongst,
    page 1 ended with you suspended in ipecac.




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