Rated R for Epileptic Milkshake, Coiled Galimatias, & a Conclusion of the Dying Trampoline


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arbitrary r-rated the enzyme trichromatic,
mixing aaronite dizziness forbidden;
decussate parotid de-shed (doppelganger frown).

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supraorbital unsanctified scry.

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belladonna’s itself
onto summarized acuity;
epileptic carpaccio milkshake.

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consuming white galimatias graphic trampoline. 
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unravel infomercial wolf-bulimia akhnaten –
anti-language composition
from exorcism whiskey omicron.

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as a hunt witch who torturely
talks of rhythmical ultra-zionist saggy paints.

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doused burns tattered – serve the why presumption
modality beat soaked venom dopamine five.

Somesthesis taboos the immortal furthermore anti-paprika soup.


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