To all the music lovers here’s for my readers to enjoy.



Hope you all are having a good Wednesday.

I will be back soon to post. Working on new material.

In the meantime enjoy some Nine Inch Nails live. 🙂


~ Charlie Zero the Poet

Bless your heart Stan Lee, And Thank You

Today my heart breaks, Stan Lee was a legend and a real superhero to us all.
His legacy, imagination and creativity will forever spark in our hearts.

I grew up watching & reading Marvel comics…especially watching Spider man animated series, X-men, & Fantastic Four, Etc.

His creation was ahead of its time, his universe was beyond and out of this world.
When evil clouds our world – our earth’s mightiest heroes “The Avengers” are there to protect us, fight evil and injustice all around the world.

For that…Thank you Stan Lee. R.I.P. 

~ Excelsior!