Frappuccino Torso


Brion gysin defying
mutilation smog.

puzzle aquatint.

iPad torso
requiescat anagram.

eggnog hawks,
moth bile.

Voodoo sibylline tempest!

nose bled


Copyright © 2018 Charlie Zero the Poet

All rights Reserved.

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76 thoughts on “Frappuccino Torso

  1. I missed your work,Charlie . No one does this like you do
    I think i am in dire need of a frappuccino as i partake of your verse , slowly sipping into these juicy meanings.

    1. The title and the whole poem have been calling on my ears for some time now. Dreams as usual invade my head so I write them down and then I cut up all the phrases and re-arrange them and the end result is a random accident of the future predicting itself. Or so, that’s how William Burroughs puts it.

      1. It’s a genius thing ,Charlie. Dreams make your renaissance poem whole. It’s all very futuristic as you say , it’s foresight and maybe your wisdom that goes into this effort.

            1. Well I was actually just thinking of the deceitful goodness of frappuccinos and everything else about what they symbolise haha but now I am picturing my nightmare of a clown drinking a Frappuccino! lol.

  2. You have been away too long Charlie.. So welcome back.. And my poor little brain is never going to cope with this one.. I have been switching off, tuning out and chilling.. So forgive me not even rattling my grey matter trying to sort this one out..
    Just know you are one unique ‘dude’… if I may use the term… And never change that unique approach to making us all think outside of normal boxes..

    We are all here to crack codes.. And at the moment I am being rewired!!….

    Big Hugs..
    Sue ❤

  3. Well, I am acquainted with many tinted sponges, but non are aqua. 😀 Just kidding! I had to punt this around in my mind for awhile, as I did not get an initial message. There-in lies the message. Not many things in life are clear. The air and water are clear, except for the murkiness of human generated pollution. This is why I drink black coffee, never frappuccino, latte, etc. There’s too much distraction, therein. At least I see the honest darkness.

    1. You hit the nail on the coffin with your observation on my poem.

      Yes, humans generate pollution in the absence of them not paying attention to their surroundings or how they behave towards earth or water itself.

      Way too many distractions and that’s the scary part of why this world is the way it is.

        1. You are welcome, Resa.

          You know…I had a thought yesterday. I think the reason why I write what I write…is because I want my readers to escape from this world just for a minute or so. I try and write poems that make people think about different imagery or dreams. That is what makes people happy and enjoy the language that poetry and art can co-exist.

  4. Hey Charlie! It’s been a while. Miss your mind. This line made me laugh -its superb. Belphegor
    drank off his frappuccino retired slimy torso –
    with inexplicable iPad tempest death.

    1. It’s good to be back. 🙂

      So glad you enjoyed that line. It’s one of my favorites as well. I love experimenting with imagery and words.
      I also, enjoy putting my poetry into the Cut up machine and the end result randomizes my work with great results. 🙂

  5. Theocracy mutilation
    Breathed eyes
    You go on reality television
    You glue squaring sponges
    On their genitals
    That is you, charlie
    But what does it mean ?
    Supreme Court man
    Expressing his lust for beer
    Avoiding details
    Tiny details
    I was thinking about Jesus
    Where was Jesus ?
    Breathed eyes
    Squaring sponges
    On the genitals

  6. Charlie,

    I painted you as the Supreme Court man
    Your lust for words
    Your desire to escape reality
    Prose with friends
    Often out of control
    Puke…..what the hell
    Females were just objects
    Knowing full well
    They could be mastered
    As mother and father
    As characters on television

  7. Charlie,

    I often see Burroughs buying coffee
    When I talk about you
    He laughs because l call you the Supreme Court Man
    You with your word mania
    Prose is too taboo for TV
    They had to substitute beer for words
    Top jock with a brain
    Keeps track of gas bombs on his calendar
    Not WORDS, words, WORDS
    Charlie the Supreme Court Man
    Reach around poetry
    Tea bag poetry
    Group masturbation


    Just think Supreme Court Man
    Your poem wearing a one piece bathing suit
    Happy with the beer buzz ?
    Love from a beer bottle ?

    All those years without sex

    High school, college, marriage
    Thank God for other things

    All those years without sex

  9. Your creativity is so intriguing Charlie. Such a Captain Obvious statement, I know, but it’s no less ever true every time I think/say it 🙂
    I always enjoy reading the comments too.

    I have learned so many things I needed to learn through my dreams, once I understood how to break them down. Humans really are incredible creations.
    Your dictionary is also very different from mine hahaha thank you for expanding my vocab. I will continue to read this and digest. I love that you give us pause in such a fast paced, instant gratification social media world. Respect 🌸

  10. Ha! I used to call my peers quidnuncs during our journalism lectures and my own self, a nudnik. XD
    Quite an intriguing tapestry of images and thoughts here, quite foreboding and more significantly so interesting.

  11. Visceral & cerebral indeed–nice to see that your fan club base has expanded. Your defiance of convention, your flarffian dystopic visions never disappoint. I like /shapeshift this elongated duality eggnog wounds/. You remain unique, outrider, fascinating; good on you. Cut ups can be fun.

  12. Ah my dear friend…long time no see. But, here you are in all your glory…and again a dictionary will not rescue me from your powerful words and phrases. So as usual, I’m here to say hello, well-done and here-here!!!

  13. wonderful poem!!!!;-) how does your Frankestein looks like?;-) I love crazy poem and strories, I tarvel a lot;-) feel free to check my blog;-) have a nice day, Paulina, Poland;-)

    1. Thank you my friend. Long time no talk. How have you been? Hope all is well.

      Yes, I enjoy so much to piece answers in collages with my poetic dream-scape. I’ll have new poem materials in the works soon. 🙂 I’ll be stopping by soon to visit your blog post.

      1. I’ve been well, just returned from a brief hiatus too. Went straight to your blog for a good read and was not disappointed. Hope you’re doing well and I look forward to reading new material. Take care.

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