John Doe’s Premonition of Pus Part 1


Milkdrogyny caduceus
solve et coagula
Saturn pus.


John Doe


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All rights Reserved.

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72 thoughts on “John Doe’s Premonition of Pus Part 1

      1. Correct. The reason I chose to write about him or engrave his name one by one.
        Is to illustrate that he himself created the “Baphomet”, symbolism. What the poem might mean without giving it away and leaving it for interpretation.

        Behind everything we are aware and others aren’t. Shows the initiations that take place at the tip of curiosity, magic serves no purpose other than achieving their end of isms and giving in to crime.

        1. Your intelligence is awe inspiring Charlie. The reference to Levi and occultism has me very curious about what direction this series is taking us. Looking forward to Wednesday!

        2. Intriguing. Now to figure out exactly what your message is🤔🤔 a brilliant mind. I may never fully understand you and that’s okay too.

      2. Dybbuk caduceus, hijack turntable puss –
        Despondent mythopoeic, echinopsis heliamphora,

        Milkdrogyny dogma unsung – solve and coagula.

        Interesting that Levi intrepreted baphomet as ‘the “the father of the temple of peace of all men”.

        This word was then used to describe an evil spirt in the Kabbala- so Men in power- the elite conquered and prospered by withholding knowledge/education from the many/society?
        It’s interesting how the leaders of our world have always gone against nature and the simple equation that harmony needs -balance. Separation is successful when there is less opportunity for all people to have access to knowledge of the universe etc.. ‘divide and conque’. I look at tarot cards again- The magician. We are born with the instruments/tools and knowledge to understand. We can receive and channel with our words or even with non verbal communication. The wheel of fortune comes into mind again: the circle reprents -infinity- constant energy. The question : what is my purpose ? comes to mind. So many of us don’t feel we have a purpose and therefore we dimish our power at manifesting what we need in our lives. In Greek mythology Hermes was the God of communication. Mercury governs gemini. In order to understand our world we need to learn to communicate with not only our visceral selves but the self that is unseen- ie Death. aargh, sorry this doesn’t make much sense.

    1. Part 2 is on Wednesday. Believe it, things will connect to what the tie-in of the next series goes. Though, we are blinded or aware of what forces do in the name of the order. It goes without saying how frighteningly the world is with those people in this planet of ours. What do these people get in pursuing imaginary false gods?

  1. I think this expresses the tendency for consumers to mindlessly subscribe to what their fed, Milkdrogyny dogma, instead of using their own minds – not even noticing the DVD is made out of flesh and the turntable’s puss. They just go on and heat up Saturday’s paragraph – listlessly spilling out more of what they hear and buying into it instead of using their critical thinking skills.

    1. Some often wonder, why consumerism and does the signs or logos say; (we need things to cope with happiness in our lives)? Critical thinking was left to the only true hero of martyrdom, and that was Socrates. He went against social conventions and brought something that most people fear especially in this age.

      Question: Did you notice anything peculiar about the red bold letters? If so, cool…if no, spell them out on Google. You’ll get another big surprise is to why I really wrote this and how part 2 and 3 will come full circle.

      1. I did, but maybe I got it wrong. I put it in a dictionary and it didn’t return any results. I’ll try google. Yeah Socrates had to drink poison for his beliefs. Things haven’t really changed much. We all have to pay for being true to ourselves and standing up for what we believe it. Some don’t have courage to do this so they have to buy stuff to distract them from the reality that they aren’t on course spiritually. But I understand where they’re coming from and I hope to help some of them in the future.

        1. If you start from the top again…start by typing in one by one the red letters and then go down and once you’ve spelled a name then your search will continue and know who the person is. If you can’t still find it, let me know.

          The powers that be surround us to a full force that reckons this very great planet.

    1. Part 2 on Wednesday, and last Part 3 on Friday.

      Tosha! Question: Have your eyes been peculiarly curious of what the red letters mean? If you spell it out on Google I believe you won’t see this poem of mines the same. You’ll scratch your head.

  2. just came to tell you I am going through each word written here and it’s quite interesting what I found.
    It has opened a whole new world to me.
    I realize now that every word is special and meani ngful !
    I think I am going Bach to studyin this verse.

    1. The power of reading and using our imagination, oh…how it takes us the journey
      and the reader to their own world.

      To put into perspective. Words are what influence humanity, though, caution – words themselves can be manipulative to certain people who don’t know any better.
      What the secret societies do in the name of god is not apparent to what they believe is for the goodness of planet earth. In fact – its the opposite for them. The strong forces that man has inflected upon this world has tainted a whole new generation. Who decides on what we should follow or believe? Isn’t it free will for us to know right from wrong or devil or god?

      1. Reading brings the universe to us. It’s an infinite journey of discovering!
        Yes, words are now the mode of manipulation.
        Secret societies have their own agendas !
        I go with my instincts. I feel man is basically a good creature ! Well, he will come back.
        And meanwhile let’s write. 😊🤗

        1. The universe and the macrocosm that binds humans to what is out there and what stars of billion cry out to their nurture of floating and waving.

          Curious: Did you spell out the name that’s bold in red letters? If you look it up on Google you’ll see this writing a lot different and probably not the same. hahaha!!! Let me know what you discovered.

    1. No hemlock. I’m sure your curious of what the red bold letters mean.
      Start from the top, then slowly go down as your spelling out the letters.
      Type it in on Google search and a name will appear.

      Question of everything was Socrates & Timothy Leary’s way of philosophy.
      This poem does that but with more cryptic analogy. Let me know what you find. You’ll freak out. 🙂

  3. this poem requires that the reader poke their eyes out
    and trust you to lead them safely through broken glass
    the harbinger of a new poetic code
    thanks for warning us about “psychic masochism”

    1. Ah! The basic neurosis by Edmund Bergler

      Pain satisfies the cloudless pleasure while humiliation simply regresses from the mountain of the 2 headed lions.

      I make sure trust within my readers, may I guide them safely to the answer that which lies within the code and the warnings will appear before them.

    1. Start from beginning, this time with the red bold letters. Spell them out one by one go all the way down. Once you’ve assembled the letters. Type on Google. You’ll see the name and it will reveal before you.

      Glad you liked the phrase…it goes much deeper as I am instructing you to type the letters. 🙂

  4. You are one of the most talented people I’ve ever come across. You make us think, you make us drool and introduce us to awe-inspiring works of poetry.
    Refreshing as always. Back with a bang, I’d conclude. ☺

    1. Writing is an external mechanism. Shedding the yin & yang of the balance scale.
      It is the purpose for us writers to expose our feelings, compassion, and understanding. Writers inspire because it is in our blood to put out what our generations of the future need to understand and know about us.

      Thank you my friend. 🙂

      Tomorrow stay tune for part 2.

  5. The John Doe/Saturn name-drop caught my eye. What’s with the red letters? Are they an anagram?! I’ve been buried in my books and off writing for the moment, so I apologize for my late reply.

    1. No Anagram. Here’s what your going to do.

      Start from the top red bold letters, one by one you’ll type them on Google search. You should see a name and you’ll be surprised why it is I choose to write this poem.
      It has many meanings following its cryptic series of what’s to come.

      Stay tune, tomorrow part 2 will set up and connect.

      It’s quite alright my friend. Take your time. 🙂

  6. I wanted to read part 2 before making a comment. Hopefully I haven’t misconstrued your intent. The crypticism is fun, and I feel certain this is going somewhere. 😀

    1. Part 2 is set for Tomorrow morning. I’ll be updating through out the day. 🙂
      It’s going to be something that will make sure of its connection to part 1 and part 3 which will also be posted for this Friday as well. 🙂

        1. It spells out the name. Start from the top and one by one go down and type all those red letters on Google and you’ll get a name. It means something and you’ll never see this poem the same. And it will tie to Part 2 of the poem. Which its already posted up. 🙂

          1. Got it! He’s a big influencer in the world of magic.. So now I have a deeper understanding of both parts of the poem 🙂 You’re a clever one, you are!

  7. This was an intense treasure hunt of googling, my friend! A game all unto itself. It’s been a while since I read on the occult and you introduced me to an author previously unknown to me. Can’t wait to read the second one!

  8. You know Charlie, you are full of wisdom.. All things are hidden in plain sight so to speak.. As this world unravels to the beat of those who drummed an ancient tune,.
    The Knights Templar and Alchemy The tree of Life, and the connection to the stars..
    Have you acquainted yourself with the certain parts of Revelations? Chapter 12? by any chance.. 🙂 If not it is to be explored.. You may find what some say are to occur on the 23rd of this month another revelation. 😀

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