John Doe’s Synthetic Urine Part 2


Wetting wand
magick aperture
spurted black pink bode.

Capgras delusion.

Pyrrhonism pitched the sea.



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All rights Reserved.

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64 thoughts on “John Doe’s Synthetic Urine Part 2

    1. The world outside us is heavily guarded by Magick forces. To open such doors the key’s in which we must find is set within us. The blinder we become the less we wipe out the fog from our eyes and open the door that leads to the mysteries of outside realms.

  1. First, the cryptic puzzle for this poem _ Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa von Nettesheim
    I think….. after reading both parts, that you are saying that America is like a cult.
    Who is your leader representing?
    Not the new mind, but the old Christ embracing the anti- Christ, or vice versa.
    This is to keep all in an order necessitated. I mean, who do the peasants think they are? Why do they bother trying to think for themselves when they have us to lead them?
    They give us a cancer, and our blood is shed, eliminated through our bodies.
    John Doe is their every man invention, who claims the same malady as the rest of us, but his piss is plastic, and his blood not red.
    Finally, no matter how much crap they feed us, we/you, dear Charlie, have minds of our own and remain pure, cleansed by the originality of a free mind.

    1. Americult is the sovereignty, that which both old Christ & antichrist bond together.
      Balance the white and black moons of our celestials.

      Baphomet stands in the middle but who does he need to represent? Does he itch for both to battle with each other? Humans behind the scenes, what cruel hideous initiations do they have to prove? What if evil forces we’re just part of our minds tricking us and making us think dangers are real? Am I being too perceptive? Does earth need a recharge from us humans? Is there still a second 2nds for us to finally bring and do good for humanity?

      1. I do not think we will have the time. We grow so close to unlocking quantum computing, and once it is introduced into AI development, how long do you believe it will take a super-intelligent sentience divested of any biological motivators to realize we are no longer a viable species for this planet? Just a thought.

  2. I got the puzzle of the name and some of the latin although I’m not sure I trust google translate on this. But aside from the additional occult connection I feel I’m missing your larger point so I can’t wait for poem number three where I have a feeling it will all come together for me. Also I need a nap, so I await the next when I can view this with fresh brains.

    1. Sometimes Google translator does come in handy, but on certain words.
      Every point of the north star will collide with the milky way of Saturn. Saturn representing Capricorn, Cronus Titan. The Ruler of 8. This Friday it will be the last post with the closing conclusion of what all this means.

  3. Charlie,

    what can I say in the wake of Freudian interpretations ?
    seems like you are in combat with both common and uncommon poetry
    your choice of words strikes me as aristocratic and cruel
    mental pictures of you in the center ring with a whip
    your readers as circus animals making circles around you

    1. The interpretation of dreams is the royal road to a knowledge of the unconscious activities of the mind. ~ Sigmund Freud

      I can assure you – this Friday will bring upon the end of this poetry series conclusion. The toadstool is harmless and won’t cause any side-effects. That I promise.

  4. Charlie, if you keep this up, you’ll end up stalking Aleister Crowley to Boleskine House, climbing Page’s mythical stairway where Penn and Teller will be waiting to make you disappear!

    1. I’ve stalked Crowley so many times, he can’t seem to notice me or who I am or what I am. hahahaha!!!! If Penn and Teller even remotely tried to make me disappear…I won’t hesitant to sneeze so I can disappear and do them the favor. Opposite to no a vile.

  5. I know this may have nothing to do with your amazing work but I do feel i need to share it with you, Agrippa died in Grenoble ,France- This is where my grandad died -a rather eccentric character) -anyway, in my research on Agrippa -he died in 1535 -add it up and that comes to 5- in numerology – a number associated with -Male and the female and interestingly, Agrippa connects this number to marriage. I KNOW THE WAY I’M EXPLAINING THIS IS GARBLED. Before I read this poem I looked up the name (in code) and my attention was drawn to a place, a set of coordinates- a place that has significance to me. I know people make connections to things to try and understand or relate to whatever they are trying to understand.I wonder if this was why -Agrippa’s death and date sunconsciouly stood out. Oh, this doesn’t make sense,does it? 5 is a number found patterned in the golden ratio? I feel so stupid, right now,Charlie. Agrippa was born in cologne in 1486 -add this up and we have 10. Capricorn is the 10th sign of the zodiac- my grandpa was a Capricorn. I’m not saying any of this means anything,but isn’t fascinating how the human mind seeks to make connections? Number 10 has both female an masculine energy- interesting. Didn’t Agrippa write a book propsosing that females are superiour to men? or perhaps that is how the book was interpreted in his time? I’m now reading the nobility of women’ ha ha SORRY this comes across as a complete mess. i will come back to what I think this second part means- ha ha- I’m not as smart as you! . In Astrology the wheel of fortune (as you probably know) is numbered 10. Life is a circle -a complete whole- waht comes up -must come down- we are forever moving around the circle- Not everyday will be a good day…. aargh, this doesn’t make sense, I will try and re word it another day… I’m such a fool

    1. When talking about the wheel of fortune,I meant tarot cards -not Astrology- durr! Just reading up on Freud and his 5 stages of of sexual/energy development and self actualisation

    2. Your perspectives are incredible and I’m so glad you got to share all this informative insight. Yes, Agrippa did write a book about females being superior than men.
      It is the reason I wrote this poem to signify that all woman are strong, intellectuals, and revolutionaries of our time. I look up to my mother who is my hero and big influence in my life and work.

      Daisy, you are the best and such a brilliant and intellectual writer.

      1. Well, you compell me to want to understand your work. I feel honoured to know what prompted you to write these pieces, and the praise for your Mother- is wonderful to read. CATCH UP soon

  6. And I’m back – the western worlds success is built upon symbology – etc….
    This line stood out to me

    My bearded wand
    mightier than feces,
    the order of spit, surrounds you in cleanse.

    I found this interesting

    Texts follow that must be omitted, and then the argument takes anatomical grounds of the most ingenious character, and shows how every difference of structure between the man and the woman gives to woman the advantage due to her superior delicacy. Even after death nature respects her inherent modesty, for a drowned woman floats on her face, and a drowned man upon his back. The noblest part of a human being is the head; but the man’s head is liable to baldness, woman is never seen bald. The man’s face is often made so filthy by a most odious beard, and so covered with sordid hairs, that it is scarcely to be distinguished from the face of a wild beast; in woman, on the other hand, the face always remains pure and decent. For this reason women were, by the laws of the twelve tables, forbidden to rub their cheeks lest hair should grow and obscure their blushing modesty. But the most evident proof of the innate purity of the female sex is, that a woman having once washed is clean, and if she wash in

    p. 266

    second water will not soil it; but that a man is never clean, though he should wash in ten successive waters, he will cloud and infect them all.

  7. Ever poem you post is a puzzle and its solution, a question but also the answer. I love your work and the ‘reality’ you show in your poems makes me question the whole point of reality altogether.

    1. Thank you Alice.

      That is basically the whole point. However, we live in a world we’re people refuse to know the truth and rather stay blind to the idea that this reality they live in – is pure material and they enjoy the bliss.

      It bothers me…but this kind of mentality of society will always strive forward and never change.

      P.S Part 3 was Posted last Friday if you want to put everything together and make sense of all these poems. 🙂

    1. All riddles get deeper. Agrippa knew this and I am rewarding the poetic analysis of people thinking for what they are reading and finding out the problem with this world we live in. Something strange lurks within the secret societies. It’s always been this way, but people ignore it or become blind to live without knowing.

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