Allah’s Crack Pipe Cheese

The redefining vessel
whitherward destroyer.

Allah’s crack pipe cheese.

Eyes yaff
they virelay meatloaf,
 Monoceros anent universe.
Strychnine uploaded
the hornswoggle
conundrum agog.

Hodgepodge erratum!

Death apodictic!

Machine Elohim
of disgust.

Copyright © 2019 Charlie Zero the Poet

All rights Reserved.

No part of Allah’s Crack Pipe Cheese – may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means: electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without prior permission. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Charlie Zero the Poet and his poetry works with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.

56 thoughts on “Allah’s Crack Pipe Cheese

  1. Dear Charlie, its been ‘Ages’ since I spied a post in my reader from you, though no doubt you must have posted as I see from scanning backwards..
    “The godmother spies hodgepodge digested hornswoggle” Lots of hodgepodge and shenanigans going off around and about both sides of the pond lately Charlie.. This sentence caught my attention, and you know me, Honestly! can’t say what your thoughts are or on what subject matter..
    But that doesn’t matter..
    What matters is that I spotted you and wish you a WONDERFUL Happy New Earth Year..
    Hope all is well in your world..
    May it be a creative and peaceful one Charlie..
    Love and Blessings to you ❤
    Sue 🙂

    1. So happy that you’ve find that line gripping.

      Had lots of creative ideas flowing around my head and taking poetry to a new direction of the cut up technique and beyond the imaginative scope. This is my first poem I posted since last year. The other poems are a bit old, but I brought them to this year because I’m currently writing my 3rd book which will be out next year 2020.
      The other poetic pieces fit with the direction that I’m writing and introducing everyone to.

      Hope you enjoy more of what I’ll be posting as phase 3 in my poetic works. 🙂

      This Wednesday I’ll be posting another new one. It’s going to be so cool and very creative.

      Happy New year to you as well, Sue. Many blessings. 🙂

    1. I agree with you completely.

      Been thinking about it myself for sometime…I’ll ask him if he is up to collaborate.
      I think it’ll be mind bending of 2 minds colliding together. 🙂

      So happy you enjoyed this poem creation of mine. More to come this Wednesday and more. 🙂

    1. I love experimenting with that line and everything else in the poem.

      Every poem that I will be posting is what ‘William S Burroughs’ called it: ‘Cut up Technique’.
      I always use it to explore and use my own words of dictionary to add or random by accident of what the poem itself will predict the future.

      1. Very cool. Experimentation is vital to any art, in my opinion. I haven’t read as much Burroughs as I probably should have, I’ve always leaned more towards Ginsberg as far as the Beats go. I’m interested in seeing where this takes you.

        1. I agree. Ginsbery is the way to go. The man was a genius in his way of poetic free form. He had a spiritual chaotic truth about his writing that really fascinated the readers of all.

          So far, every poem I post is a ‘Cut up’, it may not seem like it but it is…and its the way its read or worded in sentence phrase. I use the cut up machine for my work and I randomize it and the results come out really weird but cool at the same time. 🙂

    1. Thank you my friend.

      It took me awhile of where I was going next with my phase 3 in writing. Sure enough…here it is.
      These next poems will get enough more weird and hard to wrap your head around.
      But, that’s the fun about poetry making the reader think. 🙂

    1. This poem is new and posted today. You’re not missing anything at all. 🙂 Your just in time. 🙂

      The poem was a Cut up Technique. I use the method to help me explore more with the imagination and the strange and to help the readers escape into my world of consciousness and freedom. Away from this reality.

  2. Your poetry is unique Charlie and so thought provoking . Are you in to Dada? When I read pieces such as this I wander back to anarchistic Paris, the revolutionary beats. Well done Charlie, excellent!

    1. To answer your question. Yes, I’m very much into Dada…and William S Burroughs technique into the ‘Cut up’.
      I use the method everyday on my poetry writing. I write my poem first whatever I see into my dreams…then I cut up the poem and randomize it…and the results are very good and interesting.

      As a matter of fact – I have this book called: “Dadas on Art” it has lots of poets and anarchist writers giving their manifesto into what Dada means to them. Quite good and very outsider rebels. 🙂

        1. You are correct about the Dada movement and its influence of that time period. Another great Dada band you should listen to is ‘The Residents’. Have you heard of them? Not that many people call out on this band…their really good and really ahead of their time.

  3. ………………………..Charlie,

    I saw your woman at the Mall yesterday spending your money
    each bill was marked “return to Charlie Zero”
    just the detective in my DNA
    I watched from a distance
    would there be trickery ?
    OMG, what if this became a scene out of “Planet of the Apes” ?
    wish for the best, Heston in an athletic support
    even better, Jon Voight at 21
    Jon with a transistor radio

    Thanks for the Christmas gifts !
    Halloween candy and a psychologically damaged NIN cd

    Charlie, when you write things like “Crack Pipe on Allah’s Head”
    you should include some real estate
    somewhere concrete to bench the buttocks
    time for the landscape to become picturesque
    give your readers some clues
    too many non-observations in one poem
    the words are like red tide floaters
    wigged-out words from a schlockmeister
    buried up to your neck and terrorized by the likes of
    “Strychnine cocks”
    remember, some people still live in Mayberry

    anyway, THANKS for your service

    1. ……………………..Michael,

      Thanks “Charlton Heston”
      for your neck to neck –
      Michael you like watching “The wielding head.”
      It’s still the 21st century.

      Submit to John voights
      first DNA to be a psychologist.
      The guns were buried in the holes of the minds of Allah.

      OMG! Message from yesterday’s
      We’re Mayberry keywords of the strychnine seat.

      What if the plants & NIN;
      supported Transistor songs?

      Was there a better tuberculosis than schlockmeister?

      “Multiplemichael” –
      tickets are nothing more than Halloween,
      Chocolate is no doubt in the Christmas radio.

      anyway, THANKS for your appreciation


    1. Thank you, Dale.

      Glad you enjoyed the visual construct in this poem.
      I really wanted to push language further into what the readers envision when they read my work.
      Whatever interpretations they come up with it blows my mind away on the responses.

  4. Experimenting way beyond creatives, aesthetic mind bending poem. You are way beyond what you call artistry , this poem calls for more thought. I think I will go study it.

  5. Lots of crack pipe birthday Monceros in my hood, that’s for sure. No Allah, God or Godmother can save them. Perhaps it was Allah, God or a Godmother that destroyed them to begin with. They’re lined up at the vending machine of death and destruction. That is apodictic.
    Great to read a Charlie poem. Hope you’ve been well! ❦

    1. Great observation in your prose poetic eye.

      I really love what you said. I think the God/Godmother is both the influencer and the influence or light and dark colliding in a war. I question the logic of freewill and if anyone can use it or are we too distracted by everything that is good but not entirely sure of the actuality of good.

      1. Actuality of good is reality of good. Reality, I suppose, is what we think we know. Yet, who’s to say what anything is. We know what we have been taught. I question the teachers, “the influencer and the influence or light and dark” They collide into war, because some men, many men want war. It’s their heartless business.
        We are distracted by good things, bad things, tasty things, TV shows, parties, holidays, etc. The .05% at the top want it that way. They need us to remain sheep in their factory farm.
        Freewill…. I don’t know that it exists, as we have been corralled out in the open.
        Now FREEDOM is another concept. I believe we are free when we make art in any of its many forms.
        Many artists live/have lived in poverty. Their art is the true measure of their life.
        I applied my art my entire career for a paycheque. Those who paid me, made the real money, and controlled the message.
        I’ve reached a point where I make my art for no $, and it is all my message. Okay, I chose Art Gowns, which is a remote niche. (My new girl is a beauty)
        Make art, not war.

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