Inassiliera Search for Clumpland


Bibliophobia slew.
bitterly ill,
and imminent.


Inassiliera in search for clumpland!


Bismuth face, irate hum!

Rehypnotize surd!


Copyright © 2019 Charlie Zero the Poet


All rights Reserved.


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49 thoughts on “Inassiliera Search for Clumpland

  1. ……………………….Charlie

    when they change your diapers
    are they robots ?
    or agents of robots ?
    do they talk kindly to you ?
    give you a false sense of identity ?

    I am concerned about your welfare
    the impending collapse of our system
    will not be pleasant
    everyone will be out to save themselves

    robots and agents of robots
    dark angels masquerading as humans
    hidden patterns and meanings in poetry
    your poetry begging for reciprocal relief
    screaming for HELP
    readers offering you the kind of reward
    that children feed animals at a petting zoo

    suburbanites dead and rotting
    battlefields right outside your facility
    Jesus on the tube, little that he can do
    a higher law is being fulfilled

    love and kisses, baby bird

    1. …………….Michael,

      Right identity or impending.
      Relief robot angels
      respond to the suburbanites
      of poetry reader pleasant.

      The system feeds
      on the screaming sense –
      it’s false agents
      kindly reward outside masquerading meanings.

      Your reciprocal welfare robots –
      begs everyone to pattern our concerned rotting.
      Dark robots vs. tube humans;
      which one will not serve Jesus.
      I bet the collapse
      of themselves
      might talk dead to the hidden petition.

      Love peace and chicken grease.


    1. What I have developed here is ‘The Cut up Technique’, which I’m sure your aware of ‘William S Burroughs’.

      All of my writings are cut ups of my own creation of how further I can take poetry to its weirdest and unknown forms. I write strange poetry to help myself escape this reality as with my other readers helps them also dive into my world of adventures and happiness.

      Too much going on in this chaotic world of ours.

  2. Scream and kick all you want.
    It seems you are afraid of beauty, dreams and death.
    You might not be going to hell,
    But you could be headed to Clumpland.

    1. Resa, I believe you have solved a tease behind this poem of mine.

      Maybe this is by accident…you said: ‘It seems you are afraid of beauty, dreams and death.’

      I’m going to be very honest with you…yes, I am afraid of my own dreams and death itself.
      Lately, I’ve been having some weird funky dreams and they scare the living hell out of me.
      Death…that’s been following me in my dreams and I get really scared and I start to cry when I awake from my own dream. I know I lost 2 important people in my life…and on April it will be 2 years since the passing of my Grandpa and my mother-in-law.

      I guess poetry does make one see the hypersurreal reality of what the dream itself can do to one.

      Also, I loved the poetry interpretation of your comment. Clumpland is something.

    1. I went all out with this poem. I cut up the whole entire poem and had to stretch the language even further than before. In terms of imagery I needed to understand what poetry can do to one and what relationship with our own dreams and how they themselves factor into such imaginations.

      I was almost getting scared of this poem but I learn to accept its weirdness. 🙂

  3. What can I say about this poem that hasn’t already been said by the rest of your readers? As always, I wonder at the way you use language, but I also enjoyed reading the comments — so many insights, and your analysis of your technique and themes is so interesting! Keep amazing us!

    1. When it comes to using language…I’d like to think of it as flowing rhymes. Except there no rhyming involved.
      In every puzzle we all play in, we make sure every puzzle must fit the picture – thus we do the opposite.

      Language is that tool for us to create any form of puzzles we want with any kinds of words, whether they make sense of not, or make complete sense out of them to create a new form of cohesive language in poetry.

      1. It’s a very liberating way of thinking, making puzzles any way we want, whether the words make sense or not. Liberating for the poet and also for the reader, who can see any picture they want in the words, instead for looking for a standard meaning.

  4. I am beginning to dig your Cut Up Technique, Charlie !
    I have yet to figure your verse out so I will reserve special time to escape into your world of word magic. Till then ….

    1. Here’s something that you can try with the cut up.

      The cut-up and the closely associated fold-in are the two main techniques:

      Cut-up is performed by taking a finished and fully linear text and cutting it in pieces with a few or single words on each piece. The resulting pieces are then rearranged into a new text, such as in poems by Tristan Tzara as described in his short text, TO MAKE A DADAIST POEM.

      Fold-in is the technique of taking two sheets of linear text (with the same linespacing), folding each sheet in half vertically and combining with the other, then reading across the resulting page, such as in The Third Mind. It is Burroughs and Gysin’s joint development.

      This will help on how to do it, again everyone is different so you’ll have your version of the cut up.

        1. I try…all I want is to help the reader escape into this otherworldly place and forget just for 5 or 10 minutes this reality chaotic world we’re at right now.

          Every comic book writer does that so can I with poetry. Happiness or adventure is worth something.

          1. I like that reasoning. Would the superhero to the poem be the rhyming stanzas or the villain though? 🙂
            People are looking for escape, it’s nice to offer them a window sometimes.

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