Clap your Elbows (The Theatre Kidney Growls)


It growls bleeding
cosmism disorients,
chirp carking.

Demon theatre

Parenchyma implanted
staged iliac,
it allowed
to be

Fleer rumor
clap imitation,
fatidic plays
guff pellagra.

Inbeing regenerates you!

by elbows,
everyone applauded
meditation burn.

Copyright © 2019 Charlie Zero the Poet


All rights Reserved.


No part of Clap your Elbows (The Theatre Kidney Growls) – may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means: electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without prior permission. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Charlie Zero the Poet and his poetry works with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.


31 thoughts on “Clap your Elbows (The Theatre Kidney Growls)

  1. ……………………….Charlie,

    I’ll say one thing, “poetry like this could put a measurable dent in the profit
    of the Disney corporation.” What a litmus test for commercial potential !
    You may be stealing the Rolex from someone’s Christmas stocking.

    The poem starts out like an angry Jean-Claude Van Damme and ends up like
    an elementary school teacher telling students not to tear off the wings
    of butterflies.

    I fear one day that you will disappear into the body of your writings.

    At first you made readers exercise dictionary skills but now you can no longer
    confront those frustrations. Now you take your readers on a long hike
    only to have the path turn into a rabbit run. You’ve taken us out on a
    branch and we have no other choice than leap off into the unknown.
    No decent reader would dare backtrack.

    Adventurous daydreams ?
    Substitute gratifications ?
    Charlie, you write the menu.

    1. What angry exercise
      does the reader corporation –
      may dictionary its test stocking?

      Could stealing ends
      substitute long frustrations off Christmas Potential?
      Someone’s butterflies, someone’s tearing jean-claude van Damme,
      it’s the skill adventurous daydream menu –
      which leaps rolex of rabbit Litmus say.

      I’ll choice out the unknown poem Disney.

      Hike fears those commercial robots.

      The wings poetry backtrack its gratifications unicorn.

      1. “Though you might hear laughing,
        spinning, swinging madly across the sun
        It’s not aimed at anyone
        It’s just escaping on the run
        And but for the sky
        there are no fences facing
        And if you hear vague traces
        of skipping reels of rhyme
        To your tambourine in time
        It’s just a ragged clown behind
        I wouldn’t pay it any mind
        It’s just a shadow you’re seeing
        that he’s chasing.”
        ~ Robert A. Zimmerman
        (Just thought I’d call in the Grand
        Master Wordsmith, Charlie 😏)

  2. Revolutionary poetry ! It’s cut up ecstasy of words ! It’s an applauding opening and I don’t want the curtains going down ! I will need more than a reread of this dramatically expertised lines.

      1. You harmonize the ballet of words to sync with the senses ! It’s the cosmos of letters at play and you the conductor with your baton of poetic power and we the thrilled audience.

    1. Thank you, Jade.

      I have thought about doing a YouTube video of me reciting poems like this. But, I’ll settle for audio someday. I don’t know when…but I’ll be a surprise. 🙂

      The challenges poetry can take a reader is infinite…creating dream-scape of impossible beauty.

  3. A demon eaten by god
    Releases rumors
    Desperately implanted carcinoma
    Disorients like a used narrative.
    No part of it can be reproduced
    If you don’t clap your elbows
    To the beat of this poet’s genius.

  4. Just trying to clap with my elbows hurts LOL 😀 I always need a dictionary to my side when I read your posts Charlie.. But you never fail to brighten my day. Lots of theatre around at the moment Charlie.
    Hope you are doing OK my friend.. :-D, sending giant hugs your way… And take care of yourself 💙

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