Bad Aura Simon Says


Rat’s dust hibernation-9
MK-Ultra mouthwatering,
 O.T.O Gadara.

monitors you,
psychoCIAmical warfare
basal ganglia.

Motion cap backward
unzip my goat
erotic blench.

Bottomless frequency trumpet!

Shit exploding external finger!

Exorcism repetitious
anal face translates
tender tongue.

3301 tattooed
voice uloid.

Yin and Yang sex satire!

Neck hairs puke

Ice-cream world hates poetry
and so does
and reptilian command mayonnaise.

Graffiti corpse blah!

Books mourn
puccoon bosom ad hominem.

Gas yesterday laughing
the bad aura Simon.

 Pixel intestinal itanimulli!

the tercet magick membrane,
zombie bunny.


Copyright © 2019 Charlie Zero the Poet

All rights Reserved.

No part of Bad Aura Simon Says – may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means: electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without prior permission.  Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited.  Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Charlie Zero the Poet and his poetry works with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.


106 thoughts on “Bad Aura Simon Says

    1. It’s all about piecing every puzzle in its own way and not the correct way. Like painting you can paint anything your mind desires and it’ll be your own originality of painting. One must crack the mystery to why we humans paint such a strange message to the masses. 🙂

            1. Okay. Here we go. You’ll see this poem differently.

              (Artlukm) = MK-Ultra

              (itanimulli) when typed on Google Search pops up as ‘National Security Agency, hence reverse the word and its Illuminati.

              (3301) Type those numbers on Google Search and you’ll get ‘Cicada 3301’. Don’t believe me try it. 🙂

              Those are the hidden Easter egg meanings to those words and numbers and the poem itself now seems different to you.

                1. Exactly how some of the readers expressed. Just thought I be more creative with this poem and take it to a new level and add Easter eggs that are hidden within the poem itself. 🙂

                  P.S I posted a new one today. 🙂

  1. The Teletubbies stanza really stood out to me because I have never thought I would see a day when the words “Teletubbies”, “Satanism”, and “sex” would all be used in the same context LOL.

    1. hahahahaha!!! LOL!!!!!

      You’ve hit the nail on that one.
      The observations you’ve noticed are correctly.

      I never gave this poem that deep closer inspection but as I’m re-reading it myself now…I see it. hahahahaha!!!

      So glad those words made you laugh as it made me laugh as well. 🙂

  2. Well, Charlie. During my original read one interpretation continue to appear in my mind.
    Now you know a poem can mean a hundred things for a hundred different people.

    So my thoughts, it was a clever way iof disguising the words “Aw fuck ’em.”

                1. Hahahahaha!!! Yes, I’m being very serious. That’s why I specifically chose to write this poem to see if anyone got close and spotted those unusual words.

                  I wasn’t going to reveal it…but I figure it’d be you I share this with. 🙂

                2. Honored Charlie. Thank you so much,. Let me tell you something, I amy not always get your true interpretation, but I always know there is a deeper message. and this one just kept ringing fuck em to me

                  my instincts were right

        1. Yes…but -(Artlukm) backwards means: MK-Ultra.

          itanimulli backwards is Illuminati.

          itanimulli when typed exactly backwards on Google it will pop up as ‘National Security Agency.’ hahahaha!!!

          So, there is the answer that lies much deeper within this poem itself. 🙂

        1. Okay…I’ll tell you.

          Artlukm backwards means: MK-Ultra.

          If you type this (itanimulli) on Google…you’ll get this: National Security Agency.

          Now, does this poem feel different now that I’ve told you what those words meant?

  3. a fine line between genius and madness as with every deep emotional hallucination the sting of words is very cerebral, the mention of Teletubbies brought back disturbing thoughts, I saw it as too hypnotic when my kids sat glued to it, I forbid it calling it evil…and now you write this…hahaha!, your reference to Satanism and corruption of the mind have such valid power, we become slaves to our own interests. your work is surreal, such a brilliant mind my dear. my brain needs a dose of caramel to stick this all together. wonderful work Charlie…may i call you Charlie?

    1. I so agree with you on the ‘Teletubbies’. I used to watch them when I was little. They did freaked me out a lot and quite disturbing as to agree with you on that statement.

      Now, did you noticed as you read the poem 3 repeated words? (Artlukm) and (itanimulli)?? Guess what they mean?

      1. my first thoughts, no reading other comments or google, were a contemporary steel welded art show and a new inert gas discovery I was unaware of! so enlighten me!

            1. Yes. And what you’ve mention with the ‘Teletubbies’ – ‘Satanism’ – ‘Corruption’ All those play a huge factor into how our own media loves to mess with us with information as being the same and having us buy into it.

    1. I didn’t think you’d get that line. Glad you agree with me on the matter. 🙂

      Say, I want to share something with you on this poem. Try and guess what these 2 words mean (itanimulli) & (Artlukm)??? Trust me…try and if not I’ll tell you the answer and then you’ll see this poem itself completely different.

  4. The Synthex Incisor licked cone of malaise
    upon witch to graze the gravel craven grave.
    The glitter gluttorial split the spilludder from
    Mungo Shopping Mall … in A Minor.
    Goat rain taboo does the Minotaur stew,
    as the pathogenesis replication of Simonism sutrates the Karma Moomongs.

    1. Two schools of thought.

      (Artlukm) if you missed the unusual word which was repeated 3 times within the poem, backwards means:


      (itanimulli) when typed on Google – it’ll pop up as ‘National Security Agency’ hence reverse Illuminati. hahahahahahahaha!!!! Interesting right?

      oh! and there’s another clue number ‘3301’ type those numbers on Google and let me know what popped up. 🙂

      1. Yes, brings back find memories Charlie.
        I was recruited by Cicada 3301, but after
        the copious consumption of acid, courtesy
        of MK-Ultra, I was deemed too much of a puzzle to solve!? When I complained
        to Doctor Feelgood, the head of lysergics
        at MK-Ultra, he just up and jumped out of
        his hotel window (with a little help from his
        friends). Of course, they blamed me!? ☢️🙃

    1. Glad you enjoyed this poem. Also here’s a deeper, proper head scratch for what your about to know of this poem.

      Did you notice 2 unusual words? and one number altogether?

      (Artlukm) if you missed it backwards means: MK-Ultra.

      (itanimulli) when typed on Google – it’ll pop up as ‘National Security Agency’ hence reverse Illuminati. hahahahahahahaha!!!!

      Now, the number ‘3301’ type those numbers on Google and let me know what popped up.
      If not, I’ll tell you.

  5. Unzip exorcism precariously- it hates mayonnaise Artlukum !! Awesome. Lips membrane; the neck confetti dust flood, bloody hell, I so love this.
    This poem of yours , Charlie , is my password to cracking the observations made in each line.
    You are keeping me busy , Charles the genius.

    1. I’m so happy and glad you loved those phrases and the wordings themselves. 🙂

      Now, Artlukum the word if you notice carefully when reverse means: MK-Ultra.

      Another magic trick with the other word: (itanimulli) when typed on Google – it’ll pop up as ‘National Security Agency’ hence reverse Illuminati. 🙂

      Now, for my last unrevealed trick the number ‘3301’ type those numbers on Google and let me know what popped up.

      If not, I’ll tell you. 🙂

        1. Yes. But once I tell you the 3 things you missed…you’ll see the poem differently.
          With a careful closer inspection here’s what it all means.

          (Artlukum) is mention 3 times yes, Artlukum = MK-Ultra.

          (itanimulli) might have been obvious or not, but if you type the word the way it is on Google search –
          this will pop up: ‘National Security Agency’ reverse the itanimulli = Illuminati.

          Now for my last trick…If you type in these numbers on Google ‘3301’, please let me know what you discovered. 🙂

  6. Completely off the wall, which is what i love about your work. A very strong current of eroticism flowing underneath. Intriguing, inspiring and alien…keep it up!

  7. I am always pleased Charlie when I arrive last but not least on some of your posts.. For you then divulge much needed clues for this poor English brain to digest.. Thank you for the MK Ultra clue .. The TeleTubbies, I never did like… Load of gibberish… LOL…

    As for Aura’s I imagine yours orange tinged with green.. Communication for orange and green for growth… 😀 Have you ever had a picture taken of your Aura? My Kirlian photo of 2010 can be found on my about me page in my short slide show.. 😀
    Will catch up some more soon.. Its late here this evening.. I see you have been busy posting… really pleased you have..
    Take care too Charlie.. and sending a big hug right back at you 🙂 💚🌈💛

  8. Sublime. I’ve missed your words. Mind faaaaaarrrrrr kk lol .Shared this on my FB page. You are my fave WordPress poet. WORD!

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