Cloaked Balloon Surgeons Biopsy on Doctor Stampede Oven

Disco rock horror surgeons

Priestcraft balloon

physique suicide.

 Cedilla mice,
quantum marshmallow,
exequy climax
tireless pork.

Doctor Stampede
cloaked sigil
the oven heat;
duodenum pulsed.

grapefruit nanostructures,
convulse taxonomy.

Copyright © 2019 Charlie Zero the Poet

All rights Reserved.

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63 thoughts on “Cloaked Balloon Surgeons Biopsy on Doctor Stampede Oven

    1. In all sense poetry has its place of deep ocean mysterious. Things that can’t be explained, yet, beautiful for what has created in that idea.

      Places like our own dreams, we get lost within our own puzzles, but come out the other end with incredible results.

  1. Congratulations! … first poem I’ve ever head containing duodenum. 😉 … Amazingly, I was thinking surgeon very early, so when you closed with it, I cheered!

    1. Like that one huh? The thing about words is crafting them into one whole poem that makes complete sense to the reader and to the nervous system. The surgeon on the other hand, has done he’s job at creating the next formula for poetic language. 🙂

  2. ……………………….CHARLIE,

    Charlie unshaven on a cornhusk bed
    innocent eyes
    and dirty boy thoughts

    out on the street
    I punched some feller
    he called you
    a rat peddler

    I stare at you
    there on your cornhusk bed
    me throat gone dry
    what a dear sweet boy

    1. Multiple-Michael, Gone dry by the universe
      or, did the rats
      set up a choir
      of anthem stares & Cornhusk drones?

      The neon-peddlers
      confiscated all human thoughts
      and blended them in a hot pot galactic punch.

      Unshaven eyes, the throat organisms, rule the third apex.

    1. Yes, anthropomorphic mice booking a gig for modeling agencies who need something different other than the opposite of humans and so forth. Imagine living in a world we’re humanoid creatures rule our humans society. That would be something.

    1. Thank you my friend for tuning in on the imagery with my work.
      I put a lot of my soul into experimenting with language and the ‘Cut up method’.

      Yes, I did read all 4 parts in the ‘Nation and Decoration’ series. I was blown away and still I’m delighted and honored to have read those satirical works. Their my favorite writings to read. 🙂

  3. i felt i was at a buffet with my hands tied and lips sutured, the only way was to inhale the goodness. you amaze me every time, i slip over a line

    1. 🙂 Wow! That’s a good way of describing how you felt about my work. Awesome!

      Well, I try my best to get all my readers hooked onto something unbeknownst to them and entering a chaotic world where such delicious foods become more interesting as one takes more bites into the flavor of it all. 🙂

  4. This made me laugh, Charlie. Your mind is a theme park.

    When I read this:

    “Doctor pelvic lipstick
    sends his legion taxonomy
    and the biopsy marshmallow
    to deform memes.”

    I immediately thought of a bunch of deluded morons pitching the next worst reality show to a room of TV execs. It would get picked up for like 8 seasons I bet.

    Your poetry is like an escape from reality which, let’s be honest, is much needed sometimes


    1. LOL!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

      Good one. You had my stomach hurt by what you described. That’s exactly what I was going for in this message. 🙂

      You’re right escape from reality is good. Especially now of what’s happening in our neck of the world, we all need an escape to somewhere else. 🙂

      1. I’m laughing too now!
        Happy to make you chuckle

        Escape is necessary. Feeds the imagination and then slowly seeps into reality brightening things up a bit

  5. There is so much I like in this , Charlie. I think I like all of the words and lines.
    Somehow this verse is different ! The title is fabulous! My mind is more than interested to read this again.
    You could get a Pulitzer for this , Charles , only I think maybe you are above rewards awards , eh??

    1. I made sure this poem felt different in its own universe from all others. However, every poem has its separate universe.

      If in time I do get a reward or awards, I would not accept it…I’d give it to some other writer who deserves it more than me. I’ll be happy as a bee. 🙂

  6. CHARLIE I HAVE MISSED YOU!!!! Just returned from Tibet and I find this beautiful magical poem here for me, I wonder what a grapefruit climax is but as always my mind conjures up possible explanations

    1. Hey! Count! I’ve missed you as well. How have you been? Long time. So, you’re back from Tibet? How was it?

      Thank you. I’m glad you this poem to be as a magical wonder of cut up and rearranging the future self.

      Grapefruit climax was by accident the ‘Cut Up Technique’ I used for this entire poem and all of my other poems as well. 🙂

      1. AAAAAHHHHHHHH THAT EXPLAINS IT !!!! I didn’t know you used that, how did I not pick up on it all this time!
        I’ve been cold, primarily, been walking a lot and developed these great calf muscles now hahaa. I also visited a Buddhist monastery and stayed there a while. I went back into India and to this small factory where they make the incense and oils and other things that smell divine. It was quite fun. I had to tend to an ailing aunt in Tibet though, she’s based herself there and well, she’s one of the more powerful one’s in my family. She did give me these very expensive amber statues so it wasn’t all in vain! Hahaha. How about you, it has been long.

        1. Yes, all this time…pretty much all of my poems that you’ve read from before are all ‘Cut Up’. Strangeness you picked up on it now. See, its’ about keeping a closer look at how weird my writing is. 🙂

          A Buddhist monastery? That is amazing! I wish one day I can stay at a Buddhist monastery. India from what I hear is a beautiful place, people, and the food. 🙂

          I’m so sorry to hear your aunt is not well. 😦 So happy you went and visited her. You are a wonderful person and bless you so much.

          I’ve been good. Just writing my 3rd book in a series of trilogy. And my 2nd book will be release next month. There’s no date yet, but, its a big unexpected surprise. 🙂

          1. THE FOOD IS WOW WOW WOW. I found that my aunt owns a house in a village in the himalayas in this place called spitti, and I intend on traveling there sometime this year and staying for a bit.
            I DIDN’T KNOW YOU WROTE A BOOK WHERE DO I READ IT!!! So excited!
            I think I shall try a cut up piece too it seems fun. How have you been otherwise ?

            1. Nooooo…please don’t go. I missed you posting and me eager to read your incredible work. 🙂

              Well, at this point – no one can’t read my first book since one would have to buy one off me. And I don’t have a proper set up of giving everyone a free preview of what my work represents. 🙂

              Do not worry…for the 2nd book I will promote it a lot and it will have a link. I’ll be using a ‘paypal’ account – to where anyone can purchase my 2nd book. 🙂

              Try the cut up. Trust me…you’re mind will expand further than ever. And you’ll experiment more…try doing it with some of your own works. Poetry or stories. 🙂

              I’m great…working, spending lots of time with my girlfriend, and currently reading ‘The Illuminati Papers’ by Robert Anton Wilson. Have you read it before? or heard about it?

              1. What I meant was is it on amazon etc hahahaa. That’s so kind of you I SHALL TRY TO POST MORE, but I really never get to writing an entire piece ever. I just write sketches and it’s left that way.
                Lucky you to be spending time with a girlfriend while I spent my last trek with a stranger dog :((
                No I have not heard of them though they seem very interesting indeed, I’m assuming it’s about the illuminatI? I shall try the cut up thing very soon. So you write a poem, cut up the words, scatter them send then pick up piece by piece to make one, right?

                1. None of my books are on ‘Amazon’. It’s all going to be through my own ‘Paypal’. I Don’t trust Amazon.

                  Here this will help you.

                  Cut-up is performed by taking a finished and fully linear text and cutting it in pieces with a few or single words on each piece. The resulting pieces are then rearranged into a new text, such as in poems by Tristan Tzara as described in his short text, TO MAKE A DADAIST POEM.

                  Fold-in is the technique of taking two sheets of linear text (with the same linespacing), folding each sheet in half vertically and combining with the other, then reading across the resulting page, such as in The Third Mind. It is Burroughs and Gysin’s joint development.

                  Cut-Ups William S. Burroughs

                  How David Bowie used ‘cut ups’ to create lyrics – BBC News


                  It’s about making fun of Conspiracy Theorist who believe that a secret society like the ‘Illuminati’ exist or don’t? The book reads itself as a big satirical message of not to worry about how the world itself is destroying everything but really us changing the world through our own means of art, poetry, music, or literature.

                  P.S Get ready for my new post tomorrow morning. The title itself will make you laugh and the poem itself??? I’ll leave it for you to ponder. 🙂

  7. Hey Charlie, this one makes me smile and laugh! It came out honestly funny and tickled my agreeance bone.
    Priestly memes are deformed marshmallows and cattle would make short shrift stampeding through a disco version of The Rocky Horror Show only to end up in a pig pen with Nostradamus. All the while Dr. Pelvic Lipstick attempts to make grapefruits climax!

    It seems I’m not getting email notifications of yours posts anymore. Will try to fix that!

    1. So glad this made you smile. And I love your input on the classic ‘Rocky Horror Picture Show’ which does in a sense pay tribute to the beautiful people of the world. 🙂

      Hmmm??? That’s odd..?? Try following me again and see if you get email notifications of my work for future.

      I always get email notifications by all your post. 🙂

      1. It’s happened many times to me on WP. Sometimes I can get the email notices back, sometimes not. The thing is if I like someones work, I eventually catch on, and go visit them. ❦

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