Enigmatic Withdrawal


Culture jamming

in my
own pit.


Copyright © 2019 Charlie Zero the Poet

All rights Reserved.

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65 thoughts on “Enigmatic Withdrawal

    1. Thank you Bioman.

      There’s more to the poem that you thought. The words that seem unusual play a significant part
      In the narrative of what’s happening.

      Try figuring it out. If you can’t I’ll reveal what those words mean. Trust me you’ll want to know what this whole poem all means and how it connects to make sense.

      1. The words do not lend themselves to easy interpretation sure – so help me out? But the joy of Performance” is in the work. Precise, definite and obscure.

        1. The beginning line: “Reficul immortality – praise tsirhcitna/”

          First word: Reficul = Lucifer backwards.
          Second word: praise tsirhcitna, (tsirhcitna = antichrist)

          Now going further into the rabbit hole.

          11b-x-1371 means this:

          The rest – I’ll fill you in after you’ve understood.

  1. This is intense stuff, Charlie! “open the voynich-manuscript/ and swarm the Tanganyika-laughter-epidemic”. Wow. Do you have a personal dictionary?

    1. I do have a personal dictionary. I look for words that haven’t seen the light on paper.

      Well, this poem itself has a deeper meaning with those unusual words. If you can’t decode what those words mean…then I’ll reveal layer by layer what this poem means and its connect to our world. Trust me.

        1. First line: Reficul immortality – praise tsirhcitna/

          Reficul = Lucifer backwards.

          Tsirhcitna = Antichrist backwards. Praise as some humans tend to latch onto.

          For the next layer: 11b-x-1371 means:

          Await further information on the next layers to reveal to you.

    1. Thank you, Bojana.

      The poem is coded with a hidden Easter-egg message. The words you’ve read
      that look unusual play a part in what is happening around us.

      Try again…if you can’t figure it out, I’ll reveal what those words mean and you’ll be left scratching your head.

        1. First line: Reficul immortality – praise tsirhcitna/

          Now, Reficul = Lucifer backwards the first born.

          Tsirhcitna = Antichrist the false messiah that half humans blind themselves to worship.

          As for these numbers: 11b-x-1371

          Go to the first comment of this guy name: Bioman scroll down a bit and you’ll see a video
          that has these numbers shown: 11b-x-1371

          After you’re done watching, let me know and await further instructions to proceed.

            1. Broadcast Barry-j cover-up/

              Is relating to the death of this mysterious man named: barry jennings cover up.

              Barry Jennings Mystery

              look closer cinosam/ (cinosam = Masonic)

              culture jamming – means: a form of political and social activism which, by means of fake adverts, hoax news stories, pastiches of company logos and product labels, computer hacking, etc, draws attention to and at the same time subverts the power of the media, governments, and large corporations to control and distort the information that they give to the public in order to promote consumerism, militarism, etc

              After your done…let me know and we can proceed further in peeling off the onion.

                1. I write 3 poems a day or more…it all depends on time and I play around with everything within the language or meaning.

                  Okay…you are probably the only one here who is willing to know more.

                  Let’s keep going. Next.

                  V838-monocerotis is the red star. You can type it in on Google and it will appear.

                  dancing-plague = mania & death


                  rehcse-C.M. = M. C. Escher a well known graphic artist

                  codex = codex seraphinianus a book by Luigi Serafini

                  Let me know and will continue more. You’re almost there. Again your the only one that’s willing to be curious in knowing what this poem will unveil.

                2. Topsy the elephant = death by electrocution


                  Capgras delusion: a psychiatric disorder in which a person holds a delusion that a friend, spouse, parent, or other close family member (or pet) has been replaced by an identical impostor.


                  Montauk-tcejorp (tcejorp = project)

                  Montauk Project: alleges there were a series of secret United States government projects conducted at Camp Hero or Montauk Air Force Station on Montauk, Long Island, for the purpose of developing psychological warfare techniques and exotic research including time travel.


                  Moore’s paradox: concerns the apparent absurdity involved in asserting a first-person present-tense sentence such as, “It’s raining, but I don’t believe that it is raining” or “It’s raining but I believe that it is not raining.”


                  Gub-muinnellim = millennium-bug


                  tropria-revned = denver-airport backwards.

                  The Denver Airport Conspiracy | Five Things To Know About This Odd Airport..

                  F-4 Phantom:


                  You’re almost there.

                3. So these are the last things of unveiling the whole message of the poem:

                  Redro-dlrow-wen = new world order

                  evorg-naimehob = bohemian-grove

                  Bohemian Grove: The Most Forbidden Place in America

                  ariela 5ecrecy 0001 = area 51

                  Globalization hard-hat-riot is a reference to this:

                  The Hard Hat Riot occurred on May 8, 1970, in New York City. It started around noon when about 200 construction workers mobilized by the New York State AFL-CIO attacked some 1,000 college and high school students and others who were protesting the May 4 Kent State shootings, the Vietnam War, and the April 30 announcement by President Richard Nixon of the U.S. invasion of Cambodia.


                  church of the ycaripsnoc, (ycaripsnoc = conspiracy

                  headroom max is this:

                  Max Headroom

                  So, everything I’ve sent you and unveiled is the answer to what is happening around the world. The secret of not being so secretive but its aware of.

                  You we’re the only one who was curious enough to want to know what this whole poem meant. You made it.

                  It’s sad and unfortunate that no one here wanted to know further.

        1. Awesome! Well, if you read (Bojana’s) comments on here…I’ve already made a whole reveal of what the whole poem means. Read further and you’ll be surprised of what you’re about to read and watch with video links. 🙂

          1. Hi Charlie, sorry I couldn’t get back to you last night. I came home too tired. I just got up and came right to it. Yes, I saw the videos and Bojana’s comments.
            What can I say? There were several things I did not know about. Google helps 🙂
            I’ll say this: a splendid work filled with hidden meanings. Bravo.

            Ready to play after next week. So, I look forward to more in the weeks to come.

            1. It’s quite alright my friend. 🙂

              I needed to present something completely different in terms of poetic style and its hidden messages.

              Google always helps and leads one to find the source of all answers. 🙂

              Thank you so much for reading and seeing the imagery. 🙂

  2. …………………….Charlie,

    how does one adult male tell another adult male
    that he should invest in a strong enema ?

    it is obvious that your words are backing up
    Baby Bird, you need to clean that junk out

    back in the old days there was a product
    called “Pluto Water”
    Charlie, you need something strong

    perhaps, a few minutes of macho masculinity ?
    like a pet that escapes and goes wild

    I am constantly amazed by your innocence
    your totally unspoiled goodness

    1. ……………………………Michael,

      Words and junk
      mix water
      that goes that unspoiled.

      You tell product perhaps
      to adult Pluto,
      and totally pet invest
      in old quartet strings.

      Masculinity became deflated
      long ago, it’s obvious
      of macho escapes enema.

      One minute
      you call yourself
      a dentist;
      next the backing few
      may need a good birthday wish.

    1. I’ll unveil a few for you and the rest await further instructions.

      First line: Reficul immortality – praise tsirhcitna/

      Reficul = Lucifer spelled backwards.

      Praise Tsirhcitna, (Tsirhcitna = Antichrist).


      Once you’ve understood. Let me know me and the next layer of onion will be peeled out.

        1. True.

          And to answer your question:

          What are we doing? Well, let’s see…taking selfie pictures, violence being tolerated because of our idiot President, not doing more as we should be doing something about it and by that I mean…climate change and being driven by saving our planet and the animals that breath and give life to where we are right now. Etc…etc. I could go on…

          1. I’m with you! I personally hate selfies, but that’s besides the point.
            Yes, we could go on and on. It is a befuddlement about trump. He was elected, even if by electoral college. Point is that there is a very huge amount of people that are with & support him in his idiocy. Now, there are trump types being elected all over the world. Ontario, the province I live in, elected a mini trump for Premier. Looks like we’re in for a long stupid ride.
            From up here in Canada it looks like trump’ll be re-elected unless the Dems come up with a leader and a plan.

            1. Seems like the trump has influenced and reached every politician from all over the world, due to his stupidity and his fever of ignorance.

              Damn, in Ontario? I hope the people of Canada can see and protest against mini trumps in the near future.

              1. I don’t know, Charlie? We have our federal election in the fall. We will see then.
                In the meantime the provinces are going down 1 by 1!
                The biggest thing I hope for is that trump gets voted out of office. Only that will begin to change the mood.

                1. Yes, I hope the democrats find a way to give him the boot. I’m tired of hearing and seeing him talk pure nonsense.

                  Well, the elections of coming soon…so will see who he/or she becomes the next president for 2020.

                2. Like I told my partner years ago when he was complaining about politicians in power: You don’t vote! You leave it up to other people. You don’t have a right to complain about it.
                  Now he votes, and boy he sure has a lot to say. I listen to every word.

  3. At first glance it looks like the the inner thoughts & feelings of a robot. Is this the future? Emotional robots writing poetry. I can’t figure this out. Blown away!

  4. Having gone through the comments, I am now officially exhausted.
    Kudos to you, Charlie for your creations.
    I, however, am gonna keep on with my little simple stories 😉

    1. It’s quite alright.

      I was hoping curiosity will catch the readers attention. I guess no one will ever know what the meaning of this poem really means. I was about to unveil it but no one bothered to reply or get curious. 🙂

      I can’t say I blame you. 🙂 Bless you my friend and thank you for giving the poem a chance.

  5. Okay , I watched all the videos in your comments section and I quite got the hang of what this poem is all about !
    You are a genius, Charlie but I still need to study this further , you see 😒, I ain’t so clever but with a little help , I will 😊 .

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