Despondency Act 2: Hoodwink


Take pictures
of yourself,
full of glee & doubt.
Behind the scenes
we flirt with emptiness.


Copyright © 2019 Charlie Zero the Poet

All rights Reserved.

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103 thoughts on “Despondency Act 2: Hoodwink

    1. I’m glad you know all the words.
      My currently mood at the moment is unleashing harsh truth and something different to take writing in a new direction.

      The last post I shared with everyone was really depressing than this one.

      There’s more like this poems to come and they’ll get much darker and more in your face than anything.

  1. What may be the story behind the dependence this time? Or is time an extension of the inner constitution that frames the life we come to know?

      1. I think I understand. I’m excited to read the rest of the parts. 😀

        P.S if you happen to drop by my blog- I wouldn’t suggest reading anything but “Opening Sequence: Eternity…” The rest is kind of aimless, I think.

          1. Maybe real life is boring to tech-savvy people. Not as glamorous as in a picture where you are dressed up, made up and posing but pretending you’re not.

            I think people who are always looking at their phones actually have nothing interesting to say. Finally they end up showing each other funny videos (aka complete garbage).

            1. You have no idea how happy this makes me feel knowing you feel exactly how I’m feeling.

              I agree 100%.

              It’s no wonder the times I’ve tried to make friends with strangers they seem more occupied on their phones than having to listen to the person in front of them. Makes sense that tech-savvy people are boring and would much rather invest their lives into the screen as oppose to a real talk conversation about anything.

              Basilike, thank you for understanding and knowing exactly what I was getting at with the short poem. 🙂

              1. Trying to talk with strangers may be a little tricky sometimes. Maybe it’s not the right time for them, and in this case their phones may be their “shields.” I think it’s worse when people who are already friends keep checking their phones when they are together. It’s unavoidable to an extend and we all do it now and then, but some do it annoyingly more. Eventually, you lose touch.

                And you’re welcome! Kisses.

                1. Exactly the way your telling me is what I experience. When others are on their phones annoyingly so, it becomes clear to me that they much rather find interest in their phones than what the conversation I started cuts short. I feel at times ignored and it hurts me inside.

    1. It is all me and it comes from my own heart and how I’m feeling at the moment.

      I wrote one like this last post. That one is much more depressing than this.

      You’re right…a different side that you’ve never read before. Much more like this to come. 🙂

                1. I’ll be stopping by your page soon. And please check your spam box just in case you don’t receive my comments. I’ve been trying to reach you and nothing. I thought at first you we’re mad at me. Your a good friend and I don’t want to lose you.

          1. I see the connection, Charlie. I am a university professor and I teach only graduate classes. Yet, not all millennials are the same. Some of them work very hard. Can we generalize like in this video? I do not know. However, it is true that most of them feel entitled. That’s a function of how they grew up. The video makes it clear and I agree with that. What the future holds? I really do not know. I will stop here. Too much to say. Thank you for sharing the video 🙂

            1. When it comes to one having a face to face conversation with that person.
              They depend on their phone too much, checking, texting.
              Ask your students, what is so important in that device that you can’t put down their phones for just a couple of minutes and have a decent conversation?

              In my experience – this happens a lot and when I try having a good conversation with people
              they make short conversations and start staring at their phones. That is what bothers me and drives me towards depression. One can’t ignore someone just because they want to talk.

              1. I understand that very well. On a different note, I asked my students: What’s the book that influenced you the most? Most of them answered: Harry Potter. What do you think? Why Harry Potter?

                1. Exactly. Why Harry Potter? Why Marvel? Why Lord of the Rings? etc. etc.

                  I guess people have certain interest that is in their favor as oppose to face to face
                  deep minded conversations. Too many distractions for humans. Not enough for an intellectual chat.

    1. Thank you, Bojana.

      My currently mood is taking things to other levels of how I feel toward people and their lack of communicate amongst their small group. From a stand point observation in what I see everyday. It sickens me. Feels like the episode from ‘Black Mirror’ Nose Dive. If you haven’t seen it I recommend it strongly. It does tie in with what I wrote in some ways.

    1. Absolutely true, Dale.

      What frustrates more is why lie with a mask on if one can be true to themselves?

      At least that’s why I prefer most, I know everyone is different.

      Thank you…I have a lot to say with just few lines that ring truth in what my heart aches and how others can relate.

      1. Sometimes we have no choice but to hide our true selves (at work, say) and sometimes the choice is self-preservation. I admit to taking it off more and more as I get older, becoming less worried about what others think.

        1. True. I understand that to a degree. Also, there’s a time and a place for that but what about distraction? There’s ton of people who want to communicate face to face and have real talk. Others choose to drown themselves into the phone world as oppose to having someone there to talk to. Like I told one of the other commenters. What’s so interesting in the phone? Are real people not interesting anymore? Are we boring them? Is that why these tech-savvy people need to be on their phones because their not interesting enough?

          1. Face to face implies effort – one, or both must make an effort to move towards the other… Today, sadly, that is more than some are willing to do.

            1. Yes. If both can make efforts to make face to face conversations and just put away their phones. Then progress starts.

              But, your right. Nowadays, people are just too interested in what goes on in that phone as oppose to what’s in front of their eyes. A human to talk to.

  2. You nailed this, Charlie , Charlie , yippeee, so much depth in these lines. I am absolutely wowed with this one, your creativity is boundless.

      1. You are welcome, Charlie.
        It’s all about how one looks , it’s crazy fake, everyone is losing their shit trying to be perfect ugh 😑 ugh 😑 ugh 😑, eww I can’t stand it.

                1. Yes. It’s annoy but it is what it is…and people are just going to someday realize the fact the we humans need a close connection to a verbal conversation. Put away your phone and let’s talk for once.

    1. Yep. This is the thing that bothers me when I go out and can’t help but observe people’s behavior with their phones. What’s so interesting? Shouldn’t talking to the person in front of you be more interesting?

  3. You’re right! I agree 100%
    And perfectly expressed.

    Such a sad thing of our times.

    I saw a very concerning video where a founder of Facebook said that they make these things purposely addictive but it got so much bigger than they thought. There are schools here in Australia that are banning phones, and the kids are so much happier. They’ve literally had to learn how to interact with others face to face and they love it. Their anxiety has decreased as well. My goodness, what a mess. Let’s hope more people get wiser about this. Also for the sake of safety etc.

    You’ve nailed the short poem thing Charlie! 🌸

    1. I can’t say I blame the concern Facebook founder.

      I wish what is happening in Australia can bring upon an impact in our community with limiting their phones
      and start a good dialect amongst each other.
      Sadly, its unrealistic here to dream.

      Thank you. More to come tomorrow. 🙂

      1. Yes, he was kind of confessing about thsi monster they had created, and admitted that he doesn’t even use it anymore, he was warning others about it. The reality is that people are truly addicted to these things, and they need the appropriate help and tools to deal with it. The awareness is so important.

        And you are welcome! Look forward to it 🙂

  4. This stripped down and bare you is amazing.
    So much power in so few words. Please do more. I feel it is a very honest part of yourself that is wonderful to read, Charlie

    1. Agree. I’ve never wanted to expose true honesty in this light. Most of my life is hiding behind cryptic messages and going about my work being experimental. I do enjoy showing a side of me that readers haven’t read before.

      More to come tomorrow in short poem. 🙂

  5. Excellent Poem Charlie.. The techno world is separating those who think they have loads of on line friends.. Yet they fail to interact in the real world..
    I listened to the video you shared on Simon Sinek, what truth he speaks… Wonderful interview and wisdom… I wish more could tap into his way of thinking, how especially our youth are becoming addicted and no wonder suicide is on the increase..

    Many thanks Charlie… love your new line of poetry.. ❤

    1. Very relevant video that I needed to share with everyone. And how I expressed it with a few lines says everything I feel towards people’s behavior with their devices.

      Yes, agree. Addiction leads to suicide. And it depends how far people dive in on it to further extremes.

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