Despondency Act 5: Putrid Optimism


Optimism vile –
bury our future
in false promises.
Love weary
hanged itself,
alone, no friends.


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All rights Reserved.

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67 thoughts on “Despondency Act 5: Putrid Optimism

        1. When writing this – one side is the prospects of opportunities in life and how rejected kicks us in the face and we feel at our lowest. The other – can work with the first example but with a few relatable changes in how this can speak for anyone out there.

    1. I agree with you, Dale! It is dark and profound. Charlie has a knack for getting us to think. Although his longer pieces are deeper than a well, I find his micro poetry packs a black-eyed punch!

  1. Charlie, this is gorgeous. It’s black, but black diamonds spark too. A future buried in false promises, loneliness, no love. The entire world reduced (perhaps not the right word) to the beauty that one can find only in pain. You touched my heart.

    1. Thank you my friend.

      You’ve nailed it. Optimism can benefit on certain levels, and that’s all depending
      on how the universe is in favor of that individual. It’s sad, unfair, and who is the universe to judge?

    1. Thank you, Watt.

      Sometimes when one is striving and struggling in life, we try and be positive and hopeful
      about job prospects, life itself, or just someone having to give you a change on projects.
      And when that fails and you don’t qualify in their eyes…rejection is a brutal insult to our talents.

    1. Thank you, Bojana.

      Most people give up on everything…but not so entirely true. It really depends on the person.
      Sometimes when things like job opportunities or getting published don’t go in such favors. Our instinct right away feels rejected and our heart feels it. It sucks.

      I know anyone who reads this will relate and knows exactly what or how the universe cheats us on such opportunities.

  2. This is so, so relatable for me. When I read this, I saw Optimism as a betrayer, almost like a tease, too. It seems to come in your life long enough to get your hopes up and then the truth sets in that the hopes and promises of good things to come are not meant for us to hold. For some people, it feels like they are constantly getting the low end of the stick when things don’t work out. But how you personified Love hanging itself was intense and such a powerful picture. Hanging alone without a friend in the world. It has no one to appreciate it. Of course, when love gives up on itself it can leave us in a dark and hopeless place.

    This is brilliantly written and, though a sad thing for anyone to go through, you have captured that feeling of being disappointed so well in this. Really appreciate the heart that you put into this poem, Charlie. 🙂

    1. Great perspective.

      The universe seems like it is not in some people’s favor.
      Almost feeling cheated because we’ve done good in our lives
      and yet to have the opportunities not represent itself to us naturally,
      it feels unfair in the circumstance.

      Love…well, following up to what I said, no matter how one keeps trying and trying –
      their comes a dark end into one’s live where it just doesn’t matter anymore.
      Friends become a commodity. Materialism means nothing with no value in it.
      A turning point for that individual who suffers through life knowing things are unfair and why.

      Thank you so much…and more to come next Monday. You’ll love it. Trust me, I know everyone else will really relate to the next post. 🙂

      1. What you speak is something I have been coming to terms with in my own life lately. I used to get so confused as to why things seem to work out for people who go through life putting in the least amount of effort in everything and things seem to never fall in place for those who put their blood, sweat and tears into all they do. It does seem unfair, but then I remember something… Even in the struggle, we are gaining. The people that seem to travel “Easy Street” miss out on the scenic route that the person traveling the desert gets to experience. You learn so much during those times and you come out wiser and stronger. And… what you have learned can be of help to the next man and woman who finds themselves venturing life’s desert. That struggle is never in vain. 🙂

        You are so very welcome, Charlie. It was a pleasure reading your amazing work and I look forward to reading your post on Monday! I’m sure it will be powerful! 🙂

        1. The struggle of life is a fight and maybe for the better of things to come out on the other end. My girlfriend has helped me in great amounts of reminding me that something good will happen. What that is we don’t know but something will.

          I strongly agree with what you said;

          “Even in the struggle, we are gaining”.

          I’m going to keep this in mind and never forget that things will be good.

          I know full well Monday’s post you’ll relate strongly just like everyone else. I can’t wait.

          I’ll be stopping by soon to read more of your work. 🙂

          1. Your girlfriend is a wise woman, Charlie. Listen to her! 🙂. Everything has its time and, like you, I’m reminding myself that something great is around the corner for me… even if things look a bit hopeless at the moment, I keep pushing forward with hope that something good will happen. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you.

            Looking forward to Monday’s post, my friend! Will be looking out for it. Hope you have a beautiful Thursday, Charlie! 🙂

            1. Thank you so much, Manessah.

              No matter how tough things get I know my girlfriend is there to help me up and not let me fall. Even though, its difficult to let go of those rejections because its on your mind. Don’t worry – I let go of those bad things and make the most out of the positive and look forward to something greater.

              Tomorrows post will satisfy everyone.

    1. You hit the nail right on the coffin. 🙂

      Love this one. 🙂 It’s exactly what I felt when writing this and I’ve experience this many times as well as anyone here in the world. I wanted to draw a connection and a relatable note to anyone that they aren’t alone.

  3. This one is too deep, Charlie. Hope shows itself in midst of despair, so we hope and then hope disappoints.
    Well, finally , it all boils down to a constant struggle.
    Love , ah ! That is another topic of despair 😩
    Love is always alone.

    1. Indeed. I know you’ve talked about this before. ‘Hope’? we cling on to this idea because we need a bit of faith in our lives and to remind us, things will get better.

      That’s true. Despair on the other-hand; cheats us away from such opportunities.

      1. Then life itself is a continuation of hope.
        Maybe it’s making a fool out of us , eh ?
        Despair is anyways short lived , either it kills you or you live with that poison.

    1. Thank you, Em.

      I’m just getting started with these despondency series. I’m writing constantly on my journal and really tapping into my inner-emotions of how the rest of the world feels.

      Many relate and I don’t feel alone.

  4. Optimism should be a positive thing. Yet, who is optimizing what, where and when. The forces of evil know how to make the most out of their investments.
    Still, be the person bad or good, in the end, the last is alone.

  5. Been there Charlie.. A breakdown taught me many lessons of myself and others.. Ever the Optimist I gave all the benefit of the doubt only to realise there were many false promises.. ❤

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