Despondency Act 6: The Best friend who wore a Double Mask


A best friend: loyal, honest,
and unconditional –
sooner or later;
their true repugnant form
begins to undress.



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All rights Reserved.

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74 thoughts on “Despondency Act 6: The Best friend who wore a Double Mask

        1. The last suppose best friends I had we’re back in 2012.

          I found it weird that they would call me their best friend. Even though, they only knew me
          for a short while. Anyways, these two friends we’re a couple that they’ve been together for years.
          Long story short, they would avoid my calls or text. I don’t know what the reason was.
          I started find out from other people that I was acquainted with that those two we’re liars
          and they would use people either for a ride or be super nice. They would post pictures of where they would go
          and once time I called them out on that issue a few times, their excuse was a lot of problems at home
          or didn’t have time to hang out. oh! but they sure had lots of time for their other friends and posted countless pictures of them going out and adding how much true best friends are…and they weren’t referring to me.

          I caught them on a lot of lies and when I would confront them…they came off very defensive.

          My girlfriend even warn me about them when I first introduced them. She said; they are not good people at all.
          After that…I didn’t want anything to do with them…That’s the end.

          Do you have some stories? one that really got you angry?

          1. Lots. In most cases, it was all about them. It was fine when I listened, for months and years, and when I had a problem or was falling apart, they ‘forgot’ to ask.
            People suck, Charlie. I’m better off with animals. They understand more.

            1. I hate it when none of them ask what is wrong with you, do you need to talk?

              It’s all about them but what about considering other peopele’s feelings?

              Your right? Animals are a better friend and company. They really understand more than other humans.

    1. Thank you, Frank.

      True. The few who stick by you through good or bad they are consider to be a genuine down to earth best friend.

      Betrayal is one of my biggest fears. Betrayal happens on many different levels all the time, and there is no worse feeling than realizing someone you thought you could trust has gone against you. ~ Katie Lee

  1. As Maya Angelou once said: “When people tell you what they are, believe them.” Sometimes they actually do show their true colours in the beginning but we choose not to see them. And then when we do, we are shattered.

    1. Love the quote.

      Deception hides in different layers. If people say one thing and sounds genuine okay I believe it…
      There’s the after surprise then we didn’t expect that came out of nowhere about that person.

      That is heart breaking.

  2. You were right when you said I would identify with this, Charlie. One of the worst feelings in the world… finding out that the person we call our “best friend” has another face that’s treacherous. Awesome and profound words, my friend.

    1. Exactly.

      I’ve had on my past experienced these types of people who I thought at the time we’re my true best friends.
      Sadly, I had to find out the hard way. I needed to tell this side of a harsh truth of who can we trust in our daily lives. It’s difficult because everyone seems so nice and welcoming…but its not all that’s cracked up to be.

      1. I can fully relate to that. It reminds me of an old school song my mom plays all the time called “Smiling Faces Sometimes”. Basically talks about how those smiling faces and friendly demeanors can be deceiving sometimes. I’d rather know my enemy dislikes me than have my enemy pretending to be my friend.

        So sorry you’ve had to go through that, but it teaches you about people and makes the eyes sharper at seeing the real from the fake.

        1. Your mom is a singer? I really love the title and it fits perfectly into what our conversation.

          I never understood why anyone would rather pretend to be this person in deception than to be yourself and if you don’t like them, let it be known.

          Its so annoying at times for me to even meet people in person. I’m what you call in real life a loner. Well, sort of…I have my girlfriend, my best friend who I’ve know for 19 years, this other close friend and that’s pretty much it. My contacts on my phone are just close family and that’s about it. I don’t know how everyone can have lots and lots of friends? It bugs me and annoys me that they all show off on Instagram and putting themselves that they have a great time and friendships forever…That’s not realistic. Let’s be honest here. Deep down behind the scenes they’re all miserable or unhappy with the circle of friends.

          1. No. My mom is not a singer, but I am though. haha! She has the song on her iTunes playlist, so whenever she’s jamming to it, I just sit back and listen to it. I think you would love the lyrics. It would probably hit home for you.

            Yess! I get super annoyed with people faking and shaking with me. Especially people that pretend to like me, yet their actions show they don’t (e.g. Ignoring me). If you don’t like someone, just say it or better yet, don’t start a friendship with them. That’s wasting people’s time. And I always laugh at people on Facebook and Instagram, too. I call it the “fake happiness” posts. Lives that are greatly exaggerated. I’m like you… I’m a natural lone wolf. I have my best friend Zeina, I have my parents, but my cell phone contact list is short… very short. I don’t trust easily and some people may judge me for that, but when you’ve been back stabbed so many times, you learn to keep an eye on people’s hands, if you know what I mean. Lol.

            Charlie, my friend, I feel every word you say. It’s nothing wrong with how you think at all. I think society nowadays brainwashes us to believe that we have to post and broadcast these phony lives and be fake. Why can’t we just be ourselves. I mean, it hurts more to be fake and disliked than real and disliked.

            1. How long have you been a singer? If you don’t mind me asking. Do you create your own music? Do you have a YouTube video of your music? I’d like to read the lyrics.

              Seems like you and I, do share a common thing about our surroundings and how careful we are in who we let in our lives.

              And speaking of fake people.

              Check out this clip.

              Black Mirror – The future of social media. Rating everyone in your daily interactions

              1. Omg. That Black Mirror episode I totally remember watching that some time back. It’s crazy, right? Like everyone was so fake! That life would drive me nuts! I already know I would have like ZERO stars. 😂

                I’ve been singing since I was 3 years old. Music is a passion of mine and, even at 32 years old, I’m still pursuing my love of music. I do create my own music and I’m currently working on a project and hoping to get an album out soon. (fingers crossed). No YouTube, as of yet. That will be next on my list of things to do, when I get everything with the project done. I’ve done 2 little karaoke covers of songs on my blog of me singing. It helps me get over my nervousness of sharing my voice with the world. lol.

                Yes, we do share common feelings about our surroundings and how we deal with letting people in our lives. I try to give people the benefit of the doubt, but sometimes things just don’t work out as we hope. But that doesn’t mean all people are like that. I’ve been fortunate to meet some awesome people in my lifetime and I cherish those moments. They’re like reminders to not give up hope that there are real, kindhearted people left in this world.

                1. Yep. That’s the kind of reaction or false appearance people make here in L.A. some places are like that not all.

                  That is awesome! Congratulations!

                  Do you make music by using ‘Synth’? you know making beats, guitars, bass, electronic, etc.?

                  Where can I listen to this audio music of yours?

                  Hope is never to be given up on. Something awesome comes with hope. And that’s if we believe in it deeply.

                2. Oh my! I live in Texas, so I can’t even begin to imagine what living in L.A. must be like. I’ll just stay down here and bond with the cows. Lol 😄

                  Thank you so much!! I’m scared and excited at the same time because I’ve never publicly released my songs to the world. A few friends and relatives close to me have heard my music, but the internet is another playing venue.

                  Yes, I actually have a project recording studio in my house. So I produce and mix the audio, as well as perform and write the songs. Been a one woman band for a long time now. I work with a DAW and have all the equipment I need to get the job done (mics, audio interfaces, midi controllers, pianos, etc.) For the karaoke covers of me singing, you can go to my blog and click on the audios menu option and you’ll find two posts of me singing on there. The rest are spoken word and one of the spoken word poems was actually something I produced for Halloween, just for fun.

                  You’re right, my friend. Hope should never be given up on. We have to hold on to it. That’s what makes this place a little brighter. 🙂

                3. Awesome!

                  They say its better being a one person band. You create your own music without interference of the record producing giants.

                  I’ll stop by your page and have a listen to your music audio.

                4. Yeah, that’s one reason why I was always hesitant about wanting to be signed to a major label. I didn’t want them to change who I was, alter my image, etc. I wanted to make music true from my heart.

                  Thank you so much for the encouragement, Charlie. I really appreciate it! Hope you have an awesome day ahead!

                5. Another good example you should look up. Is Trent Reznor singer of ‘ Nine Inch Nails’. He use to be in a major label back in the days. He now is independent and creates his music the way he wants to.

                  You welcome. 🙂

      1. I think I’d say it all differently but yes people can inadvertently or without expectation come across as harsh or cruel or unkind.
        I think it’s because we’re different, people are all different. What means one thing to me is something else to the other person. Somewhat along the lines of perspective.
        It’s how it works in your reality, mine is a little less harsh in assessment but yet we’re speaking about the same things

        1. Good points.

          Sometimes, one can ask…why am i so different?

          I guess we we’re all born thinking already with a different mindset than others. More detail in common sense or who can we believe or who to stay away because this person is sneaky or loves to gossip about others behind one’s back.

    1. In my way past – I did encountered people like this.

      Thanks to my girlfriend…she’s helped me a lot and made me see who are the real people in this world
      and who are not. I just needed to vent and hope others relate to this and will help them along the way.

  3. I can only say we have been a bad judge of character , we let them deceive us because we want to believe they are all good. Basically I am a loner, it’s because of ‘these so called back stabbed’ I finally realized it’s better writing than socializing and putting on a plastic smile among fake people. Well, better not to spill tears on people who don’t deserve and good riddance to bad rubbish. Better off alone. Leave well alone, Charlie. You really vent well. That means we get to vent too. Thank you.

    1. The senses deceive from time to time, and it is prudent never to trust wholly those who have deceived us even once. ~ Rene Descartes

      Your right. It’s better to just write than having to deal with annoying people.

      You are welcome. More to come this Wednesday. 🙂

  4. Charlie, only your talent can add beauty to painful things.

    “true repugnant form
    begins to undress.”

    What a great imagery. A perfect description of the the moment when we realize we trust those who should not be trusted. Painful. Yet, so true.

    Thank you for sharing such a gorgeous poem. I hope that by writing it you started to heal.

    1. Thank you.

      I have dealt in the past with many people who I thought we’re true best friends.
      It’s obvious I had to learn the hard way to know their true form.

      I had to write something that I related too and everyone else in the world and the next generation to come.

      You are welcome. More to come this Wednesday. 🙂

  5. This clearly reminded me . . .
    I’ve known a lot of fancy dancers,
    Charlie. In fair weather, and fowl.

    “Well, it’s king for king
    And it’s Queen for queen
    It’s gonna be the meanest flood
    That anybody’s seen
    Oh mama, ain’t you gonna miss
    your best friend now
    You’re gonna have to find yourself
    Another best friend, somehow
    Well, that high tide’s risin’
    Mama, don’t you let me down
    Pack up your suitcase
    Mama, don’t you make a sound
    Well, it’s sugar for sugar
    And it’s salt for salt
    If you go down in the flood
    It’s gonna be your own fault
    Oh mama, ain’t you gonna miss your best friend now
    You’re gonna have to find yourself
    Another best friend, somehow”
    ~ Bob Dylan

  6. What is a best friend?? I happen to be very lucky as I have only one best friend, whom I married.. All the rest let me down in the real world..
    I dare say I have more truer blogging friends than in real life.. Strange isn’t it how from all the people we meet and work with over the years all vanish in times of need..

  7. Maybe they are a liar, with pants on fire. That should expose them.
    I HAD a friend like that.
    My best friend, my boyfriend, is all I need. OH, and a couple of cats make it cozy.

          1. So many have experienced this. Your choice of words have made this very relatable. I’ve noticed the shorter the poem the better it seems to fair, have you found that?

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